Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Zealand Trip. Pt.1 - LA

I had been planning this trip for YEARS.. I love rugby, always wanted to go to NZ, so it was kind of a perfect fit. It started out as a bunch of us going, and then people started bailing, it was too much money, they couldn't get the time off, ect. In the end, it was just myself and KT. Which, actually turned out for the best I think...

We made a friend at the Calgary terminal... actually I made a few friends, I got bored and started playing Gin with a couple of old ladies... they were supposed to be in LA for a filming of Dr. Phil. And we met this guy named Conor, he was heading to NZ too for the World Cup, what a coincidence! Four hour flight to LA... 8 hour lay over... So, we had two choices- 1. We stay at the airport, bored outta our skulls, OR 2. We go wander around...
This trip was marked by the wandering. Wandering rocks. I was fully aware that LAX was huge... this didn't really sink in till we tried to leave. We go outside, and start walking... like we are going to walk to the beach, or the city... we see buildings in the distance, we decide on a direction and go. We walk past a USO, Hello Military Men... so we are walking and a group of them totally have the same idea and start walking behind us eventually they pass us. Both of our little groups realize that this is fruitless cause is all airport and stuff as far as the eye can see, so we we start back, and the military boys end up walking behind us again. Which is when airport security rolls up, and asks them what they are doing, making it very clear that they are to stop following 'the ladies' around. Lol. Silly guard... They are just lost little boys. We thought this was hilarious.

We ended up getting a cab, and going down to Venice Beach. It was kind of a bad weather day... as much bad weather as LA gets... it was still like 20 degrees. No wind. So we walked up the pier, then along the beach where we found this giant piece of sea weed... WTF. That is my FOOT. This justified Kt's previously irrational fear of seaweed... This seaweed with eat your children. Fear -rational.

Anyway, we started walking up the boardwalk, which was kind of a rip off, cause there were no board... I EXPECTED boards of some kind... disappointment. Street performers, shops, things... Every other "Shop" there was a "Licenced Medicinal Marijuana Distributor" Or a doctor's office that specializes in prescribing such things, or a tattoo parlour... All the things i've ever heard about Los Angeles are true.

Oh, and famous people just walk around too. Or, I guess, skateboard? around. Ok, so we are walking, then Kt starts hitting me, apparently excited about something, but unable to express verbally what she wanted me too see... then I see him. Puck from Glee. Just skateboarding. And we all know from past experiences that Kt doesn't do well with famous people... Remember the Idaho/Gold Motel incident? She's like a little puppy. Anyway, we defs made some prolonged eye contact. Hot...I didn't get a picture or autograph or anything because I had one major problem... I have NO idea what his real name is. And I wasnt about to be calling him Puck... "Hey, Puck...Guy from Glee... Person...who umm... Can we get a picture?!!?" Yeah. No.

Also, apparently there is no dress code there. See you have the LA sherpas... If you ever get lost, just follow one. On second thought, don't follow guys that look like this... OR You can just walk around this girl. Not wearing any pants... or... underwear..? I don't care what you say, that is NOT a dress, it's barely a shirt. AND.. I'm pretty sure she was goin commando... but i felt inappropriate trying to really figure it out.

Anyway, we walked down to Santa Monica, just to say that we did, then we walked back, and funny thing about venice, they legit try to be VENICE. They have canals. Which, granted, are cool, but very poser-ish.

YOU ARE IN CALIFORNIA, Stop trying so hard POSER. ...

Ok, fine, I would totes sell out and live here. Shut it.

When we got back to the airport we met up with Conor again, and while we were standing there and chit-chatting, I spot a suit, Kt sees him too... Mormon Missionary. All by his lonesome. Looks green. You know what that means!! HAZE HIM. So Kt and I discuss our plan of action- we see him sit down in an empty row of chairs, we were gonna go sit right beside him and start asking questions, and you know, haze the new guy. Brilliant plan. So we go sit pretty much on top of him, we have him surrounded, and I start some small talk, then Kt blows it and starts talking about her brother on a mission... Good Job Kt. Now he knows we're LDS... Rookie mistake.

The flight wasn't so bad. Actually it was pretty good, night flight so I slept for a fair bit, we had tv heardrests and we could watch pretty much anything we wanted, it also has tetris- with the remote control. Sweet as. But the best part of the flight? The safety video. Now, if you've never been on a plane, or you need a reminder of how boring and horrible these videos are click HERE. Also, I hate listening to it in English, and then again in French...

But here is one of the reasons I LOVE New Zealand-
Umm, plane full of All Blacks? Yes please. When it says life jackets for infants- its a shot of a Wallaby fan. LOL. And to top it all off- Grandma streaking. AWESOME!

