Sunday, February 27, 2011

Challenge accepted, and exceeded

So the whole point in our little road trip was to go to this concert. On the way there we happened to discuss the matter of kissing strangers. Now, I have kissed a stranger, Sam has kissed a stranger, which left KT.... she has never kissed a stranger. Inevitably a dare was issued. Her response? "Challenge Accepted"

We got to the concert a little early, and we were lined up outside, I surveyed the situation... man, it was slim pickins... 16 year olds as far as the eye could see. I may be a cougar, but I draw the line at pedophile. And anyone that could have been older looked....umm... like they live in their mom's basement and she periodically brings them trays of rice krispy squares... if you know what I mean.

First band up- Now, Now Every Children. I hadn't heard of this band until about a week ago, not my favorite, but highly entertaining. Next band= the reason for the trip. Gold Motel. Greta Morgan(lead singer from The Hush Sound)'s solo career...thing. It was pretty freakin awesome. After they finished their set the band would just be walkin around the venue like nothin. So cool. Then it was Jukebox the Ghost, also really entertaining.

By the time Hello, Goodbye was up, I was kind of done. We were standing near the back and the bassist from Gold Motel kept walking by. Every time he did KT would look like she wanted to start a conversation with him, but would chicken it out at the last second, or she couldn't think of anything to say, whatever the case may be- he goes to walk by again and I stick out my arm and grab him. And i'm like "Hey! You rock" and he is like "Thanks" And then, like I should've assumed, it got awkward. Most musicians are really weird, he was no exception, and it didn't help that we really had nothing to say to each other. Its like he didn't know how to make conversation, or when it was appropriate to stop making 'conversation'... eee. It was a fail on both ends. Cause when we were done, he decided to stand three feet away from us, like he was still with us, but not...

Anyway, concert ended and the place cleared out fairly fast, I guess everyone's mommies wanted them in bed by a decent hour... We stuck around talked to the band, aka Greta, who was actually really normal. Anyway, back to the dare, options were dwindling... I was about really to go, then KT got this surge of "No, I have to do this" energy, so she went up to the Gold Motel merch guy, asked to kiss him, and she got it. Kudos to her! And thats not the only thing she got. Apparently he wasn't just the merch guy, he was the Band's tour MANAGER. And, he totally gave Kt his number. Check and Mate KT, you win.


  1. best story i've heard all day..that actually made me laugh out loud multiple times. alaya strikes again.

  2. Officially jealous at all yous guys for seeing Gold Motel live *and* getting to talk to Greta!

    *twitches in a ball of jealousy*