Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sleeping like a baby... Literally

My room is not actually a bedroom. It is attatched to my house, but its actually a loft above our 'living room' and this 'living room' doesn't have any heat or a/c, therefore I do not have heat nor a/c. Also, I have but one tiny window. My room is HOT in the summer, and COLD in the winter. I cope. I have a space heater, and I sleep with ice packs.

One particular night last week I went to bed, and my room was 26 degrees. This is unacceptable to me. And there was not a breeze outside, my room was sooo, muggy. So I went downstairs for my usual summer time cure(an ice pack). However, i didn't anticiapte my room eing so sick, so, there was no ice pack. Plan B? Jumbo Freezie. Ive used that tactic before, works great. So I go back up to my room with this freezie... and im lying in bed, and i think to myself, 'i could totally eat this freezie right now...' And it just so happened that i had a knife right next to my bed.

So I'm lying on my back, sucking on this freezie, and I get this weird familiar feeling like ive done this before. Then it dawns on me... this is the exact position i slept in when i was a baby, execpt what once was a bottle, is now a freezie... it was oddly comforting. I slept like a baby. More so- I slept like i did when i was a baby. It was great.

A few days later I told Becky about this. She kind of made fun of me. She took it to an extreme, said i shouldve started crying when i was finished my freezie, until my roommates come up and ask what the junk is wrong, and then i should've, with out a word, made the 'up' gesture that babies make... It was probably the funniest thing she's ever said to me because it was complete with noises, actions and facial expressions. Awesome. That is why I keep her around.

In conclusion, I suggest you call your mom, ask her in what position she put you to sleep in, and sleep in that position, sucking on a freezie. Greatest sleep ever.

My position? On my back right leg straight, left leg bent in, hands holding freezie/on upper stomach area. Good times.


  1. pretty funny there girl.

    but what about the bpeeps tanning??? yes?

  2. Did you actually just refer to African-American people as 'bpeeps'? Oh man.