Saturday, December 18, 2010

A series of ADD events.

I got up today, with the intention of doing laundry cleaning my room and wrapping presents.... none of this happened. Or some of it kind of happened.

I have cleaning ADD when I get into a cleaning mood. This is how my day went-

I wanted to do laundry, but I needed to clean my room and sort the clean from the dirty, I started cleaning my room but I have this poster lying on my floor that I have been meaning to put up, so I went downstairs to get some push-pins to put up the poster. My Christmas tree was still in pieces, so I decided to put it back together. And I had to re-string all the lights. While putting up the tree I noticed the floor was really dirty so I had to sweep. I dumped the dirt I swept up from the floor in the garbage, noticed it was pretty full, so I had to take it out. After taking the bag out of the garbage, I noticed that something has fallen in between the bag and the bin, and it was really gross so I had to wash it out, but the sink had some dishes in it, so I started on the dishes, noticed the dishwasher was full so I had to empty it, but then I had to go to the bathroom, and in there, I noticed I needed to take the garbage out of there, and then I started cleaning in there... And all of a sudden it was 8pm.... Weird. I walked back out to the kitchen, the garbage bin in the sink, and dishes half unloaded, and Kiera looking really confused. I explained. She just laughed.

Monday, December 13, 2010

And then he kissed me...

As you know i've been trying not to kiss him. And I don't want to be one to kiss and tell. But yeah...

I couldn't help it. For real. I hadn't seen him pretty much all weekend, actually, it had been since last Thursday. He got sick, and we've been playing tag with this cold, so we decided it would be best if we stayed apart till he kicked it. I did stop by Saturday with some cold medicine and stuff, but other than that, nothin.

He came over Monday. Cooked me up one of his mom's pies. And I couldn't help it. Literally, there was almost nothing I could do.

First thought after he left? I can't believe he kissed me looking like this. Eeee.

Pretty much i'm going to spare everyone the details. Of pretty much everything cause I'm sure you are sick of hearing it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday Presents

So. Its my birthday. I don't mind birthdays. I kind of enjoy them actually. You know what I don't like? Birthday Presents. I never really understood them. What is it? "Here, congratulations! You were born!" ...Yeah...thanks? It really wasn't a whole lot of work for me. Congratulate my mom, she did most of the work...Im just here.

And its awkward. Getting presents. I'm really easy to please, and there's a really good chance that anything you give me i'll like, but I don't like getting something for nothing. And I don't count surviving another year of life as doing something. Oh well, what do you do?

On another note. Remember that freak out I had about Dallas, don't worry. Its fine. Just like Lauren said it would be. He still wants to kiss me, and i've kind of turned it into a little game...where I tempt him, and then shut him down. Example. The other day, he was being a turd. So I jumped on him, and pinned him- one arm under my knee, the other in my hand, half my weight just sitting on his chest, our faces dangerously close... He then asked "now that you have me...what are you going to do with me?" I paused. Locked eyes. Leaned a little closer, and proceeded to blow a raspberry on his neck and laugh like a little girl! ...I'm a horrible person.

Also, on a side note to the Birthday thing. I'm 24 years old. I gave a talk in church this morning that centered around cartoon Christmas specials. Mature? Yes.

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Grandpas a Fox

Its kind of an odd statement. I am aware. But as odd as it is, its true. So many uses of the word. Back in the day, my Grandpa was a fox. He was a good lookin, buff, awesome guy. He was a boxer and a farmer. Mmmm. 100% Man. A fox. And now... he is still a fox. The phrase "Like a fox" doesn't even do justice to what he is. And its kind of funny, totally mind-boggling, and a little frustrating all at the same time.

My Grandpa is a work-a-holic. He is 84(ish?) and he still goes to work everyday. Does farm(ish?) type stuff. When you talk to him, you can tell he's gotten old, and his mind is slipping. He is kind of falling apart. HOWEVER, the thing about him is- He knows if anything in his house or on his farm has been moved. Its weird. The garage has stacks of junk its kind of ridiculous, but if you move on thing, he knows. Maybe thats where I get it from.

Example- Annalise was down in the basement looking around and she found and old calendar from 1972. This thing has been sitting in a dusty drawer down there for YEARS. They would never miss it. They probably didn't even know it was down there. She brought it upstairs, put it under her coat by the door. 10 minutes later, we go to leave and he has the calendar in his hand, and he's asking where it came from. Insane!!! How did he find it? How did he even know it was there?!? Its crazy. I don't know how he keeps track, it doesn't make sense. He's a fox.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coulda, Woulda... Shoulda?


The plan for the day was supposed to be this(had last week not happened)... It was going to be the most epic triple date ever. It was going to be myself and Dallas, KT and Dan, and Corrine and Brad. We were going to go to Waterton, go up to the second camp kitchen, which is where I would showcase my Snow White skills, roast some smokies, have a little lunch, snowshoe to the Lake, play around in the snow, snowshoe back, go to the camp kitchen by the lake, the one with the huge stone fireplaces, build a roarin fire, make smores and ho-cho. By this time it would be dark, and we could go flop in the snow outside and star gaze. THE. PERFECT. DATE. AAAAAAnd it was gorgeous today, it got up to -7, the skies were clear, there wasn't a breath of wind... Shoot me now, for perfection is past. Had last week not happened, this was the moment that I would get him to kiss me. Impress him with my Snow White skills, be all cute and playful in the snow, sit by a romantic fire, star gazing!! At one point or another it would've happened.

BUUUUUUUT NOOOOOOO! Stupid last week had to happen. We had what I thought was the no-kissing talk, Dan and KT broke up, and I found out Brad was on call. So we had to reschedule the date, and i'm not going to kiss him. Great.

I ended up going to see Burlesque with Maggie and KT, I did some Christmas shopping and played in the snow with Corrine. That was my day.

NOW. At around 10:30 Dallas texts me, we end up going to BP's with Dan and Dan's mom. I got the nachos. Loaded. Awesome. It was fun. He may or may not have said he loved me... he said in it a black accent, in a joking kind of way, but its something we hnever joked about before, I've never even said the word when he has been around... He then proceeded to wipe my face with a wet nap. Twice. He thinks he's so funny. We were there until 1. I am driving Dallas home, we hold hands for a bit... I pull up to his house. I make (what now is see is) the mistake of pulling into the driveway. Dallas doesn't immediately get out of my car. He leans over for a hug. We car-hug. It lingers. Which is fine. I pull away and he keeps his hand on my back. OH NO. It all of a sudden turns into a situation where I KNOW he wants to kiss me. Gragh! NO. We continue talking for a while. Probably about 3 minutes passes, his hand still on my back. Then he pulls the little motion with his hand, urging me closer. I get the message. I resist. I get really nervous. He tries to make eye contact, I avoid it with everything I can muster. Its sooo hard. I tell him to go to bed, I change the subject, I do everything in my power to avoid it. He takes his hand down, and just when I think i'm in the clear, it goes right back. Im screwedImscrewedImscrewed....I want to kiss him. SO BAD. Not in my car outside Neals house, not while I have to pee like a racehorse, not right after I ate a hefty plate of nachos! I have nacho breath! The mint has done nothing! I'm sure I have some of it in my teeth still! I thought he didn't want to kiss me! Why is he trying to kiss me????!!!?!?!?!

Worst thing ever? You know what I did? His hand on my back, he has his eyes closed like he's pretending to sleep, cause I told him to go to bed... I reached across him to the passenger door, and opened his door for him... It was something I learned/joked about in high school/seminary. He got out of my car, and he went to bed.

I Lauren Coopered him.

Now I feel like a moron... or a tool... I feel bad, cause he probably feels rejected. And its not like I don't want to kiss him. I do. I REALLY REALLY do... but...
I don't know. He is going on a mission. He doesn't need this right now. It would take our relationship to a whole new level. And I want to, but I don't and I can't, but I would. But ARGH!

I talked to Britt yesterday about how I wanted to kiss him, but I sort of had the same conversation with Dan... I'm pretty sure one or both said something to Dallas, probably just Dan...

The stupid thing is I was planning to kiss him today anyway.

And now we are going to have to talk about it. I HATE talking about it. I want to kiss him. But would that just make it harder? I want to know what he's thinking! The one thing I hope is that he doesn't think I didn't know what was going on, that i'd missed his signs, his attempts... Cause I noticed, I know. It was obvious what was happening...It just wasn't going to. Am I a jerk? Should I have just kissed him?

