Friday, February 26, 2010

End of Sarcasm?

So, My mother and my grandmother had a conversation about me recently, and my mother decided to let me in on it. Apparently Grandma thinks my "humour" is sarastic, and cutting, and generally horrible. I was flattered.

I guess this is not a good thing. Especially coming from my Grandma, cause lets face it... I get it from somewhere... My mother's side of the family is a group of the most facetious, sarcastic people you will ever meet. I've always prided myself on having something clever, or witty, or at the very least, sarcastic to say.

Anyway, so if my G-ma thinks my humour is biting, it may be time to re-think. So, re-think I did. And I decided to try out not being sarcsatic for the day... I decided this at about 10:20am. I made it official at 10:25am, by posting it as my status on face book. Cause lets face it, nothing is official until its faceficial. I was all alone ion the GA sterilization room, and I felt pretty good about my decision... How hard could this be? (Its easy to not use sarcasm when you are all alone)

11:00- decided to take a walk over to hygiene.

11:02- Forester says something about not being able to find her mirror. I make a remark about how that utterly tragic. I fail. All it takes is one word.

Sarcasm -1 Me -0 ...I felt like the russians, in the 1st period of Wednesday's game... Scored on. And it came hard, and it came early...

I took this as a wake-up call, I actually had to think about what was coming out of my mouth. So I restarted, 11:03. I decided I needed a test, a little practice run, so I went in search of Amy. Now she is not usually a really sarcastic person, however, she is totally ridiculous and elicits sarcasm from me frequently. I went and chatted her up. Victory was mine. Zero sarcsasm, and believe me- Not Easy.

Being thus filled with confidence, I went in search of bigger fish. Ashley Flickenger- Aka 'Flick' ...She has Sarcasm down to a subtle art, but still posseses the ability to refrain from using it. Conversation- point to Alaya. I was on a roll.

At this point in time I had wandered to the back sterilization room, this is where I got caught. I went to leave and standing in the hall there was Tania... Everything she says and does reqires a sarcastic response, not the toughest opponent, but also in the hall... Carrie Wiebe and Julie Wiggil... Formidable foes. Both only speak in sarcasm, and they are fluent... Carrie, the ridiculous sarcasm, the kind you can only just agree with and build upon, and Julie, with her exaggerative, suffering sarcasm... this is the biggest challenge because we have a sarcasunderstanding... Tough to break that, we have a similar conversation everyday, about how life is SUPER, and that day was an awesome day filled with awesome people, rough. I stayed a while in the conversation, made a few non-sarcastic comments, and then ran back to GA safety. Or so I thought. Who should be waiting for me there, none other that THE Kristy Garner. I was foolish to think I could drop my guard, just because i'd had a few successful runs. Topic of conversation? The song on my ipod. It happened to be a song that Garner choreographed a routine to. It was too much, I broke. I told her I was jealous of her mad dance skills, she said I should be, cause I could never make up a dance that was as sweet as hers. I told her she should give me some tips, I also may have told her that I was going to go home, make up a dance to the song and perform it for her tomorrow, so she could critique it... Conversation over... I had realized what had just happened. I tried to justify it. It wouldn't really be sarcasm if I had actually meant what I had said... right? I dug deep down, tried to find an ounce of jealousy for her sweet5 dance moves... there was none. Also I contemplated going home and actually making up a dance. Yes, I was that desperate, not to be sarcastic.

I still counted myself ahead in the game, because I had restrained myself in tough situations, and held back FUNNY comments. It was nearing the end of the day, I was almost home free, then out of nowhere, Im cornered in GA by Julie. There's no escape this time, she initiated the 'Life is AWESOME' conversation, I couldn't think fast enough, I was caught on my heels, there was nothing else to say. Sarcasm- Another point.

Work was finished, I used to joke that EVERYTHING that came out of my mouth was dripping with sarcasm. Its true. So, I decided that today was going to be a warm-up, and tomorrow will be the big show. I feel better prepared now that I've seen whats coming.

