Saturday, April 2, 2011

Team Bonding

On a funny note, we had our Team-Bonding-Party last night... Wow. I almost forgot how ridiculous teenage girls are.

We BBQed, hung out, played buggers, watched part of Forever Strong, learned a cheer and as always, played 'What If..' We had both the Seniors and the JVs there, and im pretty sure only 3 girls couldn't make it. So, we had about 40 girls in my house. Oh yeah, we had it at my house... I'm not sure wether this was the best idea, cause now they know where I live. The last time girls found out where I lived they started a prank war that ended with the coaches stealing one girls bedroom door and replacing it with a mutilated, spray-painted hole ridden 'door'... But, I choose to trust these girls. We'll see how that goes.

Buggers was ridiculous cause this was the second time most of them had ever played, and it was just a mess. Fun though, a few of the girls started a wrestling match. One of them turned on me and I threw her down. Somebody really shouldve had a camera. It was not unlike mine and Kelsey's shoe fight...

The best part of the night was getting them to make up a cheer. Being a brand new team, we really had nothing. There was a line said "Then watch this flow" in a gangsta kind of way, and one of the girls proposed- "Instead of 'watch this flow' can we say 'slap them ho's'.." Really? Did you just say that? Also, this started an uncontrollable laughter, and some sort of inside joke that may or may not have ended with one girl peeing her pants a little bit cause she was laughing so hard... She legit had to go change her pants. The funny thing is that she made it funny, and boarderline socially acceptable... Since when is peeing your pants not embarassing?

Oh well, if thats not team bonding, I don't know what is.

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    Oh teenage girls... and how they always think it's a good idea to try and wrestle you.