Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The DallSitch

I feel like I must apologize for the lack of entertainment AND the lack of information that my blog has been as of late. Sorry. There is reason. I've been a little preoccupied with a certain someone, and I was torn as to how much I should write, given the fact that I really wasn't/am not sure what I wanted to do with that... But then I decided- Who cares? This is whats going on, and the people have a right to know.

SO. The 'Dallsitch' = Dallas+Situation(aka sitch(courtesy Stef's vocabulary))

You've read earlier posts mentioning him. We have spent ALOT of time together. A few weeks ago, I was bored, he was at work and I decided to write him a limerick. It was short, to the point, funny and awesome. A while later he tells me that he wrote me a poem, not any poem, but an epic two page masterpiece.

One night, we are all decide to hang out at KT's house, I'm there, Dan's there, KT, some other people... He shows up, announces to the room that he has a poem that he would like to share, and he pulls out this piece of paper... He explians that he cut it down to one page and its written in old time english, like in the days of court...
He proceeds to read this poem infront of everyone. His hand shook ever so slightly, he was a little nervous. It was super cute. He gave me a copy of the poem. I thought about posting it here... Not sure though.

Minus this last weekend/week we spend pretty much everyday together. As it stands right now, we've yet to really DTR. He's kinda my best friend, we go on dates, and right now, im fine with that. I like the way we are right now.


  1. Do post it! Mostly cause I still wanna read it.

  2. Was the 'Stef vocab' referring to me?!?!? How fun! Ok, I'm really loving this update!!! :) :) :) You better believe that the next time I'm down I need to read this epic masterpiece!

  3. I'll think about posting it here...

    Yes Stef, that's your vocabulary. Whether you know you do it or not, you shorten words. And the heard you use this one before.

  4. I knew it was Stef's vocabulary even before you defined it! I vividly recall raising my eyebrow at her the first time I heard Stef say, "Here's the sitch."

  5. P.S. This is soooo informative!