Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dear city of leth

Dear City of Lethbridge,

You SUCK. And I kind of hate you. SNOW FENCE. I know you know what they are. And you almost got it! I saw the posts up...but you were missing a very key part of it... You know the orange FENCE part that goes between those posts you've had sticking in the ground for the last 3 weeks? Yeah... about that... Half right! Im pretty sure we got through this every year, AND you even had a little bit of extra time before the snow actually came! You should probably apologize to the guy whos car is buried up to its windows... In closing, you are jerks, and I don't appreciate it. Fix it. I don't know how you are going to do it, cause there is a big drift where your posts should be... but thats your problem. Good luck! Idiots.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dallas' farm.

So, Dallas went hunting last weekend and he got a nice whitetail buck. Monday we were hanging out and he mentioned the fact that he still needed to go home and butcher it. Tuesday morning rolls around and he calls me and asks me if I wanted to come home with him to help him butcher his deer. I found this funny cause about a week ago, in passing, Dallas and I had this conversation about how he'd never taken a girl back home.

We left Lethbridge at around 3:30pm. He drove... his little car has such bald tires. It was a little scary. The roads were really icy. We were slipping down the road the entire time. The drive was close to two hours, but it just flew by. We just talked, I can't even remember what about, but it was nice. The conversation just flowed.

He doesn't live right in Bow Island, he lives on a farm a few kilometers out past the airport. We turned on his lot and he started telling me about some of his childhood memories. It was super cute. We parked the car in his shop and went to check out the deer. We found out that the neighbours had dropped of some hay for their horses, so we had to feed the horses before we started cutting up the deer. So we went to the house to bundle up and find some knives, Thats when Travis, Dallas's little brother, and his wife came home. I think I creeped him out at first, cause after being friends with Brittany and Dallas, i've seen pictures, and I know some stories. So he walked in and I'm like 'Hi, Travis' He looks at me for a second and asks 'Do I know you?' And I say 'nope'. It was funny.

We went back out to the shop and he hopped on his tractor (which he calls the yellow dragon), and I climbed up beside him. It was just a little tractor so he was in the drivers seat and I was standing on the step thing and he says 'If its easier, you can hang on to me.' Umm, yes please. So I've got one hand on the handle and one hand on his shoulder, and we go grab this bale of hay and haul it out to the horses. On the way back he asks me if I wanted to drive. I didn't really know if he was being serious, but I declined. With my luck I'd get stuck somewhere and break something.

We parked the tractor and started cutting up the deer. I never really thought about it before and before actually doeing it, I wasn't really sure how to go about it, but he showed me what comes from where, and how to cut. It actually makes a lot of sense. Dallas brought up the fact to his brother that I was the first girl he'd ever brought home... Are you trying to make a point? .....There came a point where I had a bunch of blood on my hand, and I expressed the desire I had to smear it on his face. I didn't. Next thing I knew there was this giant red hand coming straight for my face.
I ducked and backed away. He advanced like this was a game. And i'm like- NO. You are not rubbing that on my face. He kept coming. We danced around the table for a bit, and then I decided to stand my ground. Mistake. I should've ran. I dropped my guard, cause I thought words were enough to stop him. Also a mistake. I got it all over my face. He got it right back. All over his face. Then he insisted on 'fixing' mine cause it looked horrible. I gave in, he wasn't going to stop and I already had blood and deer-bits on my face...

We finished butchering and bagging the thing, we cleaned up, went back to the house to wash our faces, Dallas lovingly 'helped' me wash mine...Then Dallas and I went to haul the rest of the carcass to the coulees where they had some coyote traps set up. We took his dad's truck and his grandpa's gun, just in case there was a coyote in one of the traps. The road down to where they had the traps set up was snowed in, do we went 4x4ing for a bit, ended up just dumping the deer, and we started on our way back. Dallas moved the gun to the back seat and invited me to sit in the middle. I did. It was sweet. Then I spotted a bunny. I yelled "Bunny!! ...GUN!!!!" And went reaching for it. Dallas turns to me, remarks how attractive that was, grabs the gun, hops out of the cab and starts toward the rabbit. He tells me to move the truck off to the side of the road, I do, and then climb on top to see if I can still see the rabbit. Dallas took a few shots at it. Then came back to the truck, we turned around and chased it.

Rememeber like a year ago when I described love running around a parking lot chasing a bunny? Well, this was 100 times better. We had a truck, and a gun.

We got back to his house, his brother had made elk steaks, they were delicious. We watched UK Gladiators for a bit before we decided to hit the road, it was a nice drive back, and pretty much an awesome date.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cathy's Wedding

An ode to a former Frache.
November 20th, 2010. The Big Day.