...Would it have killed him to try and time it better? Or pick a better place? Cause in my car at Neals while I have jalapeno breath is not a great choice. I know it shouldn't matter where... but I think first kisses are important. Well its not even that I think that, its just been ingrained into me. Would it kill him to take to a spot? Somewhere that we could have as our spot? Can it have a story? Can it be epic? I'm hopeless.

Friday, December 3, 2010


So, i've been inspired by Becky's blog. And, i've decided to make my own list.

In Order-

#5 Mark Wahlberg
It was almost a tie between Mark and Dwayne Johnson... but Marky Mark won out.
Will you look at his arm?! mmm. And we all know he was Mega-ripped back in the day, just google it.
I know he's old. Get over it.

#4 Eric Etebari
He's not one of your well known guys, which is kind of why I love him. Just look at that face!

#3 Gabriel Macht
He's pretty!

And a typical Alaya Choice...

#2 Sean Faris
He is just sooo sexy.
His smile gets me.

#1 Jensen Ackles
Words don't do him justice.
His lips.
His eyes.
His body.
His car.

What more does a woman need?

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Choose the Right- Define the Relationship. This was the what was practically yelled in my face the about a week ago. Its the DTR. Its like CTR, but with a D....

I LOATHE the DTR. With every fibre of my being I hate it, and want nothing more than for it to have cancer AND leprosy and get run over by an elephant...that is on fire.

It never works out the way I want it to. NEVER. And its awkward bringing it up, and I don't like talking about my feelings... It doesn't matter what the situation is, and its kind of the rule that whomever brings it up spills it first... So I hold out.

Its been a while coming with this one... and heavens knows YOU'VE been waiting for it... People would ask me whats the deal, and I honestly had no idea. And it was stupid to go on like that, ...i just liked the way things were. It had to happen though... so, I set a deadline... Which was last weekend- it was perfect, we planned a road trip to Calgary, so we were spending the whole weekend was bound to come up.

Story of the weekend- Dallas got off work at 9:45. We left Leth at around 10. The roads from here to about Nanton SUCKED. They were really icy, we were driving 80kmh. Between Nanton and Calgary, smooth. Which was funny cause there were cars all over the ditch for apparently no reason. The purpose in us going to Calgary was to go to the Bass Pro Shop...mmmm. It was delightful. Dallas' parents are sort of living in Calgary for the winter, so he called them up to let them know he was in town. They invited him(/us?) for dinner. SO. We leave KT's house and we're walking out to the car and this is how the conversation goes-

Dallas: Sorry, for springing this on you like this..
Alaya: Yeah. "Meeting the Parents" Its kind of a big step... for..... a......... re...lation..ship...??
Dallas: Uh, yeah. I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
Alaya: too.
Dallas: So I was talking to Dan last night, and he was wondering what was going on and stuff
Alaya: oh yeah? What did you tell him?

He said he liked where we are at right now, just being really good friends, with cuddling benefits. We talked about how 'filling up your canteen' before your mission is stupid, and it creates more emotional attachment than is neccessary, and makes you lose focus... He asked me if I was good with the current situation, I hesitated, then said yes. He called me on my hesitation. I believe I used the phrase "The ..thing is, I really...kinda like you. ?" Beautifully articulate. One of my finer moments. On the plus side, it was actually words, and they did convey some of feelings for him. Granted, it goes deeper, but that's a well you are gonna need more than a rope and bucket for.

I brought up waiting, and said I wouldn't. BUT if he happens to still want me when I get back, and I happen to be around... He said he would feel guilty for asking me to wait. He also mentioned the fact that (and I quote) "once the alpha male is gone, all the betas will sense it and move in" I pointed out the fact that an Alpha female prefers the alpha male. Like i'm going to find someone that takes me to gut a deer, wants to go to a broadway show, loves history, matches my intelligence AND makes me laugh at the drop of a hat, not to mention the way he touches me...

Really, the only problem I have with this arrangement is that we aren't kissing. But its probably for the better, even though it sucks. It will just make it harder when he leaves. So this is where we stand. We are friends. Best friends. Who cuddle. Who don't kiss. It drives me crazy.

I meet his parents. His dad is a grown up version of Dallas, and his mom is the grown up version of Brittany. It went really well. I'm pretty sure they liked me, we talked, we laughed. I only got two icy looks from momma Jassy... One came when Dallas happened to mention spending a lot of time at my house, the other came when she emphasized the word FRIEND when refering to our relationship. They only lasted a split second, but I caught it. And I got the message. I want him to go too.

And that was the weekend pretty much. The roads back were ok, but the fog sucked. There were moments that I could only see about 6 feet infront of my car. It kind of made me nervous. Not nervouse enough to have two hands on the steering wheel though. Dallas held my hand the entire way home.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dear city of leth

Dear City of Lethbridge,

You SUCK. And I kind of hate you. SNOW FENCE. I know you know what they are. And you almost got it! I saw the posts up...but you were missing a very key part of it... You know the orange FENCE part that goes between those posts you've had sticking in the ground for the last 3 weeks? Yeah... about that... Half right! Im pretty sure we got through this every year, AND you even had a little bit of extra time before the snow actually came! You should probably apologize to the guy whos car is buried up to its windows... In closing, you are jerks, and I don't appreciate it. Fix it. I don't know how you are going to do it, cause there is a big drift where your posts should be... but thats your problem. Good luck! Idiots.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dallas' farm.

So, Dallas went hunting last weekend and he got a nice whitetail buck. Monday we were hanging out and he mentioned the fact that he still needed to go home and butcher it. Tuesday morning rolls around and he calls me and asks me if I wanted to come home with him to help him butcher his deer. I found this funny cause about a week ago, in passing, Dallas and I had this conversation about how he'd never taken a girl back home.

We left Lethbridge at around 3:30pm. He drove... his little car has such bald tires. It was a little scary. The roads were really icy. We were slipping down the road the entire time. The drive was close to two hours, but it just flew by. We just talked, I can't even remember what about, but it was nice. The conversation just flowed.

He doesn't live right in Bow Island, he lives on a farm a few kilometers out past the airport. We turned on his lot and he started telling me about some of his childhood memories. It was super cute. We parked the car in his shop and went to check out the deer. We found out that the neighbours had dropped of some hay for their horses, so we had to feed the horses before we started cutting up the deer. So we went to the house to bundle up and find some knives, Thats when Travis, Dallas's little brother, and his wife came home. I think I creeped him out at first, cause after being friends with Brittany and Dallas, i've seen pictures, and I know some stories. So he walked in and I'm like 'Hi, Travis' He looks at me for a second and asks 'Do I know you?' And I say 'nope'. It was funny.

We went back out to the shop and he hopped on his tractor (which he calls the yellow dragon), and I climbed up beside him. It was just a little tractor so he was in the drivers seat and I was standing on the step thing and he says 'If its easier, you can hang on to me.' Umm, yes please. So I've got one hand on the handle and one hand on his shoulder, and we go grab this bale of hay and haul it out to the horses. On the way back he asks me if I wanted to drive. I didn't really know if he was being serious, but I declined. With my luck I'd get stuck somewhere and break something.

We parked the tractor and started cutting up the deer. I never really thought about it before and before actually doeing it, I wasn't really sure how to go about it, but he showed me what comes from where, and how to cut. It actually makes a lot of sense. Dallas brought up the fact to his brother that I was the first girl he'd ever brought home... Are you trying to make a point? .....There came a point where I had a bunch of blood on my hand, and I expressed the desire I had to smear it on his face. I didn't. Next thing I knew there was this giant red hand coming straight for my face.
I ducked and backed away. He advanced like this was a game. And i'm like- NO. You are not rubbing that on my face. He kept coming. We danced around the table for a bit, and then I decided to stand my ground. Mistake. I should've ran. I dropped my guard, cause I thought words were enough to stop him. Also a mistake. I got it all over my face. He got it right back. All over his face. Then he insisted on 'fixing' mine cause it looked horrible. I gave in, he wasn't going to stop and I already had blood and deer-bits on my face...

We finished butchering and bagging the thing, we cleaned up, went back to the house to wash our faces, Dallas lovingly 'helped' me wash mine...Then Dallas and I went to haul the rest of the carcass to the coulees where they had some coyote traps set up. We took his dad's truck and his grandpa's gun, just in case there was a coyote in one of the traps. The road down to where they had the traps set up was snowed in, do we went 4x4ing for a bit, ended up just dumping the deer, and we started on our way back. Dallas moved the gun to the back seat and invited me to sit in the middle. I did. It was sweet. Then I spotted a bunny. I yelled "Bunny!! ...GUN!!!!" And went reaching for it. Dallas turns to me, remarks how attractive that was, grabs the gun, hops out of the cab and starts toward the rabbit. He tells me to move the truck off to the side of the road, I do, and then climb on top to see if I can still see the rabbit. Dallas took a few shots at it. Then came back to the truck, we turned around and chased it.

