Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weather its Right or Wrong.

Why is it that whenever you want the Weatherman to be right, he is wrong, and whenever you hope he is wrong- he is right?

This is not my first post about the weather. Its something that consistently aggrivates me. Not so much that it happens, cause hey, snow happens. But its the fact that the weathermen of this world are totally inconsistant. They lie, they tell the truth, and they change their minds ALL the time.

Around a week ago there was a winter storm warning in effect for Southern Alberta. In Lethbridge it ended up raining a bit, thats all. Yesterday they put another winter storm warning out, I was banking on it being a April fools joke... It really wasn't. It started snowing last night and hasn't quit. Rude. Its Spring. So says the Calandar. And I know your seasons are mixed up anyway, WINTER IS OVER. I'm sick of practicing in the snow. Our field is on the edge of town and we put up with 80kmh winds everyday anyway, we don't need snow on top of that.

A week ago, the forecast for this week was temperatures in the double digets, low teens and calm winds. NOW, its maybe going to get up to 7 degrees with winds of about 35kmh, which means 60kmh. All this snow had better be gone by Monday.

And while its nice enough out, its not too windy, and its wet, fun snow, around 0 degrees, I still dont appreciate being lied to. Also, I wanted to Spring Clean today. I can't spring clean in the winter.

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