Thursday, May 12, 2011

Manditory Sex Party

This is what I aspire to. Um, let me clarify. I don't aspire to have Manditory Sex Parties, but to do what Allie did. If you are unaware- Allie writes a blog called Hyperbole and a Half Its freakin hilarious.

Anyway, she wrote this post and mentioned Manditory Sex Parties, not like they were a thing, but she made it up, cause it was funny... And then she does this

And if you are too lazy, or too embarrassed to google search Manditory Sex Party, because your mom or your roommate might be confused when it shows up in your search history, ill do it for you, save you the trouble...

It might be too small to read but Google found 2430000 results.

This is amazing. She first used the phrase October 2009, Its now May of 2011. 19 months, give or take, and enough people read her blog, and spread it around that in that time, it became that big. ITS AMAZING!! One day... enough people will read one of my blogs that I could do something like that!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Biggest Loser

So the people at my office are completely obsessed with weight loss and dieting. Its gotten to the point that it scares me, just a little bit. They do diets that they are only allowed to be on for 3 weeks... or they die.

Anyway, some of the girls wanted to start an office 'biggest loser' the idea was that everyone would put in $10, and at the end of the month whoever lost the most weight, by percentage, won the pot. At first they were going to do it by weight... but thats just silly. It would be too easy. Anyway, I jumped in on that I could use the extra cash, and I need to lose some weight anyway. Its a win-win.

So, Here we go, I took some measurements, weighed in, and we are going to check back in June 9th.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sense of Impending Doom

My sister and her family came over today. My little nephew had a bunch of bites on his back, and this became a topic of discussion for the night, wondering what bit him, when he got it, why it didn't get his brothers. So, being the uber-nerd I am, I decided to google it, and i'm going through pages and pages of bug bites and allergic reactions... and its the usual things,


...itchy skin, blotchy rash, swelling.... a sense of impending doom...

Wait. What? A sense of impending doom?!? What the H kind of bug bite has a reaction that causes a SENSE OF IMPENDING DOOM? I'm never friggin going outside ever again! Are you serious, if something weird bites you in the woods and you go see a doctor about it, he takes a look- "Oh yeah, there's a little redness, some swelling, is it itchy? ...oh yeah, ok, um have you felt any... impending doom?" .....Riiiiiight.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First game ever.

So. We had our first game yesterday. And when I say first game, I mean FIRST EVER. Chinook High School Womens Rugby. Brand new school, brand new team, mostly brand new girls.

We played CCH, final score was 27-0. I kind of expected the loss, what I didn't expect was the this- It was truly a phenomenal thing to watch- we could actually see the girls learning. Every minute that passed they got better. We were impressed with the way they handled themselves in every aspect of the game, and how they kept up the positivity. The way they changed, and adapted and grew start to finish was amazing. They recognized when things were wrong and took steps to fix it.
For sure there are things we need to work on- (rucking, tackling, positional things, tactics- type stuff) But overall, it was a fantastic thing to watch.

Like we say "Progression, not Perfection" And that was some of the greatest progression I've ever seen.

We were scored on almost right off the bat, like 2 minutes in. This is when the first major click happened, and they were like, 'oh this is a real game....this is what its like...' About 6 or 7 minutes later we got scored on again. We made ground, had some good runs, our rucking started to improve, we got close to scoring a couple of times, and about 13 minutes passed from when we last got scored on and we get scored on again. There is a lot of back and forth, some good tackles and it takes them almost to the end of the half to score again. It was awesome. Not that we got scored on, but that everytime around, we held them for longer.

We only had 4 subs, we put em in at half. We got so close to scoring so many times, rucking got better still. We made some rookie mistakes, got pinned in our end, got scored on again. But there were a few times when we were on our own 5, and we managed to get it out. Super.

Huge positivity in our team, it was unbelievable. We only got two penalties. Which is awesome for first timers! And there were ZERO mauls. We never got caught up on our feet. The entire second half they only scored once. YOU COULD ACTALLY SEE PROGRESS. I can almost measure in real quantities how much progression they made. Also, no serious injuries!