A few weeks previous (aka September 24th), Cathy calls me at nine thirty in the morning. I had my phone off, cause I was at work, but she left me a message. Which could only mean one thing-she's engaged. Listened to the message and sure enough, that was the news, but it came with better news! She was also home. I texted her, I believe my exact words were- Im going to come congratulate you properly with a high-five and possibly some kind of tackle-hug. I told people in my office that a friend of mine got engaged, I was going to see her and that I didn't know when i'd come back... She was on the phone chattin it up in her front yard when I pulled up. I jumped out of my car and started running for her, she was totally excited about everything, but a little scared as I was barrelling towards her, she screamed a little and sidestepped me. Jerk. I was gunna HUG you! was probably for the best... my normal hugs are pretty violent. Actually ALL my love is pretty violent... Anyway, we talked for about an hour, and it got to the point that I told people at work I didn't know when i'd be back...but I should probably get back to work.

Next day Cathy texts me and asks me if I wanted to do her slideshow. I told her it would be my pleasure. And it was...for the most part... I love that girl... but a reasonable slideshow is 12 minutes? Cathy has about 150 photo albums on facebook, and thats just the last few years! She is so addicted to her camera. Its one of the things I love about her. I have to give her props though, she narrowed it down to about 300 pictures for me. Nice. She also asked me if I wanted to film the day, which I planned on doing anyway, perfect...cause im kind of addicted to my video camera. Or atleast I was until me little siblings borrowed it and pretty much broke it. Video highlights is like my calling in life. I should go into business...

So this weekend. Friday night was spent putting the last finishing touches on the slideshow, making sure I had enough room to throw a couple last-minute wedding day pictures on the end. So many pictures...all of them classic. Every picture I looked at was something that portrayed both of them perfectly. It was kind of amazing.

I got to the temple, thought I was going to be late, turns out everyone was late. Worked out pretty nicely for me. I walked in the visitor's center, they were all still waiting for the lovely couple to come out, and I said Hi to a few people, I was mid-sentence talking to Kortney when Melissa and I locked eyes(saw each other) and then ran(shuffled) toward each other and cried each others names(actually) and embraced. I was actually really excited to see her, she is definitely one of the greatest people I know. And as much as we text and as much as I love her blog there is a level of conversation that cannot be reached through words alone. The facial expressions, the dramatic pauses, the looks, the hand movements, the sarcasm, though imagined properly, still not as effectual as the real thing. Long story short, love her.

So it got to picture taking time. I was underprepared... I had the emu boots, the wool skirt, the jacket, but I didn't think of bringing those hand warmer things. Rookie mistake. I should've been all over that!

Conditions were near perfect. Minus the little temperature detail, it was beautiful! Freshly fallen snow, it was a little overcast, there was barely a breath of wind. As far as pictures go -amazing. You can PhotoShop red cheeks out... you can't PhotoShop the fact that Trent looks likes he's standing in a blizzard out though...

As we were taking pictures, somehow I was put in charge of taking a picture and getting it blown up for the reception. Though, there was a little confusion as to how big they wanted it... it was either 11x14 or 16x20. Logical solution? Both. So the taking of pictures was pretty much done with. And I high-tailed it back to Lethbridge, blasting the heat all the way. I went to walmart, found out they only did 11x14, so I then had to go to Kopiko. Which I should've just done in the first place. I know the girl that works there. 'Officially', making a print that big takes 2-3 business days. I got it in about half an hour. I love pulling strings. I love HAVING strings to pull. With that done, it was time to tag a couple picures onto the end of the slideshow and call it done... my computer had other plans however. It refused to load the original file, frustration and stress. I won't get into that, but know that it was bad. I finally got something going, threw a few pictures on the end, made sure the music was ok, and I was good. Turned out alright, I am definitely fixing some things before I burn them a copy though.

The family dinner was great. I sat with the Matkins, or more correctly, they sat with me. Which I was grateful for. I had the projector and my computer set up at a table at the very front, and it was kind of lonely for a while. Brenda, Ashlee and Jess are a riot. The program was really well done, Kort and Dusty MCed(emceed? Mc'd?) it and they did a great job. The Bevans' are quite the bunch.

The reception was pretty par. The dance was great fun. I have a particular appreciation for the way Cathy dances, and she rocked it in her wedding dress. Also Drew busted out some Micheal Jackson moves that were pretty awesome. It was sweet. Also, the bouquet toss, totally almost had it. Rolled off the tip of my fingers, and I didn't feel like fighting the 8 year old for it...

The church gym looked fantastic BTW. I'm too lazy to actually put a picture of it up, cause I didn't really take any good ones of just the gym, so, please refer to Melissa's blog ...see, gorgeous. ...The only bad thing about it was taking it down... eeeeeee.

I got home at around 12:20am, put on some pants and almost went back to help... but I was bushed, and it was cold. I kind of felt bad though, cause I was more than ABLE to help more, but I chose not to. And its one of those feelings that I hate- the feeling that you could have done more...