So after work, I went to the hospital to visit Michelle. Apparently I am not able to not be sarcastic around her. I told her what I was doing, and she laughed at me. There are people in this world that provoke sarcasm; I never thought Michelle was one of those people. She is. And we love it. 'Cause with Mich, our sarcasm goes so much deeper than mere words. Its in looks, in subtle movements. People who I KNOW provoke sarcasm? Melissa Lowry, whom I also saw today. Ridiculous amounts of sarcasm occur whenever we're together. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

She's going back to Boston Saturday, sadness. Anyway, Tonight was probably the last time I see her for a while. And this is how the night ended. In the doorway, we legit-hug for the first time. Ever. And im slowly walking away, having the 'stay in touch' type convo, I'll tell her i'll keep blogging, and she stops me, and says that we must make a pact. Right now. She grabs my hand, and tells me to repeat after her... "I Alaya. Do solemnly swear. To blog consistently. For the sake of Melissa. Until the end of my days. ...Amen" And that is how we left it. So, I guess this blog is going to be around for quite sometime...Sweet.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those days.

I just ate a can of peaches. An ENTIRE can of peaches. Do you ever have days, that you just don't feel like cooking, either cause you don't have any food in the house, or your roommates left the kitchen a mess, or you started reading, lost track of time, and felt it wasn't a good thing to be making a full meal at 10pm... I guess today was a combonation of all of those things. Side note: I can't find the book i was reading, so i read Calvin and Hobbes for 4 hours. My how time flies.

Anyway, back to the peaches. They were a little disappointing. Tasted like can. Room-temperature. Swiming in someone elses juices... it was one of those 'peaches in pear juice' things. I'm still not sure how i feel about that.

As I'm writing this... I know its crap. I also don't know why I keep writing. I do know however, that I started three posts before this one... and peaches is the best I got right now. Sorry to disappoint.

Also, while deciding what to blog about I took this test I found it interesting. Apparently, if I don't recognize your face its 75% my parent's genetic fault. But don't worry, I scored a solid 65/72 faces. Not bad. You know what IS bad though? This post. I quit. For now. Sorry.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family Day Pt.2

After we went to Waterton, we went out to my sister's new house just outside of mountain view.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I AM Snow White.

(As a side note, originally I titled this post 'I AM effing snow white... Which sounds funny in my head when i say it. But after reading it, in its written-down form...may be viewed not as intended... For Clarification, I AM snow white...and I am in no way 'effing' snow white...(Please Don't Judge Me...))
So, every Family Day since the beginning of time has been spent in Waterton. This year was no different. We went up into the mountains, had ourselves a little fire, ate some we always do. And where we do this, I have little bird-friends, that come when I whistle. Just like snow white. ...Or sleeping beauty... or fiona. Whoever it is. Anyway we've built this loving relationship, my birds and I. They come when I call, I feed them.

And its super cute right?

Also, ignore the camera doesn't do sound very well...

OK, so they are whiskey jacks, Aka grey jays, and are just really friendly birds. Still. They come when I call... There was also this grouse-lookin bird. Ug-o. He wouldn't come eat out of my hand. Jerk bird. I chased him into the woods. I could've caught him and force fed him chunks of bread, but somehow i felt that a video of me maimming an ugly bird just doesn't have the same Sleeping White effect.

Also, I'd probably want to eat it, if I were to actually catch it. And the Park Warden frowns upon me eating berries... who knows what he'd do if I started eating animals...

Ps. If you would be so kind...Which disney-type princess am I? Also while we are on the topic of disney princesses... I have a little confession to make. Sometimes(All the time) when I'm at Crandell Campground.... I run through the paths that lead through the tall skinny trees, and pretend im Pocahontas....and i sing songs from the movie to myself(out loud) ...Dont tell me that you don't do it too. I know you do.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Funny to me, Embarassing to you.

