Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am well aware it’s been a month since school has started and my roommates have been here for about that long, but its also still September, and I feel the need to update you on my living situation.

Over the summer all my roommates moved out. And I lived in my big ol house, all by my lonesome. All summer. technically Kara was still paying rent, but she lived in Calgary, and only came back here once or twice for like a weekend. I became accustomed to living alone, and I really liked it. Not having to do anything, or work around people schedules, or arrange shower times and laundry times. I never had to tell anyone to do their dishes, and my house was clean. It was soooo nice.

The school year started up again, and everybody moved back. And I mean EVERYBODY. I got 6 brand new roommates, and one from last year, making my house a house of 8. Right before everyone moved back, and I got a little anxious... apparently over the summer, I developed this fear of meeting new people or something. Which is stupid. And SO not who I am. I avoided going home. And as it turns out, I was just being stupid, people love me. The weekend everyone moved in I took a lil vacation to BC. I remember pulling in my driveway, and not wanting to get out of my car... I did though, and so far, its been pretty ok.

Kara is back. She's been my roommate for years, so we know how to handle each other, we've kinda been through a lot. Shes a little crazy sometimes, but I love her for it. She's someone I can really talk to.

Dani, Kara's soon-to-be sister-in-law, is really cool. She moved into Kara's room. I've kind of loved her since I first met her. Shes one of those sweet, innocent types, but really down to earth, and genuinely nice. Also, shes hilarious.

Jocelyn moved into the "Manitoba room"(Its called that, cause its shaped like the province. Weird) She is one of my favorites. I've known her for years, we get along great. She's smart, and witty, and ridiculously talented. We had a bonding moment a little while ago... several actually. Lol. And she's dating Trevor, whom I love. Sad, shes never home, she practically lives at the University. Good work ethic, I like that.

Then there are the young ones....Rachel, Sammaria and Keira. Rachel...always has random little bits of information to share. And she likes telling stories. Sammaria, is black. Awesome. She is actually the little sister of a former roommate of mine. Its a small world. Keira is cute, she also laughs a lot... actually her and Sammaria laugh A LOT. They are all very 18. If you know what I mean. They'll grow up fast.

Last, but not least- Allison. A recommendation from Becky-T. Is awesome. Simply put, I thoroughly enjoy her. Very understanding, mature(in most and honest. She reminds me of me, a cute, blonde, better version of me. I loved her from the very moment I met her. I don't even know what it is about her. You know? She really cares about people. She's one of those people that I want everyone I know to meet. She's smart, she's funny, she's super cute. Considerate. I could go on. You can't help but like her.

And this is my livings right now. So far so good I guess. The house is a little messier, I have to cut my shower time and share fridge space, but its worth it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Friends in Awkward Album Art

I give to you a series of album covers, that either remind me of my friends or, I have just dubbed certain people for various reasons. Please, Enjoy, Be Amused and uplifted.

I call this one "Zecksy" Aka Scott Z.

And this one is "Reveror" Aka Trevor L.

"Triplentendreanone" Aka Brett, Dan, Dallas and Allison. Also, i'm aware that AC is a dude.

This I dedicate to Cathy, Bonnie and Melissa, from left to right. May your hearts keep singing.

The first of the couples, this is "Sterett" Aka Stef and Jarett.

"Rug Babies" Erica, Paige and Brooke.

"Gross Loveydovey" Kathryn and Justin....Get a room.

"Little Ones" Michelle, Lurel, Katie, Sarah, Charlotte,

"Lindsay Lowry"

"Kay Aitch"


"Tanner 'The Bear(who is going to kill everyone)' Toleman"

"Spark a band of creepers" ...Becky


And finally "Griamice" Aka Ashley and Graham Ruttan

Saturday, September 11, 2010

YSA Stats

I figure I been here for a while, so I should probably take account of what has been goin down.

