Thursday, August 26, 2010

Canmore and Kazaam!

This last weekend was our offices annual vacation. Go Hall Dental! Woo. Pretty much ive got the greatest boss. He takes his entre staff and their families on a vacation. Usually we go to Fernie, but the year we went to Canmore. Which was awesome. I took Annalise with me, she's always a good time. The weather kind of sucked, and it was really smokey...stupid BC. Get a hold of things. Geez. But overall, a good time. The food was good, the mountains were beautiful and the hotel was pretty nice.

Nothing overlly spectacular happened, no crazy stories of going out on the town, nothing like last years... But something we did do? We watched Kazaam. You know that movie with Shaq....As a geenie... Its a pretty good bad movie. I kind of recommend watching it, purely on the fact that it is so....ridiculous. Also, what makes it better? As you watch it. Think about how much better the movie would be if the part of Kazaam, played by Shaquille O'Neal, was played by Micheal Jackson...The rapping, the butt grab in the fight scene, waking up in a pre-teenage boys bed... Oh, magical.

Friday, August 20, 2010

WRWC 2010

Womens Rugby World Cup kicked off today at 12:00 UK time....which conveniently made it 5am my time. Im not much of a morning person, but for this, i didn't really mind getting up. Too bad they don't broadcast and Canada Games. Thank heavens for Twitter... Words I never thought i'd say. I love getting play by play updates. Though, I would've loved more to actually watch it. But the point is we won it 37-10. GO CANADA. Which means we got the 4-try bonus point, puts us up to 5 points in the Cup.

They did broadcast the Wales vs Australia match(of course they would). Watched that, it was a pretty good game. As expected Aussies won it. Scored three right off the bat. It wasn't a blowout though, Wales def. fought it back. Final Score 26-12, with Australias last try coming in the final minute.

USA beat Kazakhstan 51-0. Im not overly concerned with it though cause they have yet to play England and Ireland. Good luck with that...

And because I just happen to be sitting here still I started watching the New Zealand vs South Africa game. Which, will be a blowout. Sad to say. If we were watching a mens match, it would be entirely different, it would be a great game, but the SA Womens team... not the greatest, no offence. The Black Ferns Haka was wicked though. NZ scored 3 times in the first 10ish minutes. I think i'll probably not watch the rest of it. We all know how its going to turn out. I've got money it ends with a bigger difference than the US game.... I'd say 70-0. We'll see.

They are airing the France Sweden game on tuesday, im stoked to see what France has got this year...size up the competition a lil.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Confessional 2

Confessions continued.

I have a secret love for gingers.

I can't handle one on one conversations with (almost) anyone.

My personality sits on the fence that divides pessimism, realism, and paranoia.

Blood is in my top ten list of most easily recognized scents.

Sometimes I use smarties to make decisions, with every color representing an option.

I change writting style so often that sometimes I don't recognize my own handwriting.

Sometimes I draw faces on teeth(that have been extracted), or I tie them together with floss and build tooth sculptures- Aka Toothasaurus. I think they are actually really good, and kind of funny, but I'm pretty sure people would judge me for doing this if they saw it.

For the most part I hate peoples mouths. And mucusy-saliva. In fact I have a whole list of reasons not to work in a dental office in my facebook notes.

I work in a dental office. I haven't left yet because I like the money.

I want a tattoo. I know I shouldn't, but I do. Recently I even brought it up with my father...I was watching LA Ink, and my Dad walked in and asked why I was watching it, eventually it got to a point in the conversation that went like this
Me: What would you do, IF I got a tattoo? Kill me?
Dad: No. I'd just take a scalpel and cut it off you. Don't put it too close to your heart.
...I think he was being serious.

My knee, hips, shoulders and my back give me problems on a fairly regular basis. I don't blame rugby, I blame genetics.

I rip phone books in half for fun.

I think people who get offended are stupid. Im sorry if you are offended you are stupid. (Punctuate that last sentence however you want to. I mean it in every way possible.)

There we have a part two. You can probably expect a part three.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I realize I owe you guys a post. A real one. One that's not about the creepy love affair I had with my phone. And I do have things to blog about, but most of these things include pictures, and my computer is having some personal issues right now... And blogs are nothing without pics. ...Well thats not true... most of my blogs don't have pics, but the one I want to write NEEDS pictures. So in the mean time, I give you this-

I just got really excited for September. For two reasons. Reason the first- I figured since summer weather didn't really hit until July, I figure it is going to stay around until november. Reason the second- I met one of my new roommates today, she seems really cool, boarderline exceptionally cool, shes been here for the weekend and already she's made A LOT of friends. It gives me hope that my house will be filled with awesome people and the fall semester is going to be rocking. I've already got a few parties in the works and a few staples that will be sticking around for the semester. I'll have the usual first week back bash at my place, cause lets face it, my house was made for parties. I'm planning an acoustic night, probably a little more low-key than last years.