So, this happened a few weeks ago, back before I had a blog, so im choosing to blog about it now...

I was standing in the hall at chruch, right after RS, chatting with some people, standing along the wall. There was a lull in our conversation, across the hall there was this guy. You know the kind, sort of shy, awkward...homely... Anyway, he takes the lull as an opportunity to start a conversation.

Boy: Hey...How's it goin'?

Me: Good, (I have no idea who you are) How are you?

*Small Talk*

Boy: So...are you busy on Wednesday?

Me: ....(This boy has guts. I'll give him that. ...this is awkward, everyone is listening to this conversation... I can't say no... that would just embarass him. And I would look like a jerk. I really have no idea who he is.) Nope, not busy on Wednesday.

Boy: Do you want to go out?

Me: (How bad could this possibly be?) Sure. Love to. (Ok, I can't go on a date with a guy, whom I don't know...) uh... I don't remember your name...

Boy: Its Troy.

I reach out to shake his hand, because its just a natural reaction to indroductions
Me: I'm Alaya...

His face drops....This look of horror washes over him... He satrts stammering and apologizing..

Troy: I'm so sorry...its see... I thought... you ...were....
He starts backing away.
Troy: Its just...that you look like....uh....this...girl...

Me: Annalise?

Troy: you...uh...know...her...

Me: My sister. Down the hall. In the purple.

He turns and starts walking away....

Me: date on Wednesday?

In reality I was kind of relieved. The poor boy. So embarassing for him.....SO funny to me. He proceeds to walk down the hall and ask my sister out....She says no. Hahahahaha. Life is funny.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Jerry Saga

Please prepare yourself for the longest post you've ever read. This is the story of Alaya and ...we'll call him Jerry. The true, uncut, barely edited story. And I feel free to write it as such for three reason. #1- Odds that Jerry will ever find this blog- Slim, #2- Odds that if he ever finds this blog, he will realize its about him- not good, #3- If by some miracle, he finds it AND figures out that its about him, its all true, so... he can deal with it.

So here it goes. I'll go quick. I met Jerry last summer at an FHE, we had a few mutual friends and i sorta talked to him. He seems nice enough, reasonably attractive. I wanted to get to know him better. Being the stealth-huntress that i am, I bust out some stalking... facebook and otherwise... I went to a few 'gatherings' where i knew he would be, I showed up looking stellar, played it cool. You know how its done. But each time, something horrible would happen. IE: He would show up with another girl, or he would leave early or...the last guy you made out with/kicked out of your house decideds its a good idea to sit right next to you on the couch...
This sort of thing happened for the next month and a bit.

I knew if this was going to progress at the rate i wanted it to, i'd have to step up my game, and Lady Luck finally looked my way. I decided to go to calgary with a friend to see Steven R. Covey give a fireside, and whilst sitting in a pew, casually glancing over my shoulder, I spot him. Apparently Jerry had come up with a few friends for the same fireside. Bonus: The girls i was with, was very good friends with Jerry. The fireside ended and people began conversing, Jerry came by and i suggested we all go to Peters. They accepted. We made our way outside, and stood talking around the vehicles. Thats when it happened. I spotted an enormous jack-rabbit at the edge of the parking lot, and my love for chasing small wodland creatures took over... a took a few steps cautiously toward it, and whispered under my breathe ''here bunny, bunny.'' I had scarcely done so when I came to my senses, Jery was right behind me, what would he think? I stopped. Then Jerry came up behind me and softly whispered in my ear "Hey....wanna chase that bunny?" I turned, a little unsure. I looked at his face, and it was sincere. I nodded, and we both took off towards the small fuzzy thing, we chased it up a hill, we split up, calling directions to each other, it was love. ....but alas...the rabbit escaped. Curses. (And thats about as romantic as our relationship ever got...)

