Sunday, August 8, 2010


I realize I owe you guys a post. A real one. One that's not about the creepy love affair I had with my phone. And I do have things to blog about, but most of these things include pictures, and my computer is having some personal issues right now... And blogs are nothing without pics. ...Well thats not true... most of my blogs don't have pics, but the one I want to write NEEDS pictures. So in the mean time, I give you this-

I just got really excited for September. For two reasons. Reason the first- I figured since summer weather didn't really hit until July, I figure it is going to stay around until november. Reason the second- I met one of my new roommates today, she seems really cool, boarderline exceptionally cool, shes been here for the weekend and already she's made A LOT of friends. It gives me hope that my house will be filled with awesome people and the fall semester is going to be rocking. I've already got a few parties in the works and a few staples that will be sticking around for the semester. I'll have the usual first week back bash at my place, cause lets face it, my house was made for parties. I'm planning an acoustic night, probably a little more low-key than last years.

And a few of us have begun 'Bad movie night' Which so far has been a gem. We did a few in years past with the likes of 'The Last Unicorn' and 'The neverending Story'...and then there was the Land Before Time Marathon. We've kicked it up a notch over the last while with the likes of 'Gentleman Broncos'
And the newly discovered 'Cool as Ice' ...Thankyou Vanilla Ice. Ice Ice Baby.

Also on our list- Kazaam(Shaq), From Justin to Kelly(American Idol) and one day, maybe even Howard the Duck...

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