Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why do I even TRY?!

So, last Thursday at practice, I asked the girls if they wanted to get together over Easter to play buggers and stuff. This question was met with a resounding 'yes'. I told them that i had to have at least 15 girls out to practice to make it worth anyone's time(especially mine). So I had them raise their hands if they were up for practicing... I should have made a note of who put up their hand...

Monday's Practice
9 girls showed up. Not bad. Not what I wanted but, it was workable. We practiced place kicking, played 500 and full contact British Bull-dog and hung out passed the ball around. It wasn't a total waste of time. We went for slurpees after practice, hung out for like an hour at Greens, it was fun times.

Tuesday's Practice
I wasn't even going to have practice today, but some of the girls on Monday said they wanted to get together. I got off work at 1pm anyway, so I said sure, we can get together. 4.5 people showed up to practice. My own sister ditched out on me. The .5 of a person came from Sam, who doesn't really belong to me, she belongs to LCI. We kicked the ball around for a litle bit... and did pretty much nothing. We hung out. Team Bonding?

Thursday's Practice
I posted it on facebook, I mass texted, reminded people about practice, promised fun... 14 people showed up to practice. This was promising... right up until the girls bust out eggies, fruit roll ups and felt masks... Uh...huh. It was really windy, and that is what I attribute the uh... failure? ... of practice to. I had them run a lap, stretch out, you know, properly warm up. We played soccer with a rugby ball, which is usually a lot of fun. But it only lasted about 7 minutes before they got bored. Come on! I loved that. One of the girls asked to borrow a pair of shorts. I found this funny cause she is one of those little ones... I looked at her and was like "You could fit two of you into my shorts" Challenge accepted...
I wish I had my camera out a minute sooner, watching them try to get in my shorts was probably the funniest thing... Then a few of them thought it would be a good idea to tackle me. I don't know why this is a recurring thing, but I laid a couple girls out, and then all of a sudden they became very aware that 1 on 1, and 2 on 1s don't really work... so that got smart, and apparently I didn't have ONE ally. Not even my sister. Three of them got my legs, 3 of them took my top and I went down. Immediate dog pile. I put up a solid fight, but alas, I was beat. I never gave up though, I got two of them, but then 4 of them had me... so it was a lose-lose. Some of the girls decided to walk around showing off their umm...undergarments? Awkward. At one point a girl had lost an earring and there were a few of them down on the ground looking for it. I didn't know what they were doing, I said they looked like grazing cattle, and if they were pretending to be cows, practice had gotten too weird and I quit. A while later, after playing a round of British Bulldog...

And....Yeah... That was that...

Well I hope they had a good time, cause when Monday rolls around, things are going to get intense... Two games per week, two tournaments on two of the the weekends... which are usually three or four games... They are going to be sore.


  1. where's their love for the game?? and earrings at practice? WTF? those girls need a spanking!! but i'm glad u had fun though :) I'm coming to the games on wednesday for sure though!

  2. Oh children. Just remember, at least you're a coach, and not a phys-ed teacher. But even still, I wish I coulda been there.