I'm super excited for the season, huge potential! AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pregame Jitters

Ok, I've had pre-game jitters before. Everyone has. I've never experienced them this bad though... If this is how my coaches ever felt, i'm sorry. Its the feeling of- I have done everything I could, and now it was totally out of my hands. At least when I played, I had a little ball of nervousness in the pit of my stomach, but it was never bad, nor did it stay very long, because I had control over what happened, it was up to me how the game went and how I did. Now the little ball turned into a large boulder of nervousness, and instead of being located somewhere in my guts, it lodged directly in the depths of my soul. I keep thinking to myself, 'What if I failed them?' Pretty much the nerves are killing me.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Election Day

Our family has never been really political, it was never something we discussed or even really cared about, which is why i thought it was really funny when I found myself watching the voting coverage with pretty much my entire family. We were all glued to the tv, and we cheered together for every seat that we won. It was like watching a really intense match of a really intense sport that we were all emotionally invested in.

Craziness happens though... Majority Government with NDP as the official opposition? What now Liberals?! What did you think was gonna happen?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh Family Ward.

It was stake conference today. And you know what? Sometimes I miss family wards. Kids are just SO cute. There was this little girl there. She was trying to get the attention of someone down our row, and she would circle around try and sneak up the row. But when she got close she was afraid to move past Kara. Then she got an idea...

She ran back to wherever she was sitting grabbed a bag of animal crackers and started laying them out in a little line... Setting a trap for whoever she wanted out of the row. Possibly the cutest thing i've seen all year.

But as every story goes, she found another boy and soon forgot all about her little trap.

A Sea of Ugly Hats...

This weekend hosted an historic event- The Marriage of Prince William to Katherine Middleton. Mark it on your calendars, write in your journal, its a day to remember. The future King of England got married. And it was quite the event. A day for the history books people!

The time difference between here and London, is such that the wedding happened at 3 am our time, or something silly like that, and equally silly -there were people that stayed up, or got up early to watch it. And to you people I say- you re crazy. Did you think you were going to miss something that they weren't going to air 800 times the next day? Cause you were wrong. Very...VERY wrong...

There are 17 televisions in my office. At any given time 8 of those tvs were airing wedding stuff. And every time I looked up at one of those tvs all I saw was a sea of bad hats...

I have been quickly corrected- they aren't hats. That are called 'fascinators' and they are very high fashion. If fashion is something that somebody dragged out of an era that only existed because people didn't know any better and they had limited supplies to work with... Oh... Wait...

I will admit I watched the wedding twice. Purely to see how bad these hats fascinators were. I really don't understand them... the first thing that crossed my mind was- 'what the frig is on your head' not- 'wow, I am fascinated by the lovely array of feathers and ribbons placed on the nub of a hat that is sitting cockeyed on some surface of your head that isn't quite your head, nor your face...' OK, well it sort of was the latter...

Firstly- Victoria Beckham...

This was not so bad. And the former 'Posh Spice' did pull it off rather well... still, it was only half on her head, it looked like it was trying to crawl onto her face. Then there were the flowery thing with the spiral spikes coming out of it. Beware, not just pretty- she sneezes once and she's gonna stab herself.

Another fascinating piece...

This is actually the first one I saw. If she was going for 'blue jay' - she nailed it...
Again, its not fully on her head. I've come to fin that this it the point... WHY this is the point, i'll never know.

This was my mom's favorite...

Morbid satellite dish? We saw this on tv, and I swear it blocked like 9 people's views. The best part about it was that we saw it from the one side and thought, my that is one big, hats fascinator, but it at least covers half her head, then she turned... WTF, there is a giant bow on the other side... SURPRISE!! Not a good surprise, like when a baby starts poopin in the middle of changing an already poopy diaper- I mean, it was bad enough, then it just kept coming.

I think you all have to agree with me on this one- The Worst Offenders of the Day-
Sarah Ferguson's Daughters...

Or as I have come to know them... The Ugly(hat) Step Sisters. I don't even think this needs my commentary...

Maybe it does- Nope... it doesn't... Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Who thought that was a good idea?!? Come on! You can't even tell me the guy who made that thinks its nice, he's probably havin a good ol laugh with his buddies about what they made people put on their heads!

Also, i've been doing a little research, and I'm almost certain there is a direct correlation between how ugly a hat fascinator is and how expensive it is. Well, good for you fascinator-maker-guy.