Sunday, February 27, 2011

Potato mountain and snow stuff

We headed back to Rexburg to stay with another one of Sam's Aunts. They lived on a farm a little ways east of Rexburg... in a Giant, beautiful house with the plushiest carpet ever felt by man. Legit dream house. They had a full on wrestling mat in the basement, which KT and I took full advantage of. Alongside the theater room and an indoor play house...

They were the nicest people too. They had 5 kids, all really well behaved. Unbelievable. They were potato farmers. Surprise!! And they were talking about how many potatoes they harvest, it was ridiculous, so they suggested that the next day the kids take us out and show us. I looked forward to this with great anticipation. Potatoes are awesome.

SO. The kids took us out to one of their silo-type storage place things. On snowmobiles. I had never been on a snow mobile before but I figured they were much like a quad. They had 3, so the oldest took the 3 little ones, I jumped on with the second oldest and Sam and KT rode together. These kids were crazy, or maybe it was because i'd never been on one of these things before... We are ripping across these snow-covered fields, then we cross this road and this kid just opens her up... he yells back to me, this is about normal speed. Jokingly I yelled back "You re crazy, this is fast!" Next thing I knew I was hanging on for dear life to this 12 year old boy, I peek up over his shoulder, the speedometer says 40. Miles an hour. Im going 40 MILES AN HOUR, hanging on to this 12 year old psycho, hitting bumps, catching air and thinking i was going to die. He was just sitting there laughing it up, and im trying not to wet myself. Thats like 65 kph, in the hands of a 12 year old... Ok, I wasn't that scared, but believe me, I was hanging on!

So we get to this silo, I go inside, and instantly wish I had a camera. I have never seen so many potatoes. If you added up all the potatoes I had ever seen in my life, they wouldn't make a pile that would even come close to comparing. Legit- I could bury two of my houses under that pile, and you wouldn't even know they were under there. I asked if the pile was level on top, or if it was mounds. They asked me if I wanted to see. Yes, Yes I would. So they started scrambling up this potato mountain, motioning for us to join them. It was quite the journey. I think it probably took 6 or 7 minutes to reach the summit of Potato Mountain... The going was kind of difficult, the potatoes would shift and roll underneath you, it was like trying to climb a really loose sand dune. We got to the top and this thing stretched on for what was probably an entire rugby field's length... Ridiculous. We had a potato fight. Epic.

Later on we went sledding, We took the snowmobiles up this sweet hill and someone would sled down and someone would go pick them up with the snowmobile and bring them back up. Best kind of sledding ever. No work involved! Anyway, we all gather up there and this hill is pristine! Its totally white and untouched. You couldn't even tell how steep it was cause everything was so white. The little ones warned me that there was a little bit of a drop. I asked how bad it was, and they said it wasn't too bad, so I took off, sprinting as best I could, jumped and superman-ed it. Head first, arms back. I was a bullet and I kept picking up speed, this was awesome!! Then I get close to this drop. Its probably a 3 foot drop. All my weight is on the front of the sled. I'm sailing through the air and tilting face down, there wasn't anything I could do really, it happened so fast, I swan dived into the snow. It wasn't a really well formed swan dive, I was definitely flailing, but it was definitely head/ face first. Apparently there was this huge spray-wave of snow, that "WAS AWESOME". Its a good thing it was powder... I'm beginning to think my neck won't ever be the same...

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