Rememeber like a year ago when I described love running around a parking lot chasing a bunny? Well, this was 100 times better. We had a truck, and a gun.

We got back to his house, his brother had made elk steaks, they were delicious. We watched UK Gladiators for a bit before we decided to hit the road, it was a nice drive back, and pretty much an awesome date.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cathy's Wedding

An ode to a former Frache.
November 20th, 2010. The Big Day.

A few weeks previous (aka September 24th), Cathy calls me at nine thirty in the morning. I had my phone off, cause I was at work, but she left me a message. Which could only mean one thing-she's engaged. Listened to the message and sure enough, that was the news, but it came with better news! She was also home. I texted her, I believe my exact words were- Im going to come congratulate you properly with a high-five and possibly some kind of tackle-hug. I told people in my office that a friend of mine got engaged, I was going to see her and that I didn't know when i'd come back... She was on the phone chattin it up in her front yard when I pulled up. I jumped out of my car and started running for her, she was totally excited about everything, but a little scared as I was barrelling towards her, she screamed a little and sidestepped me. Jerk. I was gunna HUG you! was probably for the best... my normal hugs are pretty violent. Actually ALL my love is pretty violent... Anyway, we talked for about an hour, and it got to the point that I told people at work I didn't know when i'd be back...but I should probably get back to work.

Next day Cathy texts me and asks me if I wanted to do her slideshow. I told her it would be my pleasure. And it was...for the most part... I love that girl... but a reasonable slideshow is 12 minutes? Cathy has about 150 photo albums on facebook, and thats just the last few years! She is so addicted to her camera. Its one of the things I love about her. I have to give her props though, she narrowed it down to about 300 pictures for me. Nice. She also asked me if I wanted to film the day, which I planned on doing anyway, perfect...cause im kind of addicted to my video camera. Or atleast I was until me little siblings borrowed it and pretty much broke it. Video highlights is like my calling in life. I should go into business...

So this weekend. Friday night was spent putting the last finishing touches on the slideshow, making sure I had enough room to throw a couple last-minute wedding day pictures on the end. So many pictures...all of them classic. Every picture I looked at was something that portrayed both of them perfectly. It was kind of amazing.

I got to the temple, thought I was going to be late, turns out everyone was late. Worked out pretty nicely for me. I walked in the visitor's center, they were all still waiting for the lovely couple to come out, and I said Hi to a few people, I was mid-sentence talking to Kortney when Melissa and I locked eyes(saw each other) and then ran(shuffled) toward each other and cried each others names(actually) and embraced. I was actually really excited to see her, she is definitely one of the greatest people I know. And as much as we text and as much as I love her blog there is a level of conversation that cannot be reached through words alone. The facial expressions, the dramatic pauses, the looks, the hand movements, the sarcasm, though imagined properly, still not as effectual as the real thing. Long story short, love her.

So it got to picture taking time. I was underprepared... I had the emu boots, the wool skirt, the jacket, but I didn't think of bringing those hand warmer things. Rookie mistake. I should've been all over that!

Conditions were near perfect. Minus the little temperature detail, it was beautiful! Freshly fallen snow, it was a little overcast, there was barely a breath of wind. As far as pictures go -amazing. You can PhotoShop red cheeks out... you can't PhotoShop the fact that Trent looks likes he's standing in a blizzard out though...

As we were taking pictures, somehow I was put in charge of taking a picture and getting it blown up for the reception. Though, there was a little confusion as to how big they wanted it... it was either 11x14 or 16x20. Logical solution? Both. So the taking of pictures was pretty much done with. And I high-tailed it back to Lethbridge, blasting the heat all the way. I went to walmart, found out they only did 11x14, so I then had to go to Kopiko. Which I should've just done in the first place. I know the girl that works there. 'Officially', making a print that big takes 2-3 business days. I got it in about half an hour. I love pulling strings. I love HAVING strings to pull. With that done, it was time to tag a couple picures onto the end of the slideshow and call it done... my computer had other plans however. It refused to load the original file, frustration and stress. I won't get into that, but know that it was bad. I finally got something going, threw a few pictures on the end, made sure the music was ok, and I was good. Turned out alright, I am definitely fixing some things before I burn them a copy though.

The family dinner was great. I sat with the Matkins, or more correctly, they sat with me. Which I was grateful for. I had the projector and my computer set up at a table at the very front, and it was kind of lonely for a while. Brenda, Ashlee and Jess are a riot. The program was really well done, Kort and Dusty MCed(emceed? Mc'd?) it and they did a great job. The Bevans' are quite the bunch.

The reception was pretty par. The dance was great fun. I have a particular appreciation for the way Cathy dances, and she rocked it in her wedding dress. Also Drew busted out some Micheal Jackson moves that were pretty awesome. It was sweet. Also, the bouquet toss, totally almost had it. Rolled off the tip of my fingers, and I didn't feel like fighting the 8 year old for it...

The church gym looked fantastic BTW. I'm too lazy to actually put a picture of it up, cause I didn't really take any good ones of just the gym, so, please refer to Melissa's blog ...see, gorgeous. ...The only bad thing about it was taking it down... eeeeeee.

I got home at around 12:20am, put on some pants and almost went back to help... but I was bushed, and it was cold. I kind of felt bad though, cause I was more than ABLE to help more, but I chose not to. And its one of those feelings that I hate- the feeling that you could have done more...

Anyway, I have to say this- Cathy is one of the greatest people i've ever met. She honestly cares more about other people than she does for herself. She has a way about her that makes you feel like you are really important. Its obvious that she loves everyone around her. And you know that she would do anything for you, even if it puts her out. She's hilarious. Every minute i've ever spent with her has been a great moment. She's Smart. She's driven. She's SO beautiful. Tangent- I was going through pictures of her wedding, Dallas-"She's really pretty...she looks like she's way out of his league." My roommate is like, 'Wow, she is gorgeous' A friend of mine who is Trent's cousin said the same thing. And it true. She is kind(when she's not on a rugby field) And I could go on. But be honest I don't think you care how awesome I think she is. But I love her. Words cannot describe the depth of love I have for that girl, and her family. She is Amazing.

SO. I told Dallas to call me when he was done hunting, and he did. He called me 6 times and left two massages. I called him back during the reception, he didn't answer his phone, so I left him a few messages. Its about 12:30 am. He calls me, to see whats up. He ends up coming over, we talk for a bit and cuddle on the couch, and he ends up falling asleep. He's so cute when he sleeps. I kicked him out at about 2.

Sunday came. Our family put up the tree/decorated it. Awesome. Annalise's boyfriend was up for the week, Stef and Jarett came, Micheal and Cherlyn were there with their kids. I love our Christmas traditions, and our family.

As far as the weekend went it was really good. However, its been a LONG time since i've had a weekend that has made me feel so lonely. There have only been a handful of weddings i've been to where I came out feeling like I needed to get married... and having my siblings and their significant others around, and seeing how happy they are. Everything about the weekend just made me wish I HAD that.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Funny Weekend Side-Story

So, Saturday, I drive out to Beazer, to Cherlyn's house, to borrow her video camera. Thank-you Cherlyn! Funny story, so I'm leaving, driving this country road and I pass a bunch of people hunting, seriously camo, guns and trucks EVERYWHERE. And I'm driving on this road and off the my right is this MASSIVE deer. Like five or six hundred pounds easy by the looks of him, HUGE rack. Like, it was enormous. Just sitting there. And you all probably see where this story is going... So I slow down a bit and I can't take my eyes off this guy's rack! I end up dropping a wheel into the ditch, and it was just powder, sucked me right in. Totally embarassing. I try rockin it, I move a bit, but the ditch is deep and can't get enough momentum to get out. Luckily, these good ol boys stop to help me out. They try pushing me out, doesn't work, so they pull up beside me, drop their gate to grab a rope, theres a nice little white tail sittin in the back, we talk deer for a minute, I told him thats why I was in the ditch. We laughed, he saw that deer, knew what I was talking about, we lamented the fact that he only had white tail tags...stupid mule deer. Anyway they grab this rope thats covered in blood, hook me up and yank me out. Gotta love guys with trucks.

