Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Mama N.

Dear Mother Nature,

Despite the hate that people have been throwing your way, I still love you. And I think you are awesome.


PS. However, I also think you should lay of the 'sauce'....and stop spending time with 'Mary J'.

So, Its April 15th. The day before yesterday, in the wonderful world of Lethbridge (and surrounding area), It snowed. And not just any snow. The good stuff. The wet, thick, architectually appealing kind. We didn't get much of the *good* snow all year...
Anyway, Tuesday morning it was sleeting/freezing raining/flurrying/snow showering.... precipitation....cold wet stuff. but none of it really stuck around. That is at least until about mid afternoon. Then it started piling up like nothin else. Sweet. I went over to my parents house after work to trade vehicles, cause mine needed to be exercised of the demon that possess it. So I took the suburban. I LOVE driving the surburban, its like a tank.
Wednesday morning rolls around and there is an extrodinary amount of snow. This makes me happy, then I realize I must go to work. Crap. I go outside and its really nice out, like a solid 5 degrees. No wind. Great. I look at the 'burb, apparently it snowed all night, cause it was sittin under about a foot of heavy snow. And I parked it on the street so it was caught in a little bit of a drift. So I went to work trying to clean off my car. People are jerks by the way- Im cleaning off my car, its really wet out, im standing by the road, sooo many cars just whippped past, spraying fun amounts of slush at me. Apparently there was a prize for whomever got me the most wet. A white subaru won. DillWeed. So half an hour later im on my way to work. Its a ten minute drive to work. I saw 8 hefty accidents. Springtime+snow=idiots. REEEEALLY? The snow has only been gone for like two weeks, you've forgotten whats it like already? Morons. So I pull into work...and there is a chair wedged in the back door to the office... no lights are on. ....POWER IS OUT! I walked in, and was informed that today has been declared a snow day. I got really excited, ive never had a snow day before. I didn't think they actually existed! I stuck around for like 15 minutes helped call patients to tell them not to bother coming in. Then I booked it home and played in the snow, watched movies, played rockband with my lil sister, made cookies and drank HoCho. SOOO AWESOME.
And then, lo and behold today is here. Its 13 above and sunny. Im getting a sun tan in a snow fort. Yes!! Life is awesome. Im so happy Summer and Winter are friends. Thank You Mama Nature.

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