Saturday, February 6, 2010


So, I named my first blog post 'pilot'. I figure if television series' do it, I can do it to. I've never really understood what it actually means. In fact the first time I was looking at an episode guide, I read this as the title of an episode, and was sorely disappointed when the episode had nothing to do with airplanes....

Anyway, I'd like to apologize for the craptastic way my blog looks....cookie cutter crap. I blame the Industrial Revolution. I'll fix it when I have a chance to get some sleep. Because i've been more or less awake for the last 33 hours. ...Stupid Dinosaurs. I'll explain that in my next post.

I've been meaning to get on this 'blogging' thing for a while now. And when I say a while I mean 42 days. This is when Melissa Lowry started hounding me for one, bringing up that one time that I told her I had stories for her....and then never told her those stories... But my hesitation has come from two main points... THREE main points-
1- I haven't legitimately written anything for years. My grammer, sentence structure, spelling all Suck (take that last sentence for example.)
2-I was afraid that if I started this, i'd become boring, or my stories/life would pale in comparison to my uber-hilarious-socially-active friends.
3- I didn't want people to read this and have people think of me, in a way that is not me.(If that makes ANY sense) 'Cause well, the first posts I would've written on here were of scandalous, odd, 'things-i'd-never-do-if-I-were-in-North-America' type events.

But after some thought, and a little prompting from friends, and a lot of prompting from one, I came to these conclusions/answers to my issues.
1-I live in a 'lol, omg, b4,l8r' world. The fact that i write out words and use capitalization and punctuation makes me look like a friggin genius. I shudder for the next generation.
2- Cuba, Land Before Time, and the fact- boys and 18 year old roommates are idiots.
3- The only people that will read this are people that already know me, and you can think what you want, cause I know, in the end, you will love me for it.

And thus, we have Alaya's blog.


  1. You are welcome. Glad my constant nagging got stuff done. Dont ever say I dont make stuff happen. Cause boy do I.

  2. Also remember at work when I read these posts and told you "I cant wait to go home and comment now." Yup... I was serious about that.

  3. Remember how I love stories, both telling and listening? And how we pee our pants laughing at each other's stories? Trent doesn't get blogging. I don't get why not.

    I also don't get why I haven't been enjoying this sooner... I feel like a bandwagoner now, rounding off your followers at 25. That's a quarter century. Like you are. Boom. Roasted.