Moral of the story- Don't let racks distract you while driving in the snow. ....Seriously a 7x7. Ridiculous.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The DallSitch

I feel like I must apologize for the lack of entertainment AND the lack of information that my blog has been as of late. Sorry. There is reason. I've been a little preoccupied with a certain someone, and I was torn as to how much I should write, given the fact that I really wasn't/am not sure what I wanted to do with that... But then I decided- Who cares? This is whats going on, and the people have a right to know.

SO. The 'Dallsitch' = Dallas+Situation(aka sitch(courtesy Stef's vocabulary))

You've read earlier posts mentioning him. We have spent ALOT of time together. A few weeks ago, I was bored, he was at work and I decided to write him a limerick. It was short, to the point, funny and awesome. A while later he tells me that he wrote me a poem, not any poem, but an epic two page masterpiece.

One night, we are all decide to hang out at KT's house, I'm there, Dan's there, KT, some other people... He shows up, announces to the room that he has a poem that he would like to share, and he pulls out this piece of paper... He explians that he cut it down to one page and its written in old time english, like in the days of court...
He proceeds to read this poem infront of everyone. His hand shook ever so slightly, he was a little nervous. It was super cute. He gave me a copy of the poem. I thought about posting it here... Not sure though.

Minus this last weekend/week we spend pretty much everyday together. As it stands right now, we've yet to really DTR. He's kinda my best friend, we go on dates, and right now, im fine with that. I like the way we are right now.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bucket of Chicken

Im not sure exactly who spawned this idea, but it was kind of a big deal...
And i knew it was going to happen, but I didn't anticipate the sheer awesomeness that this was...

So, I'm at the girls' Horns basketball game, taking in some quality ball. We were down about 12 points. But it was going pretty well I guess, better than the night before anyway. And then it happened. They arrived. There were about 10 of them, with 8 buckets of chicken between them. It was truely a sight to behold, to watch a train of people, with buckets of KFC walkin into the gym. It made me smile.

And this is how it went..

We would make a shot- "That's good, but not as good as this chicken."
"That's some original recipient right there."
"11 herbs and spices"
"Did you see that sweet bucket?...of Chicken? It was a good shot too."
And these weren't comment made amongst ourselves, oh no. They were shouted for the whole gym to hear. Thank-you Mike.

Jason-Do you prefer originql recipie or extra crispy?
Jen- I don't know the difference
Jason- Well the extra crispy tends to be a little crispier, like really crispy, or extra crispy.

The rest of the night was spent making chicken jokes. Pure awesome.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Can you just look at me for a sec?

OK people. Can we just take a second here, and just look at me. Please. Just look.

Do you see the epicness of this costume? Do you even realize?! Cause some people did not. Made entirely from SCRATCH. Minushe bow and arrows, I MADE this entire costume! Real leather! It is my masterpiece.

It embodies who I am. Out of every Halloween costume I've EVER worn, this ties for 1st. It only lost points for fitting vehicles....and inbetween people at the dance. If you are wondering what tied this beautiful piece of art for was the old granny costume. I'll try to find a pic, but that one was amazing...and I could sure bust a granny-move.

Anyway. OBVIOUSLY I'm a Viking. If thats not obvious, please, leave. People said I looked very Braveheart. Which I guess is close... but then people were asking me if I was Robin Hood. Oh, excuse me... Robin Hood WAS the ONLY person in 'history' to use a bow right? Its not like they were a common weapon back in the day... if I have a bow I MUST be Robin. COME ON PEOPLE.

Also, I don't have to BE a SPECIFIC person. Can't I just be a Viking? ...Like when people are dressed up like a Mummy, they don't have to be Tutankhamun. We can just BE things! And as a matter of clarification. I'm a real Viking, legitimately. Ancestoral right. AND REAL Vikings never wore big gleeming helmets with giant horns protruding out the sides. Think about it, they are totally impractical. Archeological evidence supports that Vikings wore simple helmets, if they wore any at all.

I should've just been Xena, that would've made everyone happy.

My costume had it all. The tunic, with leather ties. The emu-skin boots with wooden toggles. The calf dagger in a black leather sheath. The black belt with gold buckle. Bow. Quiver. Arrows. Fur wrap. Sword. Bull whip. Left arm bracer- Leather, with ties. Right leather wrist guard. Awesome. I had to leave the axe... I refuse to carry a fake one, and taking a real one to a dance? Probably not a good idea. But this was amazing...

I'm sorry the pictures aren't very good, but I didn't have my camera, so these are taken with my phone. And there won't be any pictures of anything really, the dance kind of lacked epicness. Three costumes worth mentioning- Actual Robin Hood. This guy had it nailed, kind of hot. Michelle Frache and lil Scott went as a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was AWESOME! I interrupted one of their dances to tell them it was awesome... And then Wayne Orr. I have to hand it to him, he pulls it out EVERY year. Last year was inspector gadget, which really worked; this year? Mr. Bean. He had it right down to teddy. And he played the part perectly. It was a sight to behold. Greatness. Words do not do it justice. SO FUNNY!!!

Well, that was day 1 of All Hallows Eve. I'd say it got off to a good start. I may wear my costume just for the fun of it. It was comfy, and it makes me look awesome...

I dare you to say different...

Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is a first for my blog- I have to print a retraction.

Yesterday, I posted a blog, and in this blog I declared that the Pumpkin Seed Challange was a Fail... Due to improper rule specifications, and the effort of one individual, Challenge Completed.

I came home today, and I started to do dishes. The pan of seeds still happily sat on the stove from the night before. There was a stack of dishes already in the sink so that is where I started. I was one dish away from grabbing the pan and dumping the seeds when Jo, runs out of her room, flys down the stairs and proceeds to eat seeds as fast as she humanly could. I'd go so far as to say that she began to scarf them. Without a word. I turn and look at her, she looks up at me, and it dawns on me. She explains that she wasn't aware they had to be eaten that night, and that I didn't specify. She continued to eat the seeds with hope in her eyes, looking at me, like a little puppy. I told her that if she ate the remainder of the seeds, i'd amend my post. Obviously she did it. But, it was not without cost. Im sure she feels gross. there were quite the amount still on the pan, and she downed them at an exceeding pace. Good on her.

SO- Retraction! Challenge was NOT a fail. Challenge was a WIN- due to JOCELYN.

Taco Night and Halloween

Readers Digest version- A few weeeks ago Dallas wanted to drive to Montana for steak. I had to work too late, I offered to make him steak, he took the idea and ran with it, he came over and we had a glorious food night. This was so good in fact that someone suggest we make this a "thing". Thus I give you- Taco Night.

First of all, can I tell you how gosh dern good it is to come home to an attractive man making you dinner? Words cannot describe. He went all out on this one, I walked into my house and it smelled amazing! He made dinner for my entire house, plus some. Which is no small feat- I live with 7 girls. We listened to Spanish music and had a good ol time.

Slowly the roommates started to trickle off, leaving only myself, Dallas, KT, Dan, Jocelyn and Trev. Allison ran away, but not before being mauled by me. And we decided that carving pumpkins was in order. We ran to safeway to find the biggest pumpkins we could find, awesome and took them back to get to work. Allison was in and out, kind of a party pooper. We were trying to coax her out of her room, to come join the party, offering her things, and Jo went and hugged her, and things were said, and Allison said "NO to Alaya hugs"(because of the previous mauling)...oh really Alli? We'll see. So I ran over there and violent-hugged her. It was useless to resist. She learned, you NEVER say 'no' to an Alaya-hug.

ANYWAY. We are carving pumpkins in teams-



So the event continues. I bust out my knife collection and we all get to work.

I make some pretty stellar pumpkin seeds, and by the way- At the beginning of the night I made a statement- that it never mattered how many I made, all of them, have never been eaten. There are ALWAYS left overs that get thrown away. 3 people accepted this as a challenge. I made the seeds, they were phenomenal, as always, we ate a fair amount, but there are still seeds on the pan. Challenge Failed.

Dallas makes a mess....

all the time.

Classic Trevor move----------

Dallas' BrainChild- Allison's face.

KT and Dan's Beauty. With normal lighting...

and super LED lighting!

And to end the night- A Walk through the scary-movie-fog.

Took a stroll around the U of L pond/through the trees. Tres Spooky.
...But not really. Who can be scared when there are big strong men around? Ok, it wasn't the fact that there were big strong men, but the fact that we are all hilarious together.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The last supper...

