Monday, June 27, 2011

The Dust is too Heavy

Again, I gonna start with an apology... Its been a while... And I don't even have much of an excuse. So straight up, Sorry...

If it makes any difference, I have like 12 posts that are half done... But that doesn't really help you. You know when you let things get behind, and it starts this vicious circle.. Something gets covered in dust, then you put something on top of it, then it gets covered in dust cause you are trying to deal with the first thing, but you cant cause its buried under something else and the dust.

And then you end up trying to pass this off as making it better, but then you read what you just wrote, and it doesn't even make sense... but you leave it there anyway because at least its SOMETHING.

But you know what i'm talking about- playing catch-up. I hate it. SO MUCH. So this is me starting over. I will back-post those ones that iver been working on, and i'll tell you when I post them/put a link to them... Sooo. Yeah. Thats how this is gonna go, cause I can't just keep putting of playing catch up, cause the more you put it off, the harder the game gets.

New start, I broke my resolution... which is what you are supposed to do with resolutions so with that all taken care of, we can move on! Back to BLOGGING!!