Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why do I even TRY?!

So, last Thursday at practice, I asked the girls if they wanted to get together over Easter to play buggers and stuff. This question was met with a resounding 'yes'. I told them that i had to have at least 15 girls out to practice to make it worth anyone's time(especially mine). So I had them raise their hands if they were up for practicing... I should have made a note of who put up their hand...

Monday's Practice
9 girls showed up. Not bad. Not what I wanted but, it was workable. We practiced place kicking, played 500 and full contact British Bull-dog and hung out passed the ball around. It wasn't a total waste of time. We went for slurpees after practice, hung out for like an hour at Greens, it was fun times.

Tuesday's Practice
I wasn't even going to have practice today, but some of the girls on Monday said they wanted to get together. I got off work at 1pm anyway, so I said sure, we can get together. 4.5 people showed up to practice. My own sister ditched out on me. The .5 of a person came from Sam, who doesn't really belong to me, she belongs to LCI. We kicked the ball around for a litle bit... and did pretty much nothing. We hung out. Team Bonding?

Thursday's Practice
I posted it on facebook, I mass texted, reminded people about practice, promised fun... 14 people showed up to practice. This was promising... right up until the girls bust out eggies, fruit roll ups and felt masks... Uh...huh. It was really windy, and that is what I attribute the uh... failure? ... of practice to. I had them run a lap, stretch out, you know, properly warm up. We played soccer with a rugby ball, which is usually a lot of fun. But it only lasted about 7 minutes before they got bored. Come on! I loved that. One of the girls asked to borrow a pair of shorts. I found this funny cause she is one of those little ones... I looked at her and was like "You could fit two of you into my shorts" Challenge accepted...
I wish I had my camera out a minute sooner, watching them try to get in my shorts was probably the funniest thing... Then a few of them thought it would be a good idea to tackle me. I don't know why this is a recurring thing, but I laid a couple girls out, and then all of a sudden they became very aware that 1 on 1, and 2 on 1s don't really work... so that got smart, and apparently I didn't have ONE ally. Not even my sister. Three of them got my legs, 3 of them took my top and I went down. Immediate dog pile. I put up a solid fight, but alas, I was beat. I never gave up though, I got two of them, but then 4 of them had me... so it was a lose-lose. Some of the girls decided to walk around showing off their umm...undergarments? Awkward. At one point a girl had lost an earring and there were a few of them down on the ground looking for it. I didn't know what they were doing, I said they looked like grazing cattle, and if they were pretending to be cows, practice had gotten too weird and I quit. A while later, after playing a round of British Bulldog...

And....Yeah... That was that...

Well I hope they had a good time, cause when Monday rolls around, things are going to get intense... Two games per week, two tournaments on two of the the weekends... which are usually three or four games... They are going to be sore.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Mom....The Ninja Assasin.

Its good Friday, Happy Easter everyone. I'm going to cut to the chase, and get straight to the point...hehehe. Ok, so my little brother and I have this obsession with knives, and he has this set of throwing knives and a target set up in the back yard. Well he used to have a target... its been... demolished, as has the fence behind it. So now its old doors and boards. I was out there throwing knives, and my mom comes outside to get something from the garage and we start talking about stuff, and I asked her if she'd thrown these knives before, and she said she hadn't. Now, my mom is cool like this, so I handed her a knife. She threw it. It stuck. Deep.

I may have peed my pants a little. I wish I had my camera. I decided I had to go get it and she had to do it again.

She was a little camera shy, so the second time around it wasn't nearly as scary, but it gets the point across.

I don't know if you have ever thrown a knife, but getting the rotation, speed and trajectory right... not easy. My mom's a ninja.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19th 2011

I've been kind of frustrated with ...well, everything lately. How to I solve my life's problems? Oh, I spent 45 minutes watching cute kitty videos on youtube. Yup. Thats what i've done with my night...

Monday, April 18, 2011


You may be wondering what's with the number title. Well, I'll tell you- 14 months, 9 days, 22 hours, 51 minutes. This is how long it took Cathy (Frache) Bevans to find my blog. Now, don't get all high and mighty and think to yourself 'well i've been following your blog for a while now' because you see, most of you followers were informed that I in fact had a blog. Also, i'd like to bring your attention to a horrible game I've been playing...

Also, you followers of mine have obviously not read my whole blog because the aforelinked post clearly states that you are to comment when you read said post. So, to be fair, Cathy is the 4th comment there.