Ok, I'll try to make that the last sacrilegious thing I say for a while. But this is kind of what it is. Today is my Grandpa Brown's 75th birthday. And that means that my family is gathering out in Carmangay for a potluck. And if there is one thing we know how to do, its Potluck.

So here is the thing- I'm allowing myself, one last day of horrible eating and sitting around. After today, things are going to be different. I'm making a change of lifestyle. As of late, I've become REALLY aware of how much I've let myself go. And its bad. I don't care what you think, I know it is. I've never been skinny, but there have been times when I was fit. Where I could go for runs and they would last for more than 15 minutes. And I miss it. Also I hate when people assume that I'm not good at sports, or that I don't know what I'm talking about because I look a certain way. I can run, my endurance sucks, but I can. I can shoot, I can skate, I can tackle, I can pass, I can ruck, heavens knows if you tried to scrum against me, you'd lose. I can box, I can wrestle, I can bat, I can bump, set and dig. I used to be able to serve and throw, but since separating my shoulder that's gone downhill. Now Im about average at it. Better than some, but not really good.

Point is; I'm done being fat. It's too much work. So mark my words, things will change. And they will change good and fast.

6 pack by next summer? Oh, I think so.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Top 5 Greatest Things About Today

In chronological order.

1. I had waffles for breakfast. Mmmm.
2. I ditched work for two hours to catch the U of L rugby game.
3. Everything that comes out of Kessie's mouth; ie. "Probably shouldn't have had that popcorn before the game." ect. Greatest moment of the game? UBC finally scores one, the kicker sets up to kick, Mike yells something about not missing it. Their kicker turns around, and gives Mike a thumbs up. Awesome. She calls the kick, makes the kick, im not even mad. Kessie- "That was a great kick, it was worth 92 points!!" So funny(the score board said 31-92...whoops.)
4. When I went back to work, it was awesome. Time flew by. We had some laughs. Good day.
5. Horns Women's Basketball kicked some Trinity Western trash!

Ok, so its not much of a list, and the point is I ditched work and watched an awesome rugby game. And I could've just said that... but I didn't. Get over it.

Day 1 of the UofL's Weekend sports home opener would've been a clean sweep if the guys hadn't botched up their game... Seriously, it was brutal. I considered walking out of it. Horrible passes, most of which went almost straight to the other team, ridiculous fouls, and they couldn't hit a shot the save their life... final score 76-116. Ouch. Better do something between now and tomorrow night, cause I swear if you suck it up that bad again, ima start cheering for TW.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I started writing this blogpost over a(two) week(s) ago, but had a rough time writing it, every time I started I couldn't really find the words, and/or i'd get emotional...

Lets go back 14 years. I was 9 years old. Life was great, our family decided to get a dog. ...ok, fast forward to now. Two weeks ago, my mom calls me up and we are having a little chat, when she brings up our dog, Kumo. Mom says -we need to put her down, she has all kinds of health problems, and we decided it was time. Holy, drop a bomb on me mom! Kumo lives out at the clinic as a guard dog, I hadn't seen her in a while so, I went out to see her the following Saturday with my parents, Marly and Jarett.
Seeing Kumo like that made me so sad, she could hardly get up, her breathing was labored, pretty much she was in rough shape. It was a moment. Usually seeing pets die doesn't phase me, but with Kumo it was different... See, usually when pets die, its either an accident, or they die after a long, nice life of being loved. This wasn't the case with Kumo. See, we all loved her, but we couldn't/didn't handle her. We got her when she was a puppy, she lived with us till she grew up, she chewed everything, no one spent time with her to try and train her. We had good times, and we loved her, but the novelty of having a dog wore off after a couple of years... and my dad, being a vet/owning a clinic, we all decided that Kumo would make a good guard dog. Us kids worked at the clinic so we saw her pretty much everyday... and here is where it gets me. Because she grew up with us, and now she lived at the clinic, I felt like she didn't think that the clinic was home. We saw her everyday, and every time we left, she wanted to come with us. ...shes a dog, and I know that dogs follow, but its just what I thought. There was just something about it that made me think that she thought that one day, she would come back home with us; where she belonged. I felt like When we went and saw her that Saturday, its like all these feelings came crashing down in a single moment... We spent about an hour with her in her dog-run. It was hard for me to see her in such bad shape, and to see how happy she was to see us. All I could think about was how we had all kind of abandoned her, and yet she still loved us. Years. When I say it had been a while since I went and saw her, I mean it had been about 2 years. And I wasn't the only one, no one went to play with her, to see her. There were the people that worked at the clinic who fed her, and stuff, and im sure they cared about her, but, to me- she grew old alone. The moment that got me? We had to go. ...and she wanted to come. She thought she was coming, the way she was walking with us. She thought, 'well, I put in my time, I get to come home now.' But thats not how it was going to be, she didn't understand. And you could see it in her face. She was so happy when we were there, and she was sad, watching us leave. It killed me knowing that this was going to be the last time I ever saw her. And she had no idea. And because my imagination hates me, I thought about a week from now, how they would bring her inside, like any normal day, and they would lead her to on of the surgical rooms, where she would first sense something was wrong, they'd put her up on a table and this is when she'd start to get scared, she knows something is wrong... and i've seen dogs get put down before, and its called being 'put to sleep' but its not like going to sleep...
Stupid imagination...I hate you.

So we put her down on Friday afternoon, and we buried her Saturday morning. And because we didn't have anywhere to put her in the mean time, she sat in the back of the suburban, in a black garbage bag...good thinkin Dad.

This is how Saturday morning went. We gather at my parents house, waiting to drive out to the farm, one of us asks "hey, where IS Kumo?" My mother answers "In the back of the suburban." I ask "How long has she been there....?" Answer? Since yesterday afternoon... Now it wasn't really hot out, but at the same time, it was NOT cold. SO... dead dog smell? Yup.

Because our parents felt like we needed some bonding time/we wanted to save on gas/thought it would be funny?...we all decided to pile in the suburban to drive to grandmas together, with the dog in the back...I opened the door, jumped right in and took my usual seat in the back left. It stunk. Everyone else took a little more convincing to get in the car. It was pretty bad, but not unbearable. The thought of it was worse than the actual smell.

Now we show our true colors...(Don't judge us, its how we deal with things) We start making dead dog jokes....and stink jokes.

Marly- "there is a dead dog... in a bag... right behind the seat...ewww"
Annalise started making gagging noises. Pretending to throw up. Steph freaking out, cause the fact that Annalise was making those noises was making her feel like throwing up.
The smell was actually so bad, the longer you were near it the worse it got.
Tanin, "Ok everyone just take a deep breath," Annalise "NO, thats the opposite of what we want. I don't want to breathe it!"
Dad asked if anyone wanted an apple, Jarett said he could go for a big juicy hamburger, Tanin was like, naw, id rather have a hot dog... then my mom chimed in and suggested you get it to a doggie bag!
We then pointed out that this smell wasnt as bad as Marly's feet. Which is a true story.
Tanin asked if it was going to be an open casket.
We we're laughing and joking and it was good.

we were trying to figure out how we were going to get it from the burb to the hole, Jarett suggested making it into some kind of competition, see who can throw the dog the farthest, I said we make it a series of games...dead dog Olympics, Jarett commented that its not unlike dead baby Olympics... we all agreed. And it went on like this for about 15 minutes...

We got out there, finished diggin the hole, plopped the dog in it, and when i say plop, it was definitely the sound of a dead body falling into a hole....not that im familiar with that sound. We covered her up, chucked a couple big rocks at the head and laid a bunch of branches over it and that was that.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Real Date.

Ok people. Its the update you've all been waiting for.... the one about my love life. Ew. Or lack thereof? But this is about as juicy as it ever gets.


We've been hanging out, and are good friends. This, I guess was the first official date.

Sunday night, he comes over after I got home from Edmonton, we chat about stuff, hang out for a while, start discussing/analyzing things in the room, and what they say about people. We find that this is something we both enjoy... analyzing things... especially people. Confession- I love people watching. LOVE it. I ask if he works Tuesday, and suggest we do some people watching, he says he gets off around 1, and he would love too. He takes it a step further and calls me up Monday, to officially ask me out. And he's turned it into a half-double date. Which im totally ok with because the other half it KT and Dan....=Awesome.

