Monday, January 31, 2011

The Wagon. Or Lack Thereof.

So. Its confession time. Again. But not those fun little confessions like "I watch Spanish soap operas." It is REAL confession time...

I fell off the wagon somewhere along the line. I know you are asking yourself 'which wagon?' And the answer lies in the before and afters.

BEFORE: I used to be able to straight up quote scripture at the drop of a hat. I used to write and give talks on a monthly basis. I could give a spiritual thought/lesson with 30 seconds notice, and it was good. I used to be scripture chase champion. I never declined an invite to FHE, Institute or any YSA activity. I'd bear my testimony on a fairly regular basis. I held two pretty major callings, that I totally rocked. I used to volunteer to say prayers. I'd go out of my way to meet new people and make friends...

You get the idea. I was Ms. Molly Mormon.

Now(ish)... The confession part... I still read my scriptures everyday, but just for the sake of reading. There is no study involved. I've given 1 talk in the last 3 months. I don't carry my scriptures (almost) anywhere anymore, I used the scripture app on my phone. I constantly skip FHE, Institute and YSA activities. I (finally)got released from my callings, and the new calling I did get was disbanded by the 1st pres. And im in calling-limbo now. I avoid people and havn't done many super social things lately. ...again... you get the idea.

Well, over Christmas I had time to think about this low that I have hit, but didn't really care to do much about it. The weekend I went up to Edmonton, helped change this. See, I LOVE Edmonton... majority of my friends up there make me want to be better. Kiera, one of the girls I rode up with/was staying with set an example for me. She read her scriptures and said her prayers every night we were up there. I went and visited Becky, and she did her visit-teaching, and it was just a bunch of stuff that made me re-evaluate my current spiritual situtaion...

I signed up for an institute class, and i've been going. I hosted FHE at my house. I went to the YSA dance. I bust out some real scriptures, and im actually doing something with them. I got a new calling. I did my Visit Teaching. I volunteered to Pray and offered insight into a gospel discussion. I hung out with some old friends and we had a spirital discussion at a social gathering. Things are looking up. I just wanted you to know that I'm chasing down that wagon, ima jump back on it and hold on for dear life!


Another side note- If I include this post, I begin 25.5% of my blogs with the word 'So'. I apologize. It bugs me sometimes, so I change it. If I never changed it, the percent would probably sit around 60%... Now that i've brought it up, it will bug you too. I'm sorry.

So. I was going to write about stuff. But I think my side note is a lot to digest right now. I've turned this post into an apology for how annoying my overuse of the word 'so' is. So....yeah. My bad.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Flames date.

Side note before I begin, my previous post was about how I hate my compuer... I rewrote that post, and its located previous to the Computer-hate post.

So, my sister-in-law Stef, whom I love and adore, works for the Calgary Flames. And as a perk to her job occasionally gets tickets to games. And when she and Jarett are unable to go, they are kind and generous and donate to their siblings' causes. AkA- I gots da tickets! So, this is totally a perfect date cause my loves hockey.

Now, I'm the queen of the marathon-date. The majority of my dates last upwards of 7 hours. We drove up(2 hours) just talkin and laughin, havin a good ol time, got to the game, had GREAT seats! I had never been to a professional hockey game before(unless you count the Hurricanes....I dont.) So it was an experience. Flames vs The Wild. We had a great time. Sad the Flames lost. Dallas wasn't so sad... jerk. But it was really entertaining. The intermission entertainment was awesome! First intermission peewee aged hockey kids had a relay race. Super cute! Second intermission was HUMAN BOWLING. Totally sweet. Also, something that made it worth while- apparently ZZ Top are huge flames fans!


TWO Zambonis!!! They dont mess around.

Anyway, after the game(2.5ish hours) we get back to the car, he leans in to kiss me, but he catches the eye of some dude walking past the car and gies him a thumbs up and a wink. Nice. Total mood killer Dallas.

We decided we were hungry so we stopped at BP's(1 hour ish) and then we had a great drive home(3 hours ish)

All in all, it was a fantastic date. I got home 2:30am and had to work the next day, but I didn't even care!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Hate my Computer

So... its vent time. I just wrote a blog post about last weekend. It was about Edmonton and the concert and changing my life to be a better person. It was quite the blog.

