Monday, April 18, 2011


You may be wondering what's with the number title. Well, I'll tell you- 14 months, 9 days, 22 hours, 51 minutes. This is how long it took Cathy (Frache) Bevans to find my blog. Now, don't get all high and mighty and think to yourself 'well i've been following your blog for a while now' because you see, most of you followers were informed that I in fact had a blog. Also, i'd like to bring your attention to a horrible game I've been playing...

Also, you followers of mine have obviously not read my whole blog because the aforelinked post clearly states that you are to comment when you read said post. So, to be fair, Cathy is the 4th comment there.

Also, I kind of feel bad that i've kept this from her for so long...Especially cause I kind of wrote it FOR her, among a select few others. Aka Lowry. I kind of assumed that she had found it somewhere along the way... She texted me today to tell me that she was going to read my entire blog. I didn't think much of it, just assumed that she was bored and wanted to go reread. She commented that this is the first she's seen of my blog. Legitimately I didn't believe her. I went through every post I ever wrote, looking for Cathy comments... I found none. I feel like a tool. And at the same time, am laughing uncontrollably.

I am choosing to look an the bright side, she has something decent to read for a while as she catches up, and I can look for comments, like a scavenger hunt. It will be fun! Right?!

I love you Cathy Bevans.


  1. I'll have you know - you should feel bad for playing your horrible game. I was one of the major contenders in you getting a blog to share your stories! My life has been incomplete. And you have made a mockery of me.

  2. I'm sorry! ...It will never happen again?