Date start time- 2:30pm- Dallas comes over, we engage in some light chit-chat. My roommate, who neglected to inform ME that she was in the hospital had informed DALLAS that she was having breathing issues, and had gone to the ER. He tells me this, im shocked and appalled that she wouldn't tell ME this. Hm. Dallas makes a phone call to his doctor buddy, to see if he happens to be at the hospital and would be willing to do Dallas a favor...he wasn't. I suggest we swing by and see if everything is ok, so we go to the hospital, meet up with Trev and another girl, no one really knows whats going on, but my roommate was being attended to, and we got bored of sitting in the ER so we left and went to Chapters/Starbucks. Got some Vanilla Bean Fraps and started 'people watching' It was great, highly entertaining.

After about an hour of that we decided we needed a change in venue, so we moved to the food court in the mall. We shared a dish of Manchu Wok. and continued just talking and watching.... and judging people... making up stories about them. Hilarious. We wandered around the mall after a bit, stopped in at Sport Check, talked sports for a while, really didn't do anything but talk.

We then wandered over to the arcade thing. Not being one to spend money needlessly, he....bootlegged? the basketball game; he's got huge, long arms and he just reaches in, grabs a ball and shoots it. we spend a solid ten minutes doing this. Highly entertaining. Especially when he is playing his own fantasy game... Center for the Boston Celtics, one minute to go, down by one. Dishes it to the corner, to the center, back to Dallas in his sweet spot, clocks winding down, he goes up! Gets fouled hard. Now he's got just three shots... first one, sinks it. Second? just a little off...its all down to this last shot. No pressure. ....There was a lot of detail in his describing of the situation, i'll spare you that. Point is, he sunk his last shot and the crowd went wild.

Moving on, we go to buy our tickets from one of the little automated machines, I notice that someone has walked away without grabbing their ticket. It was a ticket for the social network, Dallas is like- 'you could use it to get in... or are you too honest for that?' Then im all- 'There is no such thing as too honest.... excuse me, im going to make a scene...' He supports this and I walk into the lobby area, and in my distinct, loud but not yelling, authoritative voice- "Excuse me, can I have everyone's attention please!" Every single person in the lobby stops and looks at me. Still speaking with 'The voice'-"Someone here left their ticket at the booth. Someone who is going to The Social Network, has forgotten their ticket. Social Network. Anybody?" Then this guys comes through the crowd and thanks me, takes his ticket and goes to his movie. Dallas turns to me and makes a comment on how impressed he was. Thats right. Be impressed. While standing in line a few people made comments on how nice that was of me. ...All in a days work ma'am, all in a days work.

We went and saw the movie Red. SUCH a good movie. John Malkovich MAKES it. Brilliant. So, post-movie, we are trying to decide where to go for dinner, and Dan tells us to just follow him. Ok, so we are cruising down 3rd, Dan in his truck pulls up next to the little pimped-out I don't even know what it was, but you could tell it was a real hot shot ride. The light turns green and Dan wastes the poor car. He makes it through the next light, the little car doesn't. So we pull up to the little car, and Dallas is like, roll the window down. So, I roll it down, and I signal for the guy driving the car to roll his down. He does. Dallas leans over and says to the guy- You see that truck? Thats my buddy Dan. He wasted you. Oh Dallas. Funny kid. We actually started quite the conversation with this guy. He was actually kind of a nice guy, had two kids married for a few years, the car was just a lil 4-banger.... Then the light turned green, and the little one floored it. Cute. Dallas was driving my car... The 2003 Cadillac Seville STS; 4.6L Northstar V8 with 300hp. Please. We don't even have to try. Burned him. Awesome.

Dinner at Firestone. Awesome place. Things are always funnier when you get two sets of best friends and put them on dates. Needless to say the conversation was great, entertaining, at times educational and just overall fantastic. We tried to get Dan to hit on our waiter... He didn't. ...He totally could've gotten a number... The night was still a lil young to be calling it just yet, so we decided to go on a walk around Nicholas Sheran, and let me tell you, greatest walk ever. There was hopscotch, shoving each other off the path, threatening to carry people into the lake, dog piles, stargazing, watching KT get trapped in Dan's coat and trying to hop around in it, general wrestling between all parties... it had it all.

Date end time- 12:18am

Did I go on a 10 hour date? Yes. Did I enjoy every minute of it? Yes. Will there be another one? Possibly. Am I in love? No. Should I be? Yes. Are we perfect for each other? Yes. Does this perfection increase everytime he talks about killing things, or survival skills? Most Definately.

It was utter ridiculoawesomeness.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ok, so I've never really followed Glee. I watched episodes here and there, but never really got into it. All my roommates are really into it, I thought I'd give it a chance. So I watched the season premier, and it was awesome, it was entertaining, it was funny, and I loved it. However... the last few episodes haven't really been that good. And to top it all off, this last episode ruins my life. I've been planning what I was going to do for the YSA talent show for the last 9 months.... it was going to be epic. I was going to do a one-manned duet... AND NOW.... if I do it people will think that I got the idea from Glee. And that is entirely unacceptable to me....

Stupid Kurt. He just had to do it. And butcher it by the way. He did a horrible job. IT WAS JUST BAD! ARGH. I didn't appreciate it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have a couple good posts in the works, but i'm just having this thought, and want opinions...Ok people? Recently i've had people stumble across..../stalk my blog out, and i'm contemplating making it kind of a public thing... like legitimately telling people about, posting the link places...


I mean, opening it up to the general public seems first, then it makes me think about all those...people...that I may or may not want reading my life... those awkward people...that ask inappropriate questions at inappropriate times... or like.... my mom. Not that she would, cause, lets face it, she barely works the computer... but she might. And she might read things like that thing that I just wrote, and she might get offended... and if thats bad, my Grandma will totally read it, and im not sure how that will change her opinion of me...

Think about it. I had a hard enough time starting this thing in the first place... and heavens knows I still censor some things. But I want people to read it, just select people. I don't know if I can write if I know everyone is reading it. But then again, this may be arrogant of me, assuming people will actually read my blog...



Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am well aware it’s been a month since school has started and my roommates have been here for about that long, but its also still September, and I feel the need to update you on my living situation.

Over the summer all my roommates moved out. And I lived in my big ol house, all by my lonesome. All summer. technically Kara was still paying rent, but she lived in Calgary, and only came back here once or twice for like a weekend. I became accustomed to living alone, and I really liked it. Not having to do anything, or work around people schedules, or arrange shower times and laundry times. I never had to tell anyone to do their dishes, and my house was clean. It was soooo nice.

The school year started up again, and everybody moved back. And I mean EVERYBODY. I got 6 brand new roommates, and one from last year, making my house a house of 8. Right before everyone moved back, and I got a little anxious... apparently over the summer, I developed this fear of meeting new people or something. Which is stupid. And SO not who I am. I avoided going home. And as it turns out, I was just being stupid, people love me. The weekend everyone moved in I took a lil vacation to BC. I remember pulling in my driveway, and not wanting to get out of my car... I did though, and so far, its been pretty ok.

Kara is back. She's been my roommate for years, so we know how to handle each other, we've kinda been through a lot. Shes a little crazy sometimes, but I love her for it. She's someone I can really talk to.

Dani, Kara's soon-to-be sister-in-law, is really cool. She moved into Kara's room. I've kind of loved her since I first met her. Shes one of those sweet, innocent types, but really down to earth, and genuinely nice. Also, shes hilarious.

Jocelyn moved into the "Manitoba room"(Its called that, cause its shaped like the province. Weird) She is one of my favorites. I've known her for years, we get along great. She's smart, and witty, and ridiculously talented. We had a bonding moment a little while ago... several actually. Lol. And she's dating Trevor, whom I love. Sad, shes never home, she practically lives at the University. Good work ethic, I like that.

Then there are the young ones....Rachel, Sammaria and Keira. Rachel...always has random little bits of information to share. And she likes telling stories. Sammaria, is black. Awesome. She is actually the little sister of a former roommate of mine. Its a small world. Keira is cute, she also laughs a lot... actually her and Sammaria laugh A LOT. They are all very 18. If you know what I mean. They'll grow up fast.

Last, but not least- Allison. A recommendation from Becky-T. Is awesome. Simply put, I thoroughly enjoy her. Very understanding, mature(in most and honest. She reminds me of me, a cute, blonde, better version of me. I loved her from the very moment I met her. I don't even know what it is about her. You know? She really cares about people. She's one of those people that I want everyone I know to meet. She's smart, she's funny, she's super cute. Considerate. I could go on. You can't help but like her.