MY Computer decided to boot me, and delete that post. I kind of feel like booting it back... With a nice pair of steel-toed boots. I HATE THIS! I'm going to go crazy, cause its never as good the second time around! And I'm not re-writing it tonight. I don't want to rewrite it ever! Argh! Stupid computer, you make things so easy AND so difficult.

PS. Don't worry.... It will get rewritten sooner or later.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Great Big Weekend

This weekend Myself and some friends of mine took a little trip up to Edmonton to see Great Big Sea in concert. Hence the blog title... if you didn't get it...

The drive up there was great, for the most part the roads were clear and dry. Awesome. Tacy tagged along for the ride, she was going up to see Ashley Steed. We went to drop her off and the minute we turned onto residential streets I knew it was going to be a tad more difficult than anticipated. Now, i've spend a solid amount of time in Edmonton... or so I thought... I wasn't aware that this was normal. There was about 6 feet of snow on people's lawns, and about a foot on the road, fluffy and just begging to get you stuck in it. most streets there was only one set of tracks in the snow on the road so if you met a car going to opposite way, you were hooped. Well, we stopped out front of the house to let Tacy out just as another car was pulling down the road. We tried to move, he tried to move, we both got stuck and wound up pushing each other out. Solid times.

We went shopping at West Ed, as per usual. But a new twist, we made a plan of attack! The gals looked up the stores they wanted to hit, we got a map and planned our route for maximum efficiency. Which is a good thing cause we still ended up spending about 5 hours there. Its ok, while they did some shopping I watched an entire game of ringette. Which was more entertaining than I had previously thought. I then proceeded to spent an exorbitant amount of money at Bath & Body Works... I do hate shopping, except when it comes to that. I'm going to smell very good, for a very long time. Mmmm.

I wasn't as excited about the concert as my buddies were. I mean, I like GBS, but they were practically giddy, and we listened to GBS ALL weekend... This concert changed that. I kind of love them now. They were fantastic! They really knew how to put on a show. It was funny, and I was impressed by how legit musically talented they all were, every one of them sang, and they all played several instruments. It was awesome!

Anyway, at the concert there was this couple looking for their seats, and it looked like they were separated by wouldn't you know it- us. I could see the dejected look on their faces as the usher pointed it out to them. They shuffled down the row heading towards their assigned seats, now, I wasn't havin none of that. We all shoved down a seat so they could sit togethr. It wasn't a big deal to us, but you could just see the gratitude in their faces. Precious moments. They sat holding hands for the entire concert. It made me feel good.

ALSO. This lady. Before the concert started leaned over to me and asked me if I was at Costa Blanca(store in WestEd) this morning. I was. Odd little moment... it got me thinking- I walked through that mall for hours, and if I was to see someone on the street, that I saw at the mall that day, I probably wouldn't recognize them. Or if by some miracle I did recognize them, I wouldn't be able to tell you where from. And this thought troubles me. It has for a while. When I meet someone, I make a note of their name and what they look like, so if we happen to cross paths later in the evening, I wouldn't look like a fool. But after we leave that situation, the night ends, any information like that gets filed in the cellar of my brain. This has to change. Cause I see these people days, months, weeks later, and I know I've met them, but thats all I know. And that makes me a jerk. If I don't make an effort to see people, it means that I dont care. And I DO care. So from now on, i'm going to make an effort to see people. Their details. Things that make them, them. And not just people I meet- people everywhere. If I don't notice people, hoiw am I supposed to know when and where I can help them?

This lady must've seen thousands of people that day. And i'm really impresed that she noticed me, and remembered where from. I'm not anything special, I look like everyone else. I want to be like her, I want to be able to see people, and remember them.

....So...the first time I wrote this, it sounded way better.... it kind of sounds stupid now, but you get it...right?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lost in Thoughts

I had some time today. A lot of time. Pretty much the entire day. Ok it WAS the entire day. And for a solid amount of it, I did nothing. Spent some time with my thoughts. Got lost in them, and it was scary. I almost didn't make it out alive.

