Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well folks. It's been one year since I started this thing. And officially, this is my 92nd post. I was hoping to make it 100, and I knew this day was coming... know.

Some Blogstats-
Longest time in between posts- 13 days.
Most commented on posts- Tied- My Friends in Awkward Album Art, Confessional 1 and End of Sarcasm
Longest Blog- The Jerry Saga
Shortest Blog- New Month's Resolution

It's still pretty good. It's about one post every four days. We can look at it this way, it leaves a whole lot of room for improvement!

Bloggoals for this next year-
1. Be more consistent. I know I would go days and weeks at a time with nothing, and then you'd get a bunch right in a row...and you're right, it IS annoying.
2. I'm going to post 120 posts this year! That's a blog every 3 days. Totally achievable.
And 3. I believe you guys need more pictures, so a post with pictures at least every couple of weeks.

There you have it! What to expect from me over the next year. And to honor this past year, I've put together a list of my Top 5 Best Posts...

5. Running
4. Ethel/Re-Ethel
3. End of Sarcasm
2. Double Feature
1. Confessional 1

And just for a little more enjoyment...I give to you, the greatest things i've ever written, in no particular order...
"I blame the Industrial Revolution"
"Don't let racks distract you while driving in the snow"
"Stupid Dinosaurs"
"Mom= mood killer"
"Seriously, he cries ALOT for being a cartoon dinosaur"
"its like giving a penguin a gun"
"Sometimes I use smarties to make decisions"
"I practically made out with your hand...make out with my face"
"Hot dead fish"
"I've been feeling like a hobo this week... drowned hobo, wedding crasher hobo, stalker hobo..."

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  1. I loved the running post so much. I was dying.