And this is my livings right now. So far so good I guess. The house is a little messier, I have to cut my shower time and share fridge space, but its worth it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Friends in Awkward Album Art

I give to you a series of album covers, that either remind me of my friends or, I have just dubbed certain people for various reasons. Please, Enjoy, Be Amused and uplifted.

I call this one "Zecksy" Aka Scott Z.

And this one is "Reveror" Aka Trevor L.

"Triplentendreanone" Aka Brett, Dan, Dallas and Allison. Also, i'm aware that AC is a dude.

This I dedicate to Cathy, Bonnie and Melissa, from left to right. May your hearts keep singing.

The first of the couples, this is "Sterett" Aka Stef and Jarett.

"Rug Babies" Erica, Paige and Brooke.

"Gross Loveydovey" Kathryn and Justin....Get a room.

"Little Ones" Michelle, Lurel, Katie, Sarah, Charlotte,

"Lindsay Lowry"

"Kay Aitch"


"Tanner 'The Bear(who is going to kill everyone)' Toleman"

"Spark a band of creepers" ...Becky


And finally "Griamice" Aka Ashley and Graham Ruttan

Saturday, September 11, 2010

YSA Stats

I figure I been here for a while, so I should probably take account of what has been goin down.

Years in YSA..........................6
Number of 'relationships'.............2
Number of talks given.................17(that can be accounted for)
Longest running Calling...............Family History Consultant
Total Roommates.......................29(that I can remember)
Roommates That have gotten married....4
Most Roommates at one time............7
Least roommates at one time...........0
Living Situations.....................Dorm, Apartment, House
Longest running roommate..............Kara Henry (3 years)
Shortest time that I had a roommate...5 weeks
Places lived..........................Lethbridge, Waterton
Era Dances/Parties attended...........Too many
Pizza men hit on......................3
Boys kissed...........................2
Blind dates...........................4
Road trips(legit).....................4
Talent shows participated in..........3
Jobs held.............................7
Years of school completed.............2
Times graduated from institute........2

That is all.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Cliff

Standing on the edge of a cliff, peering over the edge. My foot nudges a loose stone and I watch it tumble down the rocky, sandy slope. It soon falls out of my sight, but I can still hear it as it goes. There is a slight breeze; enough to dry the sweat that's formed across my nose, but not enough to blow away the almost musical sound of the rock falling, taking other rocks as it goes. Forever changing the cliff face. 10.5 seconds, then silence. Almost imperceptible, to those who did not see it go. But I know. I saw it, I caused it. My muscles still shaky from the long, steep climb up, my mind wanders back to the sign on the path, a warning to stay away from the edge... I decide to sit for a while, lean over the edge a little farther. Something I did not trust myself enough to do while on my feet. The view is wonderful. New and only slightly different from the peaks and valleys I'm used to. I wish I had my camera. I pick up a rock and throw it as far as I can. It takes only 5 seconds to hit the ground. I see where it lands, it seems closer than it should. But at the same time...far enough. As I pick rocks out of the dirt im sitting in, more and more I think how unstable it is, how it could give away at any moment. Especially if I keep taking rocks and hurling them off the cliff. I get up and walk away.

Where have all the real men gone?

Ok people, I've said it before, and I feel like saying it again... there is vast shortage of real, manly men in this world, and it kind of bothers me.

I'm out in Fairmont with some friends/ friends of friends of mine. Out of all the people in with, only one of them knows me really well. The rest of them, I've hung out with a couple of times, and pretty much, the only thing they know about of is my name, and maybe a few minor details.

Anyway, yesterday, we decided to go exploring. So, we drove out to the dump, I'll tell you about that later, and we hiked into this field behind the dump, and into the woods. We 'hike' for about ten minutes, and we end up on the top of this cliff face overlooking the valley. It's gorgeous. So, we stand around talking for a while, and the conversation turns to survival situations. Like what would happen if world war 3 broke out, and everything was destroyed. They started speculating how long they could survive here. Then they started talking about Battlestar Gallactica for a bit. Cute nerds. I make a comment that I could probably survive, fairly easily. Then one of them turns to me, and says "you aren't Katniss..." .....I will kill you where you stand you scrawny little know-it-all tech geek! I don't have my bow with me, but I happen to be carrying a knife, and my neck is about as thick as your thigh, I'd bet I could just break you in half and save myself the trouble of having to clean off my knife!! ...see who's Katniss now! (For those of you unfamiliar with the reference, It's a character from 'The hunger games' books. Look it up.)

Of course I didn't say this. He is my friends boyfriend, and I try not to kill people my friends like. But oh man, this ticked me off. I thought about it and using only things I had on me at the moment, I could probably live for a solid couple of weeks, I only had one small knife...and if you let me have 2 minutes to take what I needed from my car, I'd probably last until winter really hit.

They continued talking, 'I could catch and gut a fish... I've never done it, but I know the theory behind it, and I could probably get enough meat off of it' ... this sentence just about makes me lose it...'theory?' 'probably??' Apparently you don't know me that well. I cannot count the number of fish the caught, killed and ate. Then the issue of building fires came up. I just decided to tune them out because I couldn't listen to one more 'theory' on survival. I came back to the conversation just in time to hear them discuss using tribal systems and forming a team of the strong. Which came with the implication that they would lead the strong team... Honey, you would probably be the first to die, and if nature didn't kill you, I would.

It was getting late, so we turned back. They took one look at the forest behind them and the expression on their faces was one of '...which way did we come from...' Oh My Gosh! Shoot me now. They started of generally in the right direction, the path we took was a little more to the left, but I let the strong men lead us back. Wouldn't want to hurt their precious egos. It's taken them so long to build them up again after getting beat up in high school... I hung back when I knew the were going too far right, and they always back-tracked the right way, so, ....good for them.

And this is the kind of guy I'm almost constantly surrounded by. The " I can hack your computer, and your phone at the same time'' Just give me a man that knows how to kill and how to live. That's all I ask. And if he is able to wrestle a bear with his bare hands that would be a nice bonus. Just sayin'.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Canmore and Kazaam!

This last weekend was our offices annual vacation. Go Hall Dental! Woo. Pretty much ive got the greatest boss. He takes his entre staff and their families on a vacation. Usually we go to Fernie, but the year we went to Canmore. Which was awesome. I took Annalise with me, she's always a good time. The weather kind of sucked, and it was really smokey...stupid BC. Get a hold of things. Geez. But overall, a good time. The food was good, the mountains were beautiful and the hotel was pretty nice.

Nothing overlly spectacular happened, no crazy stories of going out on the town, nothing like last years... But something we did do? We watched Kazaam. You know that movie with Shaq....As a geenie... Its a pretty good bad movie. I kind of recommend watching it, purely on the fact that it is so....ridiculous. Also, what makes it better? As you watch it. Think about how much better the movie would be if the part of Kazaam, played by Shaquille O'Neal, was played by Micheal Jackson...The rapping, the butt grab in the fight scene, waking up in a pre-teenage boys bed... Oh, magical.

Friday, August 20, 2010

WRWC 2010

Womens Rugby World Cup kicked off today at 12:00 UK time....which conveniently made it 5am my time. Im not much of a morning person, but for this, i didn't really mind getting up. Too bad they don't broadcast and Canada Games. Thank heavens for Twitter... Words I never thought i'd say. I love getting play by play updates. Though, I would've loved more to actually watch it. But the point is we won it 37-10. GO CANADA. Which means we got the 4-try bonus point, puts us up to 5 points in the Cup.

They did broadcast the Wales vs Australia match(of course they would). Watched that, it was a pretty good game. As expected Aussies won it. Scored three right off the bat. It wasn't a blowout though, Wales def. fought it back. Final Score 26-12, with Australias last try coming in the final minute.

USA beat Kazakhstan 51-0. Im not overly concerned with it though cause they have yet to play England and Ireland. Good luck with that...

And because I just happen to be sitting here still I started watching the New Zealand vs South Africa game. Which, will be a blowout. Sad to say. If we were watching a mens match, it would be entirely different, it would be a great game, but the SA Womens team... not the greatest, no offence. The Black Ferns Haka was wicked though. NZ scored 3 times in the first 10ish minutes. I think i'll probably not watch the rest of it. We all know how its going to turn out. I've got money it ends with a bigger difference than the US game.... I'd say 70-0. We'll see.

They are airing the France Sweden game on tuesday, im stoked to see what France has got this year...size up the competition a lil.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Confessional 2

Confessions continued.

I have a secret love for gingers.

I can't handle one on one conversations with (almost) anyone.