So we went to Peter's had a milkshake, I got his number, and we texted the entire 2 hours home.
About a month passed, there was a few texts, but nothing really ever came of it. Untill i heard that Richard G. Scott was giving a fireside in Calgary. (ps. stupid calgary, they get everyone(Bonnie...)pft.) So I called him up, and I asked him if he planned on going, he said he wanted to, but didn't have a ride, so i said, he could come with me, Yay! ....Turns out i had to work later than anticipated, so we didn't make it up there, so plan B. I took him out to the U of L basketball games, and then we went out for Chinese food. We spent the entire time just chatting away, pretty much i learned his entire life story that first night. And we talked about our childhood, and favorite things, scars, sports(which he didn't really care for...why are we at a basketball game?). The sports thing was kind of a flag, but overall I felt like it went really well. I dropped him off, we hugged goodbye.

He didn't call, or text me for weeks. I commented on his facebook crap sometimes and he'd respond back, and we saw each other a few times at some parties and stuff. Hmmm...playing hard to get.

So, my birthday rolls around, and i never really make a big deal about it, plus the ward christmas party was the same night, so i didn't really have anything planned. Early afternoon, my phone rings, i see its him calling, I answer. He doesn't say a word, he just starts singing Happy Birthday. Points for guts. And it was totally cute. He asked me what i was doing that night, i said nothing, and he replied, well that just won't do. We'll watch a movie....but i don't get off till 11. I'll call you. I agreed. So he came over that night, we watched a chick flick, he stayed until 4 in the morning. Another good night, except for the fact that i slept through the movie. But i chose to fall asleep on the arm of the couch, instead of the arm of the boy...oh well.

So Christmas came and went, and we both got really busy. We ended up playing Quelf one night, and we were cursed to hold hands for a few turns...convenient? Yes. So I made cheeky comments about holding hands throughout the game. He later asked me out to see Avatar.

Avatar date night- He comes over, playes video games with me for a bit, we go to the the movie, we start having 'first date conversation' again.....Red don't remember anything? He asked me how soccer is.... I'm like ...'Rugby? Hasn't started yet...' He then asked me where i worked, and what i did. ....Im pretty sure i've told you this.....twice... I found it kind of funny, cause the whole time that i was pursuing this, people kept telling me how smart he was... LIARS. Moron. And I will NOT chalk it up to nervousness. He genuinely didn't not remember. It was at this point that i started to really analyze this kid. He loves video games much too much. He keeps asking my opinion on Anime. And bringing up the fact that he has ADHD. ....Super. So we watched the movie, evjoyed it, he tok me home, and i guess assumed he was coming in... My bad, I didn't stop him. I made a point to find the good, so we sat and talked, until i kicked him out of my house.

He asked me out again, Archery this time. NICE! I own my own bow. This gives me a chance to size up his survival skills. (Survival, hunting, outside skills=a must) So, we went into it, we designated 11 competition rounds, loser pays for dinner. I'll give him props, he won 3 rounds. Good for him. But this is how the date went- We got to the lane, there were 3 other guys shooting on the range, we shot for a bit, I asked him if he wanted to try my bow (my bow has a heavy pull...i was testing him... muahaha) he said sure. First shot he shot goes off and sticks in the wood seperating the embarassing.... so we all walk down to retrieve our arrows, and he starts yanking on the arrow, and he can't get it out of the wood. The other guys on the range walk over and they are like, you may have to leave the tip in there, so Jerry unscrews the arrow, and then the other guy whips out his multi-tool and hands it to Jerry, and he tries to use it....and its like giving a penguin a gun... you know he hasn't a clue how to use it, and it aint going to help him any... so we leave it, and continue shooting, and just because i was judgmental, there was this dog on the range, that came up behind me, scared me, and my arrow goes off and sticks in the wood between the lanes...awkward, so we walk down, I grab my arrow, Yank it out of the wood. And all the guys on the range were like "OOh! Dude. You shoulda had her get your arrow out!..." ...Sorry Jerry. Embarassing for you.... So he lost the competition, and therefore owed me dinner, we went to Moxies. We got brucchetta. And there was one slice of bread left, and a whole lot of brucchetta, so I tell him he has to pile all that on the little piece of bread. Everntually he does so, and then he says 'now you have to eat it' ....Fair enough. So I ate it right out of his hand, it was kind of romantic. Anyway, he had to go to the church for some bishop-stuff(he's the exec.sec.) and he asked me to come along cause he usually just ends up playing the piano. So we go, and we end up playing the piano. He is amazing at it... We were sitting together on the little bench, the lights were down we were alone. My thoughts? "I practically made out with your hand....make out with my face." No luck. I left.

