Sunday, February 13, 2011

A weekend of culture, both ends of the spectrum

Who says i'm not a cultured person? I get all sorts of culture! My roommate Jocelyn is an Opera singer at the U of L. Yeah, I support that. So Dallas and I went to the opera. I felt all sophisticated and what not. Unlike some people, I actually appreciate opera. It doesn't, and I quote "make my ears bleed". And it was great because Jocelyn's opera was quite humorous, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was classy and totally cultured.

Saturday night I went to see Tanner Tolman's fight. Dallas was going to come with, but he got sick. Again. Somebody needs to do something about that boy. So it ended up being myself, Dan and Brad. Apparently their girlfriends aren't cool enough to want to come. Whatever. Also, my mom and my sister came with cause Tanner is family. Represent! I think its cool that my mom is cool enough to come to a bar and watch fights. SO. All the fights were really good, only one made it into the second round. It was knockout after knockout after submission, glorious!

This was Tanner's fight. The guy we was fighting came out first, and I instantly felt bad for him... He had no idea what he was getting himself into... This was going to be an easy win...

I was right. Also, I feel like I need an army of skanks, apparently they just make everything better.

And to top off my weekend of culture, I went to church. There was this girl that gave a talk and quoted an ENTIRE Lynyrd Skynyrd song... There is a place for Rock Ballads in Sacrament apparently... Opera, Fights, Church, Lynyrd Skynyrd... Yup, my weekend pretty well had it all.

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