Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sleeping like a baby... Literally

My room is not actually a bedroom. It is attatched to my house, but its actually a loft above our 'living room' and this 'living room' doesn't have any heat or a/c, therefore I do not have heat nor a/c. Also, I have but one tiny window. My room is HOT in the summer, and COLD in the winter. I cope. I have a space heater, and I sleep with ice packs.

One particular night last week I went to bed, and my room was 26 degrees. This is unacceptable to me. And there was not a breeze outside, my room was sooo, muggy. So I went downstairs for my usual summer time cure(an ice pack). However, i didn't anticiapte my room eing so sick, so, there was no ice pack. Plan B? Jumbo Freezie. Ive used that tactic before, works great. So I go back up to my room with this freezie... and im lying in bed, and i think to myself, 'i could totally eat this freezie right now...' And it just so happened that i had a knife right next to my bed.

So I'm lying on my back, sucking on this freezie, and I get this weird familiar feeling like ive done this before. Then it dawns on me... this is the exact position i slept in when i was a baby, execpt what once was a bottle, is now a freezie... it was oddly comforting. I slept like a baby. More so- I slept like i did when i was a baby. It was great.

A few days later I told Becky about this. She kind of made fun of me. She took it to an extreme, said i shouldve started crying when i was finished my freezie, until my roommates come up and ask what the junk is wrong, and then i should've, with out a word, made the 'up' gesture that babies make... It was probably the funniest thing she's ever said to me because it was complete with noises, actions and facial expressions. Awesome. That is why I keep her around.

In conclusion, I suggest you call your mom, ask her in what position she put you to sleep in, and sleep in that position, sucking on a freezie. Greatest sleep ever.

My position? On my back right leg straight, left leg bent in, hands holding freezie/on upper stomach area. Good times.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yay- Happy Post #28!

So...i'd like to claim that ive just been too busy to update my blog....but that would be a lie... truth is, ive been too lazy. I'll admit it, sleep is my new best friend. However, we do have a love-hate relationship.
Anyway, here is a re-cap(if you feel the need for more of an explanation of one or more points here, please inform me, and i will try and oblige.)

I went to conference. AWESOME. We took Annalise's truck, which made her in charge. Fine by me(or so i thought), i wasn't really into responsibility for the weekend.
Turns out, Gary(GPS) is a jerkface to me. And we stayed in a SKETCHY MOTEL. Pictures exist. It was a little epic, a little CSI. Heels were a bad choice, my runners were vetoed by the majority of the gang. Pft. Moral of the story, sometimes....don't let your sister make decisions...

We had our Institute Closing Social. Formerly known as Colour Night, but I guess we are too cool for that, so we changed it up. I got dressed up, looked smokin. Wore my sexy lipstick. Most of you probably assumed I didn't own lipstick. Wrong. Also, I found quinn, just to show him how its really done.(Last weekend we played Quelf and he ended up having to put my lipstick on. Wow...) Anyway, it was a great dance. Great food, GREAT decorations. Bravo.

Last weekend, I organized a triple date. I neglegted however to inform the boy... and the boy ran off to Saskatchewan for the week. So, while this date was intended for the kid i've lovingly named 'floppy-ears', i ended up taking Trevor. Which was totally awesome, i LOVE that kid. Here's what we did- There were six of us, so we all piled into my spacious Caddy and drove 45 minutes to the village of Carmangay. Just east of town, there is an abandoned house down a long dark stretch of gravel. I took everyone out there, and we explored had a mini-snowball fight(Aka, Jon throwing snow at/around us) And we set up is a room on the main level of the house and told scary stories. It was great fun. Then I had plans to go out for some small town chinese food, but the Orange Hotel restaraunt closed a little before we got there. Nuts. So we drove back into Lethy and had some small city chinese. It was pretty good.

Our boss takes us on a shopping spree to Cost-co once a year. Probably the greatest boss ever. This day is like 2nd Christmas. I bought a bike. I haven't owned a bike since i was about 16. This was a good life choice. It was either a bike, or a deep-fryer and a bunch of food... I believe I made the correct decision.

So... hypothetical question, you have a dream. About someone you know. At work. You see this person on a fairly regular basis. You have had the occassional chit-chat. You don't know much, if anything about said person. ...do you tell this person that you had a dream about them? And i will clarify it was specifically about them. ...I didn't. Yet. I might. But the dream went like this- Larissa(said person) and her mother are walking up the street, its pouring, i offer them a ride. They accept, I find out that her mom's ex-fiance stranded them. Long story short, I take her to the institute building, she helps out with stuff. And yeah. Prophetic maybe? After this happened, I made a mental note to find out if she was a member. She is not... So...we'll see how that goes.

Speaking of work... for the last two weeks, conversations there have been a little... inappropriate for work. Im not sure how i feel about this. Especially because, most of these conversations happen, withoin earshot of my boss. A little embarassing, more than a little... if i got embarrassed. Example. I was having a conversation with Amy about 'floppy ears'(the boy, not floppy ears in general) and she made some remark about nibbling on his ears. As I was replying to this remark, in standard Alaya-fashion, Paul walks around the corner. Also, there is far more slang words for ... than I ever cared to know about. And with Flick's bridal shower coming up... you can only guess what we talked about. Oh, and speaking of which, Flick's shower. ...ok, so if you know me at all, you know this. Wedding showers= scandalous gifts. So, I had gotten Flick Glow-in-th-dark body paint, and edible body topping and warming massage oils. Not TOO over the top, but I ran into this problem- Ash was having two showers, one for the office girls and one her friends were throwing for her. Option 1- give her the gift at the office party...where Pauline(Boss Lady) was going to be. OPtion 2- give her the gift at the friend party. This seeed like the better option, until, i found out that they booked the 10th Ave building for the party... This was not a gift I was going to bring into a church building. So Option#1 is was. Turned out pretty good. I wasn't the only one that went scandalous. Whew!

