Friday, August 6, 2010

Like a Bad break-up

... I know its over. Really I do. But a part of me just can't let go. I am still in love with you. I know that I should just pick myself up, and move on with my life... but it's been 5 years. 5 YEARS!! I don't even know how to start over. You never let me down. Even when you did fail me, it was because I asked too much of you, and I understood that. Everytime I take a step to move on, I can't stop thinking about you. All the good times we had. All the times you had my back, the times yougot me out of some sticky situations. You were everything I needed. I tell myself that we can fix this, and go back to the way things were...but that is the thing, it would be going back, a regression...People try and set me up with something new, something "better". But I know i'll always compare it to you.

Sometimes I think its my fault. I broke your heart. When I still had you, people would try and tell me that I could do better, that there is more potential out there. I'd refuse, Tell them I loved you, and that i'd never willingly give you up. ...and then I started looking. It was just a look, it was innocent. Just a little curiosity... That's all it took. I didn't have to leave you, because you left me. And i'm sorry. I should've treated you better, I should've protected you more... I should have done...SOMETHING. I'm sorry.

I'm trying to move on, I can't forget that way you fit me though. We were meant to be together... When we first met, it was love, there was a little voice inside of me that told me it couldn't last forever, that I shouldn't get too attached... but I ignored it. We were perfect together, we belonged together! ...I guess over time I grew, and matured, and you just stayed the same. I think that's what I liked about you, you never changed. I'll tell myself I need something more grown-up, more sophiticated. But its like letting go of your childhood. You never did anything wrong... I feel like i'm betraying you... But thats silly. ...You're just a phone. And its time to let go.

Hahaha, um...about that... Ok, so I know i've made a post about my phone before, and I swear this is the last one... I just get so attached to things. I still play with it, flip it around my palm, press the button every now and then, just to see if it will come back to me. Sad really. I'm like a mother penguin that loses an egg and still carries it around...

OK, that last statement was sick. I'm going to buy a new phone. I'm thinkin HTC Legend.

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  1. Dear Lord. I legitimately thought you were talking about a person until like the second last paragraph. You're ridiculous.