Conor took a different plane, left about an hour ahead of us, so we met back up with him, talked about the flight, and we mentioned our safety video... he didn't see the one we saw... He got this gem-

Yup, Kiwis are Awesome. Great start to a FANTASTIC TRIP... We were now in Auckland, New Zealand, 6am September 22nd...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm workin on it!

Ok, so I realize that I haven't blogged all summer. I'd apologize, but im sure you are sick of hearing my apologies... So... yeah.

I ran off to New Zealand for a couple weeks, it was awesome. I'm working on the retelling of my adventures, complete with pictures... but... its more difficult than anticipated. I have to give props to my friends that are picture-people. I got a little picture happy while I was there, took about 1000 pictures, and now ....I have to go through all of them... Its kind of a pain in my rear.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I miss Blogging...

This is weird feeling... I miss blogging. Remember when I used to be funny and clever? I miss being funny and clever... And Michelle is right, I do suck at this in the summer time... Maybe its not just the summer.. And ive made countless pledges to be better at it, and each time ive failed. But before when I said I was going to do it, I did so because I felt obligated to... But I sincerely miss it right now. I have so much to say.

I cant garuntee that its going to improve right away, lets face it, bridge jumping and sleep beat blogging, but I do miss it.... soooo. It will happen. And I will backblog all the way to June, don't you worry. You will have plenty of things to read as soon as school really starts up and you have homework that you want to procrastinate. In the meantime... Enjoy summer, I'll be back.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Dust is too Heavy

Again, I gonna start with an apology... Its been a while... And I don't even have much of an excuse. So straight up, Sorry...

If it makes any difference, I have like 12 posts that are half done... But that doesn't really help you. You know when you let things get behind, and it starts this vicious circle.. Something gets covered in dust, then you put something on top of it, then it gets covered in dust cause you are trying to deal with the first thing, but you cant cause its buried under something else and the dust.

And then you end up trying to pass this off as making it better, but then you read what you just wrote, and it doesn't even make sense... but you leave it there anyway because at least its SOMETHING.

But you know what i'm talking about- playing catch-up. I hate it. SO MUCH. So this is me starting over. I will back-post those ones that iver been working on, and i'll tell you when I post them/put a link to them... Sooo. Yeah. Thats how this is gonna go, cause I can't just keep putting of playing catch up, cause the more you put it off, the harder the game gets.

New start, I broke my resolution... which is what you are supposed to do with resolutions so with that all taken care of, we can move on! Back to BLOGGING!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Manditory Sex Party

This is what I aspire to. Um, let me clarify. I don't aspire to have Manditory Sex Parties, but to do what Allie did. If you are unaware- Allie writes a blog called Hyperbole and a Half Its freakin hilarious.

Anyway, she wrote this post and mentioned Manditory Sex Parties, not like they were a thing, but she made it up, cause it was funny... And then she does this

And if you are too lazy, or too embarrassed to google search Manditory Sex Party, because your mom or your roommate might be confused when it shows up in your search history, ill do it for you, save you the trouble...

It might be too small to read but Google found 2430000 results.

This is amazing. She first used the phrase October 2009, Its now May of 2011. 19 months, give or take, and enough people read her blog, and spread it around that in that time, it became that big. ITS AMAZING!! One day... enough people will read one of my blogs that I could do something like that!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Biggest Loser

So the people at my office are completely obsessed with weight loss and dieting. Its gotten to the point that it scares me, just a little bit. They do diets that they are only allowed to be on for 3 weeks... or they die.

Anyway, some of the girls wanted to start an office 'biggest loser' the idea was that everyone would put in $10, and at the end of the month whoever lost the most weight, by percentage, won the pot. At first they were going to do it by weight... but thats just silly. It would be too easy. Anyway, I jumped in on that I could use the extra cash, and I need to lose some weight anyway. Its a win-win.

So, Here we go, I took some measurements, weighed in, and we are going to check back in June 9th.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sense of Impending Doom

My sister and her family came over today. My little nephew had a bunch of bites on his back, and this became a topic of discussion for the night, wondering what bit him, when he got it, why it didn't get his brothers. So, being the uber-nerd I am, I decided to google it, and i'm going through pages and pages of bug bites and allergic reactions... and its the usual things,


...itchy skin, blotchy rash, swelling.... a sense of impending doom...

Wait. What? A sense of impending doom?!? What the H kind of bug bite has a reaction that causes a SENSE OF IMPENDING DOOM? I'm never friggin going outside ever again! Are you serious, if something weird bites you in the woods and you go see a doctor about it, he takes a look- "Oh yeah, there's a little redness, some swelling, is it itchy? ...oh yeah, ok, um have you felt any... impending doom?" .....Riiiiiight.