Sunday, November 21, 2010

Funny Weekend Side-Story

So, Saturday, I drive out to Beazer, to Cherlyn's house, to borrow her video camera. Thank-you Cherlyn! Funny story, so I'm leaving, driving this country road and I pass a bunch of people hunting, seriously camo, guns and trucks EVERYWHERE. And I'm driving on this road and off the my right is this MASSIVE deer. Like five or six hundred pounds easy by the looks of him, HUGE rack. Like, it was enormous. Just sitting there. And you all probably see where this story is going... So I slow down a bit and I can't take my eyes off this guy's rack! I end up dropping a wheel into the ditch, and it was just powder, sucked me right in. Totally embarassing. I try rockin it, I move a bit, but the ditch is deep and can't get enough momentum to get out. Luckily, these good ol boys stop to help me out. They try pushing me out, doesn't work, so they pull up beside me, drop their gate to grab a rope, theres a nice little white tail sittin in the back, we talk deer for a minute, I told him thats why I was in the ditch. We laughed, he saw that deer, knew what I was talking about, we lamented the fact that he only had white tail tags...stupid mule deer. Anyway they grab this rope thats covered in blood, hook me up and yank me out. Gotta love guys with trucks.

Moral of the story- Don't let racks distract you while driving in the snow. ....Seriously a 7x7. Ridiculous.

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