Years in YSA..........................6
Number of 'relationships'.............2
Number of talks given.................17(that can be accounted for)
Longest running Calling...............Family History Consultant
Total Roommates.......................29(that I can remember)
Roommates That have gotten married....4
Most Roommates at one time............7
Least roommates at one time...........0
Living Situations.....................Dorm, Apartment, House
Longest running roommate..............Kara Henry (3 years)
Shortest time that I had a roommate...5 weeks
Places lived..........................Lethbridge, Waterton
Era Dances/Parties attended...........Too many
Pizza men hit on......................3
Boys kissed...........................2
Blind dates...........................4
Road trips(legit).....................4
Talent shows participated in..........3
Jobs held.............................7
Years of school completed.............2
Times graduated from institute........2

That is all.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Cliff

Standing on the edge of a cliff, peering over the edge. My foot nudges a loose stone and I watch it tumble down the rocky, sandy slope. It soon falls out of my sight, but I can still hear it as it goes. There is a slight breeze; enough to dry the sweat that's formed across my nose, but not enough to blow away the almost musical sound of the rock falling, taking other rocks as it goes. Forever changing the cliff face. 10.5 seconds, then silence. Almost imperceptible, to those who did not see it go. But I know. I saw it, I caused it. My muscles still shaky from the long, steep climb up, my mind wanders back to the sign on the path, a warning to stay away from the edge... I decide to sit for a while, lean over the edge a little farther. Something I did not trust myself enough to do while on my feet. The view is wonderful. New and only slightly different from the peaks and valleys I'm used to. I wish I had my camera. I pick up a rock and throw it as far as I can. It takes only 5 seconds to hit the ground. I see where it lands, it seems closer than it should. But at the same time...far enough. As I pick rocks out of the dirt im sitting in, more and more I think how unstable it is, how it could give away at any moment. Especially if I keep taking rocks and hurling them off the cliff. I get up and walk away.

Where have all the real men gone?

Ok people, I've said it before, and I feel like saying it again... there is vast shortage of real, manly men in this world, and it kind of bothers me.

I'm out in Fairmont with some friends/ friends of friends of mine. Out of all the people in with, only one of them knows me really well. The rest of them, I've hung out with a couple of times, and pretty much, the only thing they know about of is my name, and maybe a few minor details.

Anyway, yesterday, we decided to go exploring. So, we drove out to the dump, I'll tell you about that later, and we hiked into this field behind the dump, and into the woods. We 'hike' for about ten minutes, and we end up on the top of this cliff face overlooking the valley. It's gorgeous. So, we stand around talking for a while, and the conversation turns to survival situations. Like what would happen if world war 3 broke out, and everything was destroyed. They started speculating how long they could survive here. Then they started talking about Battlestar Gallactica for a bit. Cute nerds. I make a comment that I could probably survive, fairly easily. Then one of them turns to me, and says "you aren't Katniss..." .....I will kill you where you stand you scrawny little know-it-all tech geek! I don't have my bow with me, but I happen to be carrying a knife, and my neck is about as thick as your thigh, I'd bet I could just break you in half and save myself the trouble of having to clean off my knife!! ...see who's Katniss now! (For those of you unfamiliar with the reference, It's a character from 'The hunger games' books. Look it up.)

Of course I didn't say this. He is my friends boyfriend, and I try not to kill people my friends like. But oh man, this ticked me off. I thought about it and using only things I had on me at the moment, I could probably live for a solid couple of weeks, I only had one small knife...and if you let me have 2 minutes to take what I needed from my car, I'd probably last until winter really hit.

They continued talking, 'I could catch and gut a fish... I've never done it, but I know the theory behind it, and I could probably get enough meat off of it' ... this sentence just about makes me lose it...'theory?' 'probably??' Apparently you don't know me that well. I cannot count the number of fish the caught, killed and ate. Then the issue of building fires came up. I just decided to tune them out because I couldn't listen to one more 'theory' on survival. I came back to the conversation just in time to hear them discuss using tribal systems and forming a team of the strong. Which came with the implication that they would lead the strong team... Honey, you would probably be the first to die, and if nature didn't kill you, I would.

It was getting late, so we turned back. They took one look at the forest behind them and the expression on their faces was one of '...which way did we come from...' Oh My Gosh! Shoot me now. They started of generally in the right direction, the path we took was a little more to the left, but I let the strong men lead us back. Wouldn't want to hurt their precious egos. It's taken them so long to build them up again after getting beat up in high school... I hung back when I knew the were going too far right, and they always back-tracked the right way, so, ....good for them.

And this is the kind of guy I'm almost constantly surrounded by. The " I can hack your computer, and your phone at the same time'' Just give me a man that knows how to kill and how to live. That's all I ask. And if he is able to wrestle a bear with his bare hands that would be a nice bonus. Just sayin'.