Also, I kind of feel bad that i've kept this from her for so long...Especially cause I kind of wrote it FOR her, among a select few others. Aka Lowry. I kind of assumed that she had found it somewhere along the way... She texted me today to tell me that she was going to read my entire blog. I didn't think much of it, just assumed that she was bored and wanted to go reread. She commented that this is the first she's seen of my blog. Legitimately I didn't believe her. I went through every post I ever wrote, looking for Cathy comments... I found none. I feel like a tool. And at the same time, am laughing uncontrollably.

I am choosing to look an the bright side, she has something decent to read for a while as she catches up, and I can look for comments, like a scavenger hunt. It will be fun! Right?!

I love you Cathy Bevans.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cardston Rugby.

So Cami Hill is a teacher-type friend of mine. She is doing a practicum out in Cardston, and last Saturday she calls me up and asks me to teach her how to throw a rugby ball. I am more than happy to help her out, and we get to talking about her sudden interest in the game. She is pretty much in charge of all the girls gym classes at CJHS, and they had come to the rugby portion of the year, and she really had no idea how to go about that.

So me being the over achiever that I am, jumped right on that. I taught her how to pass a ball, went over a couple simple ball handling drills. Then I asked her how many days she was teaching rugby, she answered '4'. I don't really know what I was thinking at the time, but I offered to come help her teach for a day. She thought that would be a great idea. And thats the story of how Alaya became a gym teacher. Jokes. So I set her up with some drills for Monday and decided to go out on tuesday.

Luckily the weather was pretty nice, not too cold, not too windy. First class started at 8:40. Class of grade 8s. I wasn't really sure about how to go about this whole thing, how much control I could take, but it seemed to go fairly smoothly, we worked on a few passing drills and played touch for a little bit. It was odd, definately took getting used to. They were the youngest girls i've ever taught. And their classes were only 47 minutes long, so including time to change, and taking attendance ect, we had about 25 minutes of actual outside time, minus about 8 minutes for their 'warm up'. Also, i've been so used to coaching as opposed to teaching... like when I coach, its a team of girls that all WANT to be there and participate and work. Teaching, you have a class of some really gung-ho girls, some that really don't want to be there, or do anything, and some that don't care either way.

All the classes went pretty much the same way, I taught one grade 7 class, two grade 8 classes and two grade nine classes. The 7 and 8 classes went pretty much the same way, practice passing, play buggers. I gained quite the appreciation for what teachers do. SO MUCH REPITITION. To teach the same thing to every class, answer the same questions...

The grade 9s, I could have a little more fun with cause they had seem rugby before. The 7s had no idea what was going on, the 8s had a few memories from the previous year, but the grade 9s had two years of it, and they seem to catch on quicker than 12 year olds.

The afternoon 9 class was kind of funny, it was a bigger class, and I think the more kids there are in one place, the slower their mental processes work... so I had to explain things a little more, but still not to the extent I had to explain to the 7s. We moved from passing to offense/defense drills, which was awesome. The best moment of the day came when I was describing how the offense alligned. I compared it to how geese fly... So I said "You know how geese fly right? Thats how you are going to run." Then one of the girls starts flapping her arms like a goose, with a really confused look on her face, she asked me "Like this?" I lost it. Usually i'm pretty good about kids being special. But I honestly couldn't keep my laughter in. I felt kind of bad. And this is why i'm not a teacher... She was a good sport about it, and we all had a good laugh. Ridiculous.

The morning grade 9 class was my favorite though, there were only about 12 girls in it, so we ripped through passing a defense and they legit played a good game of buggers. They understood offside, I would blow my whistle to make them freeze, and the girls would look around recognize they were in the wrong place and fix it. It was beautiful.

I've wanted Cardston to get a rugby team for years. They would be so good. If the grade 9s understood it, the High School girls would totally understand it. F'real, they need to get on that.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wild(e) Fires

Friday was a throw-back to the old days. And it was awesome. A few years back I spent a lot of time with Stirling people, and we would have bon fires. And when I say bon fire, I mean BON FIRE. I never really understood people in Lethbridge using that phrase to describe the fires they had down in the coulees... In fact, it kind of bugged me, cause in reality- those were just fires, there was nothing "bon" about them... They were small enough to cook things on, small enough to jump over, small enough that you could control it, and put it out with a bucket of water if needs be... Wilde Bon Fires were epic. We would burn whole sheds, multiple couches, hundreds of pounds of wood... we would use a whole jerry-can of gasoline.

It was Bon Fire time! The wood and ...other contents of the pit were still pretty wet from the past few days, so it took a bit to get going, but once it really caught, it was stellar! Stunk to high heaven, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Carson may or may not have singed half of his hair... Not enough to make baldy type spot, just enough to crisp the ends. I thought it was funny, he didn't seem to
think so.

No, its not ash... its just burnt hair. I kind of love this kid.

