Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dallas' farm.

So, Dallas went hunting last weekend and he got a nice whitetail buck. Monday we were hanging out and he mentioned the fact that he still needed to go home and butcher it. Tuesday morning rolls around and he calls me and asks me if I wanted to come home with him to help him butcher his deer. I found this funny cause about a week ago, in passing, Dallas and I had this conversation about how he'd never taken a girl back home.

We left Lethbridge at around 3:30pm. He drove... his little car has such bald tires. It was a little scary. The roads were really icy. We were slipping down the road the entire time. The drive was close to two hours, but it just flew by. We just talked, I can't even remember what about, but it was nice. The conversation just flowed.

He doesn't live right in Bow Island, he lives on a farm a few kilometers out past the airport. We turned on his lot and he started telling me about some of his childhood memories. It was super cute. We parked the car in his shop and went to check out the deer. We found out that the neighbours had dropped of some hay for their horses, so we had to feed the horses before we started cutting up the deer. So we went to the house to bundle up and find some knives, Thats when Travis, Dallas's little brother, and his wife came home. I think I creeped him out at first, cause after being friends with Brittany and Dallas, i've seen pictures, and I know some stories. So he walked in and I'm like 'Hi, Travis' He looks at me for a second and asks 'Do I know you?' And I say 'nope'. It was funny.

We went back out to the shop and he hopped on his tractor (which he calls the yellow dragon), and I climbed up beside him. It was just a little tractor so he was in the drivers seat and I was standing on the step thing and he says 'If its easier, you can hang on to me.' Umm, yes please. So I've got one hand on the handle and one hand on his shoulder, and we go grab this bale of hay and haul it out to the horses. On the way back he asks me if I wanted to drive. I didn't really know if he was being serious, but I declined. With my luck I'd get stuck somewhere and break something.

We parked the tractor and started cutting up the deer. I never really thought about it before and before actually doeing it, I wasn't really sure how to go about it, but he showed me what comes from where, and how to cut. It actually makes a lot of sense. Dallas brought up the fact to his brother that I was the first girl he'd ever brought home... Are you trying to make a point? .....There came a point where I had a bunch of blood on my hand, and I expressed the desire I had to smear it on his face. I didn't. Next thing I knew there was this giant red hand coming straight for my face.
I ducked and backed away. He advanced like this was a game. And i'm like- NO. You are not rubbing that on my face. He kept coming. We danced around the table for a bit, and then I decided to stand my ground. Mistake. I should've ran. I dropped my guard, cause I thought words were enough to stop him. Also a mistake. I got it all over my face. He got it right back. All over his face. Then he insisted on 'fixing' mine cause it looked horrible. I gave in, he wasn't going to stop and I already had blood and deer-bits on my face...

We finished butchering and bagging the thing, we cleaned up, went back to the house to wash our faces, Dallas lovingly 'helped' me wash mine...Then Dallas and I went to haul the rest of the carcass to the coulees where they had some coyote traps set up. We took his dad's truck and his grandpa's gun, just in case there was a coyote in one of the traps. The road down to where they had the traps set up was snowed in, do we went 4x4ing for a bit, ended up just dumping the deer, and we started on our way back. Dallas moved the gun to the back seat and invited me to sit in the middle. I did. It was sweet. Then I spotted a bunny. I yelled "Bunny!! ...GUN!!!!" And went reaching for it. Dallas turns to me, remarks how attractive that was, grabs the gun, hops out of the cab and starts toward the rabbit. He tells me to move the truck off to the side of the road, I do, and then climb on top to see if I can still see the rabbit. Dallas took a few shots at it. Then came back to the truck, we turned around and chased it.

Rememeber like a year ago when I described love running around a parking lot chasing a bunny? Well, this was 100 times better. We had a truck, and a gun.

We got back to his house, his brother had made elk steaks, they were delicious. We watched UK Gladiators for a bit before we decided to hit the road, it was a nice drive back, and pretty much an awesome date.


  1. Mmk. For real.. That is a darling photo of you two.

  2. So, I was creeping on your facebook whilst my mother and I were talking on the phone. She was asking me about you since at the present time it has only been about an hour since you and Dallas left them. I saw that you had a blog. I clicked on said blog. Rather ironic that the first time I ever read your blog, it is about my family. That said, I quite enjoyed this little anecdote.