Friday, August 20, 2010

WRWC 2010

Womens Rugby World Cup kicked off today at 12:00 UK time....which conveniently made it 5am my time. Im not much of a morning person, but for this, i didn't really mind getting up. Too bad they don't broadcast and Canada Games. Thank heavens for Twitter... Words I never thought i'd say. I love getting play by play updates. Though, I would've loved more to actually watch it. But the point is we won it 37-10. GO CANADA. Which means we got the 4-try bonus point, puts us up to 5 points in the Cup.

They did broadcast the Wales vs Australia match(of course they would). Watched that, it was a pretty good game. As expected Aussies won it. Scored three right off the bat. It wasn't a blowout though, Wales def. fought it back. Final Score 26-12, with Australias last try coming in the final minute.

USA beat Kazakhstan 51-0. Im not overly concerned with it though cause they have yet to play England and Ireland. Good luck with that...

And because I just happen to be sitting here still I started watching the New Zealand vs South Africa game. Which, will be a blowout. Sad to say. If we were watching a mens match, it would be entirely different, it would be a great game, but the SA Womens team... not the greatest, no offence. The Black Ferns Haka was wicked though. NZ scored 3 times in the first 10ish minutes. I think i'll probably not watch the rest of it. We all know how its going to turn out. I've got money it ends with a bigger difference than the US game.... I'd say 70-0. We'll see.

They are airing the France Sweden game on tuesday, im stoked to see what France has got this year...size up the competition a lil.


  1. You have twitter? I'm offended we arent twitter friends.

  2. I won't keep it. It will be gone the second it stops being useful. Wait. You have Twitter? You do everything don't you?