Thursday, May 12, 2011

Manditory Sex Party

This is what I aspire to. Um, let me clarify. I don't aspire to have Manditory Sex Parties, but to do what Allie did. If you are unaware- Allie writes a blog called Hyperbole and a Half Its freakin hilarious.

Anyway, she wrote this post and mentioned Manditory Sex Parties, not like they were a thing, but she made it up, cause it was funny... And then she does this

And if you are too lazy, or too embarrassed to google search Manditory Sex Party, because your mom or your roommate might be confused when it shows up in your search history, ill do it for you, save you the trouble...

It might be too small to read but Google found 2430000 results.

This is amazing. She first used the phrase October 2009, Its now May of 2011. 19 months, give or take, and enough people read her blog, and spread it around that in that time, it became that big. ITS AMAZING!! One day... enough people will read one of my blogs that I could do something like that!

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