Thursday, February 18, 2010

I AM Snow White.

(As a side note, originally I titled this post 'I AM effing snow white... Which sounds funny in my head when i say it. But after reading it, in its written-down form...may be viewed not as intended... For Clarification, I AM snow white...and I am in no way 'effing' snow white...(Please Don't Judge Me...))
So, every Family Day since the beginning of time has been spent in Waterton. This year was no different. We went up into the mountains, had ourselves a little fire, ate some we always do. And where we do this, I have little bird-friends, that come when I whistle. Just like snow white. ...Or sleeping beauty... or fiona. Whoever it is. Anyway we've built this loving relationship, my birds and I. They come when I call, I feed them.

And its super cute right?

Also, ignore the camera doesn't do sound very well...

OK, so they are whiskey jacks, Aka grey jays, and are just really friendly birds. Still. They come when I call... There was also this grouse-lookin bird. Ug-o. He wouldn't come eat out of my hand. Jerk bird. I chased him into the woods. I could've caught him and force fed him chunks of bread, but somehow i felt that a video of me maimming an ugly bird just doesn't have the same Sleeping White effect.

Also, I'd probably want to eat it, if I were to actually catch it. And the Park Warden frowns upon me eating berries... who knows what he'd do if I started eating animals...

Ps. If you would be so kind...Which disney-type princess am I? Also while we are on the topic of disney princesses... I have a little confession to make. Sometimes(All the time) when I'm at Crandell Campground.... I run through the paths that lead through the tall skinny trees, and pretend im Pocahontas....and i sing songs from the movie to myself(out loud) ...Dont tell me that you don't do it too. I know you do.


  1. bahaha - oh alaya. i can def see you as pocahontas.

  2. Freak. Who knew you quite literally had such mad animal skills. I'm way impressed. Pocohontas... ya... I'll say. You're all running with the wolves and what not. Those vidyos were INSANITY. Birds... flying to you... Seriously. I cannot even comprehend it. You were kidding when you said you have a love of furry woodland creatures. I'd say I'm speechless... but clearly I'm not. From now on you shall be known as Chief-whistle-bird-lady (and no I'm not sold on the name... just spitballing ya know?)