I had a myriad of things that I could've done. I chose to do nothing. It's a choice I've been making a lot lately. I think there is something wrong with me. I lack all motivation. I don't know if its the winter that is getting to me, or if its just the monotony that has become my life finally making me crack. More likely its the latter.

I chose to play video games for about an hour, then I popped in season 3 of Veronica Mars. Four hours later I go out and shovel part of the walk. It boarders on the futile though, cause under that snow is a thick ridiculous ice. I spent about half an hour hacking away at it with the ice chipper thing but gave up, my fingers started to cramp.

My household is a little weird. I have 4 roommates now, as opposed to the 7 there were last semester, and I never see any of them. I know they are there cause they leave messes, but that's the only indication that they were ever there. I occasionally hear a door open or close, but then again that may just be my imagination. Jocelyn is kind of an exception to this. She doesn't leave messes, but I see her and that's how I know.

There used to be parties every weekend, and an after party to every party, but now... I don't even know what goes on half the time. Mostly I don't care cause the city is overrun by 18 year olds. I'm getting old. It shouldn't bother me, but it does. And its not so much just the age thing, but the fact that my best friends and my siblings are moving on with their lives, but I'm still exactly where I was (more or less) 4 years ago. And the thought keeps crossing my mind that I will have to wait longer. By the time that I start I won't even be able to see you in the distance.

It's days like this. It all just seems too much, so instead of doing something about it, I chose to curl up in my little ball, fall asleep and hope that when I wake up, everything is as it should be. It's not. Ever.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack

So, the holidays have been really good. Today was my last day of them. Its back to the usual routine. Booo!

I practically lived at my parents house all through the holidays. And when I say practically, I mean literally. I went home on the 23rd. And last night was the first night I had spent in my own bed since then.

It was really nice. I forgot how nice it is to live at home. Albeit I slept on the floor for about a week, but at the same time, I like the floor. It was just so easy! There was always plenty of food, and people and games, and pretty much whatever we wanted.

I had a bunch of stuff I was supposed to get done over the holidays, ie- cleaning out the fridge at home, cleaning my room, finishing and burning Cathy's wedding stuff, ect. Yeah...nothin.

My 2011 is off to a great start. I've done nothing, but have plans to do something, but am a giant procrastinator, which is awesome cause changing that is not in my list of New Years Resolutions.... I don't have a list of New Years Resolutions... I don't do that, its silly. Why wait for a certain day to change something? Why not just do it now? Silly people. Anyway...

Point is, i'm back to real life. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I supposed its good for me. I probably shouldn't regress to living with my parents...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.

They say that what ever you are doing on New Years is an indication of what you will be doing all year. I've tried in years gone by, to make a point of doing something good with people I love. Ok not sure if it is actually true, but this year, I guess if it does hold true... I'm going to be watching a friend of mine blow his hand up.

You want more of an explanation. I can tell. I spent this New Years in Calgary with my best buddy KT. We went to the lame dance for a bit and then took off to shoot some fireworks off. And one thing that goes hand in hand with that... pun intended(you will get it)

Dry ice bombs.

To make a long story short we were out in this park and we started a few off two 2L bottles. They were taking a while to blow because it was so cold outside so we made a 500mL one. The first big buddy went off scared a few people we were with, and then nothing. Trevor got impatient with the others so he went and grabbed the little one, looked at it and decided it was frozen and wasn't going to blow... he was wrong. I stopped paying attention to what he was doing cause we were about to make another one... we are all in a fairly small circle when BOOM! This little guy goes off. In Trevor's hand. You could feel it, and it left my ears ringing. You know that ringing you hear after an explosion? Maybe you don't, but you know in movies when they are trying to get the deafening explosion across, that ringing? Yeah. It hit a few people and Trevor was in what was apparently severe amounts of pain. After we established that none of us were actually deaf or hurt and Trevors hand was in fact still on his arm, it was really funny.

REALLY FUNNY. Some of us didn't think so but the thought of him waking up tomorrow with a swollen, bruised hand kind of makes me giggle.