Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ok, so I know this is a little delayed, as were the last few posts, but i'm trying to be better!

Monday morning I walk into work, not expecting anything special. Its Valentines Day, Whoopity Friggin Do! I don't have a hate on for it. But it hasn't gotten me really excited since I graduated from elementary school. It not even technically a holiday, get over it people.

Anyway, there were a couple new faces at the office. This happens quite regularly. We joke at our office that if a stranger walked in off the streets wearing shrubs and started walking around like knew what was going on, nobody would even question it. People get hired, there are practicum students, and people job shadowing, and no one ever tells anyone. Kind of funny. It is just a joke though... for those of you wondering if you could get away with an office take over, just by pretending you belong... don't even try.

Back to the point, so apparently its New-Girl-Day. There are two. A tall, juvenile-looking blonde and a skinny, long necked brunette girl. Si denote- People with long neck shouldn't wear turtlenecks, you think its covering up something, really it just emphasizes it. Also, im sorry you have a long neck... its weird... I kind of want to know if she legit has an extra vertebrae... do you think its rude to ask? Or maybe her shoulders are just so tiny it makes her neck LOOK long, when in actuality, shes NOT a giraffe... Sorry, ADD moment.

I don't think anything of these girls, the blonde girl is real quiet. And the brunette girl is awkward... like a giraffe is awkward... I ask Whittny whats up with the new girls, she gives me a little smirk and says "Jamie told them if they didn't take the sharps of their tray, and if they put stuff in the bio hazard bin that didn't belong in the bio hazard bin... you were going to tear their heads off..."

Thanks Jamie.

So I find Jamie, and i'm like "Really? You told them i'd rip their heads off? You scared to poor children to death on their first day?"
Her response "Well its the truth" to which I shrug and say "But you didn't have to go and scare them like that!" Whittny pops in with her two cents "Well, they might as well know now that you are a horrible person, rather than finding out later" To which I also shrug and walk away. Its true...


Anyway, I come to find out that Blondie is doing her practicum and Giraffe-Girl actually got a job here... I didn't know we were hiring. Either way, both of them will be around for a while and they are already afraid of me.

On another note- Whittny has three guys chasing her, so she came to work today pretty nervous, she really was hoping none of them did anything stupid. She hates Valentines Day almost as much as she hates Christmas. As she puts it "I hate Christmas, I hate Valentines Day... I like Easter, it doesn't mean anything. Well, It does but I don't have to do anything.

Late morning a lil something arrives for her...

She is super embarrassed. Its hilarious. Best part? It was from a guy she agreed to go on a pity date with... Awkward. Halfway through the afternoon a second bunch arrive...She about dies.
I am basically rollin on the floor of our staff room, the second bunch is huge, and its from the same place! All the ladies at work are jealous, she is super embarrassed and we start cracking jokes about how they will need a bigger truck to deliver the next guy's...

I texted Dallas "Happy Valentine's Day! I thought about sending flower to your work...I didn't"

Dallas texted me "I thought about showing up to your work dressing as cupid, but i didn't"
I laughed about this. I was also grateful that he didn't.

Added bonus to working for a dentist? Other dentists send you stuff for giving them referrals. Dr. Gibb totally send us pizza! Awesome. And it was from BP's so it was Heart-Shaped Pizza! Precious. AND Delicious.

To Cap the day off, I was driving home and the Pronghorns Rugby girls were out in the field practicing. It was great because the weather was nice enough for them to be out, no snow on the field, perfect rugby weather, but at the same time, just seeing them makes me miss rugby so bad.

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