We had to wait for the fire to die before we called it a night, so a few of us sat in his truck, and he whipped out some mission pics, they were pretty sweet. Also, it was like the fire that just wouldn't die. It burned for so freaking long!

PS. We hit up value village before we left.

Tell me that I wouldn't rock this outfit.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Insert dead rock star's name here

So, people are crazy, and I see my fair share of them. Example- This dude legit thinks he is (insert dead rock star here), or he wants to be just like him... minus the dead part. Sometimes people fill out charts like they are checking into a pay-by-the-hour-motel with their "cousin"...If you know what I mean... Fake info.

Anyway, He was a little off on the birthday. He made a list of drugs he was currently taking, under history he writes "I used to be addicted to alcohol and drugs(crack/cocaine)" WHO WRITES THAT?!? Employment? Self, in a band perhaps? Marital status- Single. Of course you are! (insert dead rock star here) never got married, and you are CRAZY! I love crazy people...

I wrote this post out like 4 times, trying not to break any patient confidentiality things... and this is what I give you!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

For the last time!

So, I was going to vlog this, but I just can't find the time to actually do it... Sorry.

SO. I get this letter from the CES. Pretty standard- You will be graduating from institute, blah blah blah, invite your parents, blah blah, its at such and such place at such and such time...

The Kick I get out of it it the PS...

"You will be graduating with a gold certificate. This will be your last, final, ect certificate. Please keep coming to institute classes, but you will NOT be honored again!"

...YOU WILL NOT BE HONORED AGAIN!!! Really? You felt like you needed to emphasize that? I feel like its a line some Disney villain yells at someone...You'll NEVER be honored AGAIN!!! Cue evil laughter.

So, I guess this is the last time i'll graduate from institute... sad.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Team Bonding

On a funny note, we had our Team-Bonding-Party last night... Wow. I almost forgot how ridiculous teenage girls are.

We BBQed, hung out, played buggers, watched part of Forever Strong, learned a cheer and as always, played 'What If..' We had both the Seniors and the JVs there, and im pretty sure only 3 girls couldn't make it. So, we had about 40 girls in my house. Oh yeah, we had it at my house... I'm not sure wether this was the best idea, cause now they know where I live. The last time girls found out where I lived they started a prank war that ended with the coaches stealing one girls bedroom door and replacing it with a mutilated, spray-painted hole ridden 'door'... But, I choose to trust these girls. We'll see how that goes.

Buggers was ridiculous cause this was the second time most of them had ever played, and it was just a mess. Fun though, a few of the girls started a wrestling match. One of them turned on me and I threw her down. Somebody really shouldve had a camera. It was not unlike mine and Kelsey's shoe fight...

The best part of the night was getting them to make up a cheer. Being a brand new team, we really had nothing. There was a line said "Then watch this flow" in a gangsta kind of way, and one of the girls proposed- "Instead of 'watch this flow' can we say 'slap them ho's'.." Really? Did you just say that? Also, this started an uncontrollable laughter, and some sort of inside joke that may or may not have ended with one girl peeing her pants a little bit cause she was laughing so hard... She legit had to go change her pants. The funny thing is that she made it funny, and boarderline socially acceptable... Since when is peeing your pants not embarassing?

Oh well, if thats not team bonding, I don't know what is.

Weather its Right or Wrong.

Why is it that whenever you want the Weatherman to be right, he is wrong, and whenever you hope he is wrong- he is right?

This is not my first post about the weather. Its something that consistently aggrivates me. Not so much that it happens, cause hey, snow happens. But its the fact that the weathermen of this world are totally inconsistant. They lie, they tell the truth, and they change their minds ALL the time.

Around a week ago there was a winter storm warning in effect for Southern Alberta. In Lethbridge it ended up raining a bit, thats all. Yesterday they put another winter storm warning out, I was banking on it being a April fools joke... It really wasn't. It started snowing last night and hasn't quit. Rude. Its Spring. So says the Calandar. And I know your seasons are mixed up anyway, WINTER IS OVER. I'm sick of practicing in the snow. Our field is on the edge of town and we put up with 80kmh winds everyday anyway, we don't need snow on top of that.

A week ago, the forecast for this week was temperatures in the double digets, low teens and calm winds. NOW, its maybe going to get up to 7 degrees with winds of about 35kmh, which means 60kmh. All this snow had better be gone by Monday.

And while its nice enough out, its not too windy, and its wet, fun snow, around 0 degrees, I still dont appreciate being lied to. Also, I wanted to Spring Clean today. I can't spring clean in the winter.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm taking a Belly Dance class

So once upon a time I thought to myself...hey, you know what would be really fun... If I took a pole/belly dance class...



I thought no such thing. Well, not for any extended period of time anyway...