Anyway, I have to say this- Cathy is one of the greatest people i've ever met. She honestly cares more about other people than she does for herself. She has a way about her that makes you feel like you are really important. Its obvious that she loves everyone around her. And you know that she would do anything for you, even if it puts her out. She's hilarious. Every minute i've ever spent with her has been a great moment. She's Smart. She's driven. She's SO beautiful. Tangent- I was going through pictures of her wedding, Dallas-"She's really pretty...she looks like she's way out of his league." My roommate is like, 'Wow, she is gorgeous' A friend of mine who is Trent's cousin said the same thing. And it true. She is kind(when she's not on a rugby field) And I could go on. But be honest I don't think you care how awesome I think she is. But I love her. Words cannot describe the depth of love I have for that girl, and her family. She is Amazing.

SO. I told Dallas to call me when he was done hunting, and he did. He called me 6 times and left two massages. I called him back during the reception, he didn't answer his phone, so I left him a few messages. Its about 12:30 am. He calls me, to see whats up. He ends up coming over, we talk for a bit and cuddle on the couch, and he ends up falling asleep. He's so cute when he sleeps. I kicked him out at about 2.

Sunday came. Our family put up the tree/decorated it. Awesome. Annalise's boyfriend was up for the week, Stef and Jarett came, Micheal and Cherlyn were there with their kids. I love our Christmas traditions, and our family.

As far as the weekend went it was really good. However, its been a LONG time since i've had a weekend that has made me feel so lonely. There have only been a handful of weddings i've been to where I came out feeling like I needed to get married... and having my siblings and their significant others around, and seeing how happy they are. Everything about the weekend just made me wish I HAD that.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Funny Weekend Side-Story

So, Saturday, I drive out to Beazer, to Cherlyn's house, to borrow her video camera. Thank-you Cherlyn! Funny story, so I'm leaving, driving this country road and I pass a bunch of people hunting, seriously camo, guns and trucks EVERYWHERE. And I'm driving on this road and off the my right is this MASSIVE deer. Like five or six hundred pounds easy by the looks of him, HUGE rack. Like, it was enormous. Just sitting there. And you all probably see where this story is going... So I slow down a bit and I can't take my eyes off this guy's rack! I end up dropping a wheel into the ditch, and it was just powder, sucked me right in. Totally embarassing. I try rockin it, I move a bit, but the ditch is deep and can't get enough momentum to get out. Luckily, these good ol boys stop to help me out. They try pushing me out, doesn't work, so they pull up beside me, drop their gate to grab a rope, theres a nice little white tail sittin in the back, we talk deer for a minute, I told him thats why I was in the ditch. We laughed, he saw that deer, knew what I was talking about, we lamented the fact that he only had white tail tags...stupid mule deer. Anyway they grab this rope thats covered in blood, hook me up and yank me out. Gotta love guys with trucks.

Moral of the story- Don't let racks distract you while driving in the snow. ....Seriously a 7x7. Ridiculous.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The DallSitch

I feel like I must apologize for the lack of entertainment AND the lack of information that my blog has been as of late. Sorry. There is reason. I've been a little preoccupied with a certain someone, and I was torn as to how much I should write, given the fact that I really wasn't/am not sure what I wanted to do with that... But then I decided- Who cares? This is whats going on, and the people have a right to know.

SO. The 'Dallsitch' = Dallas+Situation(aka sitch(courtesy Stef's vocabulary))

You've read earlier posts mentioning him. We have spent ALOT of time together. A few weeks ago, I was bored, he was at work and I decided to write him a limerick. It was short, to the point, funny and awesome. A while later he tells me that he wrote me a poem, not any poem, but an epic two page masterpiece.

One night, we are all decide to hang out at KT's house, I'm there, Dan's there, KT, some other people... He shows up, announces to the room that he has a poem that he would like to share, and he pulls out this piece of paper... He explians that he cut it down to one page and its written in old time english, like in the days of court...
He proceeds to read this poem infront of everyone. His hand shook ever so slightly, he was a little nervous. It was super cute. He gave me a copy of the poem. I thought about posting it here... Not sure though.

Minus this last weekend/week we spend pretty much everyday together. As it stands right now, we've yet to really DTR. He's kinda my best friend, we go on dates, and right now, im fine with that. I like the way we are right now.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bucket of Chicken

Im not sure exactly who spawned this idea, but it was kind of a big deal...
And i knew it was going to happen, but I didn't anticipate the sheer awesomeness that this was...

So, I'm at the girls' Horns basketball game, taking in some quality ball. We were down about 12 points. But it was going pretty well I guess, better than the night before anyway. And then it happened. They arrived. There were about 10 of them, with 8 buckets of chicken between them. It was truely a sight to behold, to watch a train of people, with buckets of KFC walkin into the gym. It made me smile.

And this is how it went..

We would make a shot- "That's good, but not as good as this chicken."
"That's some original recipient right there."
"11 herbs and spices"
"Did you see that sweet bucket?...of Chicken? It was a good shot too."
And these weren't comment made amongst ourselves, oh no. They were shouted for the whole gym to hear. Thank-you Mike.

Jason-Do you prefer originql recipie or extra crispy?
Jen- I don't know the difference
Jason- Well the extra crispy tends to be a little crispier, like really crispy, or extra crispy.

The rest of the night was spent making chicken jokes. Pure awesome.