My personality sits on the fence that divides pessimism, realism, and paranoia.

Blood is in my top ten list of most easily recognized scents.

Sometimes I use smarties to make decisions, with every color representing an option.

I change writting style so often that sometimes I don't recognize my own handwriting.

Sometimes I draw faces on teeth(that have been extracted), or I tie them together with floss and build tooth sculptures- Aka Toothasaurus. I think they are actually really good, and kind of funny, but I'm pretty sure people would judge me for doing this if they saw it.

For the most part I hate peoples mouths. And mucusy-saliva. In fact I have a whole list of reasons not to work in a dental office in my facebook notes.

I work in a dental office. I haven't left yet because I like the money.

I want a tattoo. I know I shouldn't, but I do. Recently I even brought it up with my father...I was watching LA Ink, and my Dad walked in and asked why I was watching it, eventually it got to a point in the conversation that went like this
Me: What would you do, IF I got a tattoo? Kill me?
Dad: No. I'd just take a scalpel and cut it off you. Don't put it too close to your heart.
...I think he was being serious.

My knee, hips, shoulders and my back give me problems on a fairly regular basis. I don't blame rugby, I blame genetics.

I rip phone books in half for fun.

I think people who get offended are stupid. Im sorry if you are offended you are stupid. (Punctuate that last sentence however you want to. I mean it in every way possible.)

There we have a part two. You can probably expect a part three.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I realize I owe you guys a post. A real one. One that's not about the creepy love affair I had with my phone. And I do have things to blog about, but most of these things include pictures, and my computer is having some personal issues right now... And blogs are nothing without pics. ...Well thats not true... most of my blogs don't have pics, but the one I want to write NEEDS pictures. So in the mean time, I give you this-

I just got really excited for September. For two reasons. Reason the first- I figured since summer weather didn't really hit until July, I figure it is going to stay around until november. Reason the second- I met one of my new roommates today, she seems really cool, boarderline exceptionally cool, shes been here for the weekend and already she's made A LOT of friends. It gives me hope that my house will be filled with awesome people and the fall semester is going to be rocking. I've already got a few parties in the works and a few staples that will be sticking around for the semester. I'll have the usual first week back bash at my place, cause lets face it, my house was made for parties. I'm planning an acoustic night, probably a little more low-key than last years.

And a few of us have begun 'Bad movie night' Which so far has been a gem. We did a few in years past with the likes of 'The Last Unicorn' and 'The neverending Story'...and then there was the Land Before Time Marathon. We've kicked it up a notch over the last while with the likes of 'Gentleman Broncos'
And the newly discovered 'Cool as Ice' ...Thankyou Vanilla Ice. Ice Ice Baby.

Also on our list- Kazaam(Shaq), From Justin to Kelly(American Idol) and one day, maybe even Howard the Duck...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Like a Bad break-up

... I know its over. Really I do. But a part of me just can't let go. I am still in love with you. I know that I should just pick myself up, and move on with my life... but it's been 5 years. 5 YEARS!! I don't even know how to start over. You never let me down. Even when you did fail me, it was because I asked too much of you, and I understood that. Everytime I take a step to move on, I can't stop thinking about you. All the good times we had. All the times you had my back, the times yougot me out of some sticky situations. You were everything I needed. I tell myself that we can fix this, and go back to the way things were...but that is the thing, it would be going back, a regression...People try and set me up with something new, something "better". But I know i'll always compare it to you.

Sometimes I think its my fault. I broke your heart. When I still had you, people would try and tell me that I could do better, that there is more potential out there. I'd refuse, Tell them I loved you, and that i'd never willingly give you up. ...and then I started looking. It was just a look, it was innocent. Just a little curiosity... That's all it took. I didn't have to leave you, because you left me. And i'm sorry. I should've treated you better, I should've protected you more... I should have done...SOMETHING. I'm sorry.

I'm trying to move on, I can't forget that way you fit me though. We were meant to be together... When we first met, it was love, there was a little voice inside of me that told me it couldn't last forever, that I shouldn't get too attached... but I ignored it. We were perfect together, we belonged together! ...I guess over time I grew, and matured, and you just stayed the same. I think that's what I liked about you, you never changed. I'll tell myself I need something more grown-up, more sophiticated. But its like letting go of your childhood. You never did anything wrong... I feel like i'm betraying you... But thats silly. ...You're just a phone. And its time to let go.

Hahaha, um...about that... Ok, so I know i've made a post about my phone before, and I swear this is the last one... I just get so attached to things. I still play with it, flip it around my palm, press the button every now and then, just to see if it will come back to me. Sad really. I'm like a mother penguin that loses an egg and still carries it around...

OK, that last statement was sick. I'm going to buy a new phone. I'm thinkin HTC Legend.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Part of me has died.

I know it has been a while, and I have much to blog about, but one item takes precedence...

Ladies, Gentlmen...Friends, collegues... My dear brothers and sisters...We all knew this day would come. Some thought it would come sooner....some thought it would be a far off.... there have been some of you that willed this day to come... and here it is(maybe) I have reason to believe that my phone, yes, the great blue brick has finally kicked the bucket. Please a moment of silence.

This was my facebook status, Tuesday August 3, 2010. My cell phone, having lasted since the summer of 2006, has died. It was a good phone. A trusted phone. In a way, it was my love. It gave me everything i needed, it did for me everything i wanted it to do... it fit me. Perfectly.

I shall miss the way i spun it in my hand. I will miss its warm comforting glow, leading me in dark places. Most of all I will miss my tetris score. I should have written it down. It was amazing. Level 13...

Gone with my cell phone are my pictures... my all-time-favorite-texts, such as "poop or get off the pot"-Laura(I was not on the pot, nor did I have any intention of pooping, but it came to me in an hour of lonliness, and brought a smile to me face) "It was a good reason for a hug"-Christie P(It was the first time we hugged, after years of being friends, it was a moment), the nonsense text Kara sent me while hopped up on meds after her surgery, "How bad do you want to curl my hair right now"-Cathy(It was the night of the Masquerave, its just funny on so many levels) Also I no longer have evidence that Jessi Whitehead "Lives to make my life easier"(She had texted me this, it was proof!) ... my games... my... ringtones... and most of all... my precious phone numbers... Those also... I should have written down... 534 was my last count. It is like a part of me is gone...

Recently...i've been getting a lot of flack concerning my 'ancient' cell phone. Many tried to convince me to get a new cell phone...'upgrade' they said...'get rid of the brick' they said.... my phone has outlasted everyone elses phones! YOU WERE ALL JEALOUS!!! ...Which leads me to believe...Sabotage.]

There will be an investigation, there will be an inquiry, all measures will be taken as to ensure justice prevails...

But for now...just let me mourn in peace.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Top "#" Lists

I, like most people enjoy lists. And I hold a special place in my heart for 'top' lists. Whither it be Top 10, top 20 or the top 100 lists, I love them. And I will tell you why. It is because there is so much crap in this world that often times, you find yourself knee-deep in some thick brown muck, looking for a tiny sparkling diamond... odds of you finding a diamond? Slim. Level of frustration when you cannot get the brown stench out of your clothing and you have nothing to show for it? High.

And Top-lists...blessed Top-Lists nearly eliminate the need to go diving in the muck. Now, I do believe that sometimes it can be fun to sift through all that crap and see what you pull out, but sometimes there just isn't the time... Its so convenient that someone has it laid out for you. Like Brittney Spears' Greatest hits... or...any other band's greatest hits albums... um... the point is, sometimes you buy a cd to get ONE song, and that is a waste of my time and money. And half the songs are stupid and you've never even heard them before and you never want to hear them again....but I digress.

Top lists. The best ofs. You tube is great for this. Top ten wipeouts, kids getting hit with ball moments, babies laughing... and the best of them all- The top ten most watched youtube videos of all time.

Usually I do not find any major faults with these lists. However today, I came across a list... Top ten things to do before summer ends. It had things like 'Eat a popsicle, have a bon fire, go camping...' All well and good things, summery things, legit things...then I got to #1... You know what the number one thing you just have to do before summer ends? ...According to, the #1 thing to do this summer is- Fall in love. ... :| Fall in love? Screw you! You can just go suck some twitterpated lemons you stupid website. Falling in love isn't just something you do. It is nowhere near the level of 'eat a popsicle'! Oh, I think im going to go out and fall in love today... Yes, splendid idea, why hadn't I thought of this before? ...

Its not something to do! Its something that happens. Morons...

But other than that list, most lists are pretty good.