Costco date. I had to go get some stuff, he tagged along. It was fun. Costco is always fun. Then we went to Quiznos. End of the date rolls around, we hug. Im not satisfied with this hug. For real, either do something, or stop asking me out....This has gone on FAR too long. So we hug. I don't let him go, we are standing there, arms around each other, faces mere inches from each other. Nothing. I quit.

I complained to Melissa, because this is what i've taken to doing. I enjoy her listening, and her help. She jokingly asked for Jerry's number so she could straighten the poor boy out. ....I gave it to her....She texted him. If you wish to hear that textersation, please, just ask. Its a good one. but the point of it was this -DO SOMETHING.

(Thoughts from now on will be Italicized)
So he asked me out again a few days later. A movie. His House. GOOD. So we are watching this movie, sort of leaning into each other, then he decides its a good idea to put his head on my shoulder and cuddle up to me...what is this? Are you the I actually the man in this? Why are you cuddling up to me? Holy role reversal.... so i start fitgeting. And he asks if im uncomfortable, I say yes, and we switch up positions, and all of a sudden im in some sort of headlock, with his arm pretty much on my face. Are we wrestling? Do you want to? I'll kick your trash. Why am i eating your arm? Are we just getting closer...I make out with you hand, then your we hit shoulder before the face? Again, I move. I sit up. He takes this movement as an opportunity to cuddling into me again....hmm....then he ASKS if he can hold my hand. If you have to ask the answer is no. I then give him my hand. He grabs it with his sweaty, limp hand. I'm holding a fish. A dead fish... A hot dead fish. I lossen up his grip and begin tracing my fingers up and down his my fingers curl to the base of his palm, he closes his hand over top of mine. He's holding my fist....WTF. What do i do? He lets go, I continue, maybe it was just a freak accident. Nope. He did it again. $#!%, Useless boy... Movie ends and i pretty much ran out of there.

A few days later he sends me this text:

Hey, I need to talk to you, can we meet up?

Halleluijah! He gets it. Its over. Thats the international we are breaking up text. Yes!

We set a time and place... and then he sends me this:

Great, I can't wait to see you.


So we meet up, he's late, were sitting at DQ. I decided that i was going to let him spearhead this talk... it was his idea after all. ...And hour later, after talking yo-yos, and movies, and books, and useless crap...

J- So, should we skedaddle?

A- No, no, no, no, no,no. When you texted me, you said you NEEDED to talk to me, and so far, we haven't really talked about anything.

He then proceeded to pour out his heart to me, and asked me if I would be his girlfriend, and I sat there, and was like, whoa buddie mixed signals. First of all NO. I thought that was obvious and I'll tell you why.... I crushed his little heart, I told him he was utterly useless, and a moron. He admitted that he could never make me happy, but he'd try. I agreed, but it just would never be good enough and he cried once or twice. I didn't know what to do, so I slapped him upside the head, told him to get over it and left him there in a sad pile of tears and melted ice-cream.

.....Just kidding.

Reality= He used the line, 'I think you are an amazing girl' I then beat him to the punch "Lets be friends." He agreed. He said he wasn't really in a place in his life where we felt like he could commit to something (funny, last guy that said that to me was engaged within a couple of months...) And for real he said he knew he couldn't make me happy. True. I kinda felt bad. I then gave him a hand-holding lesson. So, now were friends. And not just Proximity Friends. Real friends, we're going horseback riding in a few weeks.