And a few of us have begun 'Bad movie night' Which so far has been a gem. We did a few in years past with the likes of 'The Last Unicorn' and 'The neverending Story'...and then there was the Land Before Time Marathon. We've kicked it up a notch over the last while with the likes of 'Gentleman Broncos'
And the newly discovered 'Cool as Ice' ...Thankyou Vanilla Ice. Ice Ice Baby.

Also on our list- Kazaam(Shaq), From Justin to Kelly(American Idol) and one day, maybe even Howard the Duck...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Like a Bad break-up

... I know its over. Really I do. But a part of me just can't let go. I am still in love with you. I know that I should just pick myself up, and move on with my life... but it's been 5 years. 5 YEARS!! I don't even know how to start over. You never let me down. Even when you did fail me, it was because I asked too much of you, and I understood that. Everytime I take a step to move on, I can't stop thinking about you. All the good times we had. All the times you had my back, the times yougot me out of some sticky situations. You were everything I needed. I tell myself that we can fix this, and go back to the way things were...but that is the thing, it would be going back, a regression...People try and set me up with something new, something "better". But I know i'll always compare it to you.

Sometimes I think its my fault. I broke your heart. When I still had you, people would try and tell me that I could do better, that there is more potential out there. I'd refuse, Tell them I loved you, and that i'd never willingly give you up. ...and then I started looking. It was just a look, it was innocent. Just a little curiosity... That's all it took. I didn't have to leave you, because you left me. And i'm sorry. I should've treated you better, I should've protected you more... I should have done...SOMETHING. I'm sorry.

I'm trying to move on, I can't forget that way you fit me though. We were meant to be together... When we first met, it was love, there was a little voice inside of me that told me it couldn't last forever, that I shouldn't get too attached... but I ignored it. We were perfect together, we belonged together! ...I guess over time I grew, and matured, and you just stayed the same. I think that's what I liked about you, you never changed. I'll tell myself I need something more grown-up, more sophiticated. But its like letting go of your childhood. You never did anything wrong... I feel like i'm betraying you... But thats silly. ...You're just a phone. And its time to let go.

Hahaha, um...about that... Ok, so I know i've made a post about my phone before, and I swear this is the last one... I just get so attached to things. I still play with it, flip it around my palm, press the button every now and then, just to see if it will come back to me. Sad really. I'm like a mother penguin that loses an egg and still carries it around...

OK, that last statement was sick. I'm going to buy a new phone. I'm thinkin HTC Legend.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Part of me has died.

I know it has been a while, and I have much to blog about, but one item takes precedence...

Ladies, Gentlmen...Friends, collegues... My dear brothers and sisters...We all knew this day would come. Some thought it would come sooner....some thought it would be a far off.... there have been some of you that willed this day to come... and here it is(maybe) I have reason to believe that my phone, yes, the great blue brick has finally kicked the bucket. Please a moment of silence.

This was my facebook status, Tuesday August 3, 2010. My cell phone, having lasted since the summer of 2006, has died. It was a good phone. A trusted phone. In a way, it was my love. It gave me everything i needed, it did for me everything i wanted it to do... it fit me. Perfectly.

I shall miss the way i spun it in my hand. I will miss its warm comforting glow, leading me in dark places. Most of all I will miss my tetris score. I should have written it down. It was amazing. Level 13...

Gone with my cell phone are my pictures... my all-time-favorite-texts, such as "poop or get off the pot"-Laura(I was not on the pot, nor did I have any intention of pooping, but it came to me in an hour of lonliness, and brought a smile to me face) "It was a good reason for a hug"-Christie P(It was the first time we hugged, after years of being friends, it was a moment), the nonsense text Kara sent me while hopped up on meds after her surgery, "How bad do you want to curl my hair right now"-Cathy(It was the night of the Masquerave, its just funny on so many levels) Also I no longer have evidence that Jessi Whitehead "Lives to make my life easier"(She had texted me this, it was proof!) ... my games... my... ringtones... and most of all... my precious phone numbers... Those also... I should have written down... 534 was my last count. It is like a part of me is gone...

Recently...i've been getting a lot of flack concerning my 'ancient' cell phone. Many tried to convince me to get a new cell phone...'upgrade' they said...'get rid of the brick' they said.... my phone has outlasted everyone elses phones! YOU WERE ALL JEALOUS!!! ...Which leads me to believe...Sabotage.]

There will be an investigation, there will be an inquiry, all measures will be taken as to ensure justice prevails...

But for now...just let me mourn in peace.