Monday, January 31, 2011

The Wagon. Or Lack Thereof.

So. Its confession time. Again. But not those fun little confessions like "I watch Spanish soap operas." It is REAL confession time...

I fell off the wagon somewhere along the line. I know you are asking yourself 'which wagon?' And the answer lies in the before and afters.

BEFORE: I used to be able to straight up quote scripture at the drop of a hat. I used to write and give talks on a monthly basis. I could give a spiritual thought/lesson with 30 seconds notice, and it was good. I used to be scripture chase champion. I never declined an invite to FHE, Institute or any YSA activity. I'd bear my testimony on a fairly regular basis. I held two pretty major callings, that I totally rocked. I used to volunteer to say prayers. I'd go out of my way to meet new people and make friends...

You get the idea. I was Ms. Molly Mormon.

Now(ish)... The confession part... I still read my scriptures everyday, but just for the sake of reading. There is no study involved. I've given 1 talk in the last 3 months. I don't carry my scriptures (almost) anywhere anymore, I used the scripture app on my phone. I constantly skip FHE, Institute and YSA activities. I (finally)got released from my callings, and the new calling I did get was disbanded by the 1st pres. And im in calling-limbo now. I avoid people and havn't done many super social things lately. ...again... you get the idea.

Well, over Christmas I had time to think about this low that I have hit, but didn't really care to do much about it. The weekend I went up to Edmonton, helped change this. See, I LOVE Edmonton... majority of my friends up there make me want to be better. Kiera, one of the girls I rode up with/was staying with set an example for me. She read her scriptures and said her prayers every night we were up there. I went and visited Becky, and she did her visit-teaching, and it was just a bunch of stuff that made me re-evaluate my current spiritual situtaion...

I signed up for an institute class, and i've been going. I hosted FHE at my house. I went to the YSA dance. I bust out some real scriptures, and im actually doing something with them. I got a new calling. I did my Visit Teaching. I volunteered to Pray and offered insight into a gospel discussion. I hung out with some old friends and we had a spirital discussion at a social gathering. Things are looking up. I just wanted you to know that I'm chasing down that wagon, ima jump back on it and hold on for dear life!