2306 words.... Sorry....2308.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wicked Games

So, I fully had the intention of telling people about my blog. BUT. Its funnier this way. See, I went to work today, was chillin with Lowry, and I made the confession that I had created a blog. Then I busted out my phone, and my exact words were "I guess if I told you, I should tell everyone else too..." At which point Melissa is like "No. I have a brilliant idea... I'm going to link your blog to mine, and then everyone can find it, and be all outraged that you didn't tell them." I, of course, jumped right on this idea. Because, really, it is funny. I then proceeded to point out that fact that whenever Melissa says "Everyone" see actually means Cathy Frache. Really, she's the only one that will be outraged that I didn't tell her. Then Melissa says to me that Bonnie will be outraged also. And that when she says "Everyone" She means Cathy AND Bonnie. I conceeded to this fact, but made the point that I'm pretty sure Bonnie won't be 'outraged.' See- I'm afraid Cathy will come down here and hit me, or at least send me angry indignated texts...I don't believe Bonnie will resort to violence.

So, this is the game we are playing. I told Melissa about it this morning, 11:00am, Monday February 8th, 2010. As of 6:00pm, Melissa hasn't linked to my blog, but rest assured it will happen tonight. And we are A- going to see how long it takes "Everyone" to find it; and B- going to see how 'outraged' people are. SO, if you are a person, and you find my blog, please leave a comment here as soon as you done reading this, so we know who found it first. And in this comment please explain exactly how outraged you are that you had to find this on your own. And if you feel so inclined, include how much you love me for it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Land Before Time

As promised, here is the explaination about being awake forever, and the 'Stupid Dinos' comment.

For the last few months, i've been gathering every Land Before Time movie ever created, for the sole purpose of having a ridiculous marathon. This past weekend was when I held this ridiculous marathon. It was epic. The night started at around 8pm Friday night. Around 30 people showed up, there was a $10 buy-in for those that wished to compete, only about a third of the movie-watchers put in. Fair enough. So the pot sat at $100, to go to the person who out-lasts the dinos.

It was much more difficult than I anticipated. We lost 8 or 9 people after the first movie. And a few more during/after the second. I started the third movie with about 11 people. Sometime during that one a few more quit, this left Tanner, Kirsten, Tasha, Kayla and myself. Kirsten passed out on the floor within the first 10 minutes of the fourth movie, Kayla quit after what may have been the sixth....i'm not sure, they all started to blend together.... So It was Tanner, Tasha and myself...

As a side note, These movies are ridiculous, and repetitive, and generally horrible things. The first movie was great, it was exec-produced by George Lucas and Steven Speilberg and had music composed by James Horner....The series that followed was not even affiliated with the first movie, and unlike the first, the series was, in a sort of disney-fashon, musical. And as much as enjoyed the improper speech of Petrie, his singing made me want to ...nevermind. Also, the phrase 'Yep Yep Yep' now makes my ears bleed. And i could sit here and rip apart the story plot, and rag on the fact that, while trying to teach good morals such as sharing, and honesty, and team work, in reality each movie started with the dinosaurs disobeying their parents and running away from home, not to mention having co-ed spooning-sleepovers, and fighting, and being bossy and stubborn. I swear Cera didn't learn a thing through 13 movies. and Little foot is still a self-loathing pansy....seriously, he cries ALOT for being a cartoon dinosaur, but I digress...

So anyway, the three of us fought off sleep until about 4 in the morning, when Tasha gave up. Then it was the two of us, so I declared Tanner the winner, but we decided we had to finish it, just to say that we did, so we went on, at about 10 in the morning people started coming back, to check on our progress. And movie 13 ended at 1:45pm Saturday. Tanner left. I started the sing-a-long movies with the few that came back...THAT was a gong-show. Those lasted until 2:15. I did it. It was horrible, and I wanted to die, but Idid it. I didn't end up having my nap cause the people that went to bed and came back wanted to hang out, so we did. And that is why i was awake for 40 hours.