Lastly, I've been meaning to write Lauren Cooper in my blog. And I was thinking about that today at work. And I thought to myself, there are a few things that Lauren has said/done that has made her blog-worthy... however, upon my telling her im going to blog that, she forbids me to do so. So, really its her own fault. But lo, and behold, while im trying to figure out how to write Lauren into my life- without just complaining about the fact her fiance has come into the office several times, and i have yet to even SEE him(I swear its like a game to her....curse you!)- She comes walking into my office with a handful of silver temp teeth. she explains to me, that she was holding a tray of them, and accidentally bumped into the pole. And they went everywhere. Classic. For those of you that don't know, she runs into stuff. SOmetimes its my fault(the water)... Anyway, we had a good laugh. And now she is blogged about. My work here is done!

Ps. Obviously when I say 'lastly' I do not mean it. As a matter of odd things. I slept like a baby last night.... quite literally. But I will save that for another blog...

PPS. Quote of the night- "I don't even get why black people tan." -Kara Henry.
My response to this? That look I give people when they say something like that. Oh...you know the look.

Also, id like to give a shout out to Glee. I love Glee, and I LOVE Madonna. That is all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Mama N.

Dear Mother Nature,

Despite the hate that people have been throwing your way, I still love you. And I think you are awesome.


PS. However, I also think you should lay of the 'sauce'....and stop spending time with 'Mary J'.

So, Its April 15th. The day before yesterday, in the wonderful world of Lethbridge (and surrounding area), It snowed. And not just any snow. The good stuff. The wet, thick, architectually appealing kind. We didn't get much of the *good* snow all year...
Anyway, Tuesday morning it was sleeting/freezing raining/flurrying/snow showering.... precipitation....cold wet stuff. but none of it really stuck around. That is at least until about mid afternoon. Then it started piling up like nothin else. Sweet. I went over to my parents house after work to trade vehicles, cause mine needed to be exercised of the demon that possess it. So I took the suburban. I LOVE driving the surburban, its like a tank.
Wednesday morning rolls around and there is an extrodinary amount of snow. This makes me happy, then I realize I must go to work. Crap. I go outside and its really nice out, like a solid 5 degrees. No wind. Great. I look at the 'burb, apparently it snowed all night, cause it was sittin under about a foot of heavy snow. And I parked it on the street so it was caught in a little bit of a drift. So I went to work trying to clean off my car. People are jerks by the way- Im cleaning off my car, its really wet out, im standing by the road, sooo many cars just whippped past, spraying fun amounts of slush at me. Apparently there was a prize for whomever got me the most wet. A white subaru won. DillWeed. So half an hour later im on my way to work. Its a ten minute drive to work. I saw 8 hefty accidents. Springtime+snow=idiots. REEEEALLY? The snow has only been gone for like two weeks, you've forgotten whats it like already? Morons. So I pull into work...and there is a chair wedged in the back door to the office... no lights are on. ....POWER IS OUT! I walked in, and was informed that today has been declared a snow day. I got really excited, ive never had a snow day before. I didn't think they actually existed! I stuck around for like 15 minutes helped call patients to tell them not to bother coming in. Then I booked it home and played in the snow, watched movies, played rockband with my lil sister, made cookies and drank HoCho. SOOO AWESOME.
And then, lo and behold today is here. Its 13 above and sunny. Im getting a sun tan in a snow fort. Yes!! Life is awesome. Im so happy Summer and Winter are friends. Thank You Mama Nature.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hey, aren't you.....

SO, I haven't blogged in a while, and im sorry. And I should be blogging about conference, and the sketchness that contarsted the spiritualness, but its late, and that takes effort, so equally as entertaining... I give you- Trevor LaPointe.

So, as per our post institute ritual, we decided to go to the Cheesecake cafe. It was myself, Kelly and Trevor. So we are seated, looking over menus and this random waitress walks by...

Waitress- "Hey!! You are my husbands cousin. ....right?!"

Trevor- (Half puzzled look) "Well, who's your husband?"

Waitress- "Brent. You are like cousins, or something"

Trevor- "Close..."

Waitress- "Close? Then you are hi-"

Trevor- "I don't even know brent."

Waitress- "Whats your name?"

Trevor- "Trevor LaPointe"

Waitress- "Oh, I am so sorry! I..."

Trevor- "Don't worry, I get that alot."

Waitress- "Really?"

Trevor- "No."

Waitress- "Ha ha, well there I go, making an idiot of myself, Im SO sorry, So sorry."

The entire time, im trying not to laugh, cause I don't want to make her feel bad for looking like an idiot, but if you know Trevor at all, you can picture this conversation, and its SOOOOOOO funny. Selena gets off her shift and decides to join us, then this waitress walks by again, sees Selena sitting there, and retells this conversation to her. Infront of us. Then she tells us how she doesn't even like her husband's cousin, but decided to put in the effort and be nice.... So funny.

PS. I feel that there are enough people following my blog now, that I can stop following it to boost my numbers.

PPS. I am aware that was a poorly worded sentence.