That whole day, everytime I closed my eyes, I saw baby cartoon dinos. Geez. All in all, i think it was a success. I'd do it again, maybe not with Land Before Time, cause seriously, I hate it now. But with something better. And that was my weekend Hooray.

P.S. Is it weird I follow my own blog?

P.P.S I spent all day (feb8) thinking about how much those moveis were crap and i felt to need to elaborte on a few key issues that i found annoying.
1- Gay movie title names. Example "The Time of Great Giving" "Journey to Big Water" "The Stone of Cold Fire"
2- Apparently the writers got sick of creating new plots and lines they just recycled situations and lines. Its like Deja Vu, but not. Because it was actually happening.
3- Speaking of recycling, they reused songs. Ok, thats not giving them enough credit, they did a reprise of a few songs. Example: The song Big, Big, Big, Big, Big, Big Waaaaterrrrrr. Was in "Journey to Big Water" and in "The Great Day of the Flyers" the crew had to go back there, and felt to need to sing about it again. Not cool.
4- Nearing the end of the series, they were getting desperate, so they paid a bunch of big-name actors to play some characters. Example Kiefer Sutherland=Little Foot's Dad. Also (and ok, this was kind of funny) Michael Clarke Duncan was the daddy Tinysaurus. For those of you that don't know, Mr. Duncan is the HUGE black guy from the Green Mile, The Whole 9 Yards and Armeggedon. Ok, Irony. Touche.
5- The last movie of the series, the crew spent their time trying to teach Dodo birds 'wisdom'. Which we all know is not a worth-while activity. All the same, this is my problem- The dodo's defense was to stick their head in the ground and pretend to be a bush. Usually I wouldn't have a problem with this, but the killer was this phrase "Stick up your tush, look like a bush." It was said multiple times during the movie. What are we teaching out kids?

Thats is all....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pilot PS.

OK, so I changed around some color, cause that only takes 30 seconds. I'm designing a banner, and thinking abour re-working the whole thing, but this'll do for now. SO- PS. This blog will probably change its look over the next lil bit.


So, I named my first blog post 'pilot'. I figure if television series' do it, I can do it to. I've never really understood what it actually means. In fact the first time I was looking at an episode guide, I read this as the title of an episode, and was sorely disappointed when the episode had nothing to do with airplanes....

Anyway, I'd like to apologize for the craptastic way my blog looks....cookie cutter crap. I blame the Industrial Revolution. I'll fix it when I have a chance to get some sleep. Because i've been more or less awake for the last 33 hours. ...Stupid Dinosaurs. I'll explain that in my next post.

I've been meaning to get on this 'blogging' thing for a while now. And when I say a while I mean 42 days. This is when Melissa Lowry started hounding me for one, bringing up that one time that I told her I had stories for her....and then never told her those stories... But my hesitation has come from two main points... THREE main points-
1- I haven't legitimately written anything for years. My grammer, sentence structure, spelling all Suck (take that last sentence for example.)
2-I was afraid that if I started this, i'd become boring, or my stories/life would pale in comparison to my uber-hilarious-socially-active friends.
3- I didn't want people to read this and have people think of me, in a way that is not me.(If that makes ANY sense) 'Cause well, the first posts I would've written on here were of scandalous, odd, 'things-i'd-never-do-if-I-were-in-North-America' type events.

But after some thought, and a little prompting from friends, and a lot of prompting from one, I came to these conclusions/answers to my issues.
1-I live in a 'lol, omg, b4,l8r' world. The fact that i write out words and use capitalization and punctuation makes me look like a friggin genius. I shudder for the next generation.
2- Cuba, Land Before Time, and the fact- boys and 18 year old roommates are idiots.
3- The only people that will read this are people that already know me, and you can think what you want, cause I know, in the end, you will love me for it.

And thus, we have Alaya's blog.