Sunday, February 14, 2010

Funny to me, Embarassing to you.

So, this happened a few weeks ago, back before I had a blog, so im choosing to blog about it now...

I was standing in the hall at chruch, right after RS, chatting with some people, standing along the wall. There was a lull in our conversation, across the hall there was this guy. You know the kind, sort of shy, awkward...homely... Anyway, he takes the lull as an opportunity to start a conversation.

Boy: Hey...How's it goin'?

Me: Good, (I have no idea who you are) How are you?

*Small Talk*

Boy: So...are you busy on Wednesday?

Me: ....(This boy has guts. I'll give him that. ...this is awkward, everyone is listening to this conversation... I can't say no... that would just embarass him. And I would look like a jerk. I really have no idea who he is.) Nope, not busy on Wednesday.

Boy: Do you want to go out?

Me: (How bad could this possibly be?) Sure. Love to. (Ok, I can't go on a date with a guy, whom I don't know...) uh... I don't remember your name...

Boy: Its Troy.

I reach out to shake his hand, because its just a natural reaction to indroductions
Me: I'm Alaya...

His face drops....This look of horror washes over him... He satrts stammering and apologizing..

Troy: I'm so sorry...its see... I thought... you ...were....
He starts backing away.
Troy: Its just...that you look like....uh....this...girl...

Me: Annalise?

Troy: you...uh...know...her...

Me: My sister. Down the hall. In the purple.

He turns and starts walking away....

Me: date on Wednesday?

In reality I was kind of relieved. The poor boy. So embarassing for him.....SO funny to me. He proceeds to walk down the hall and ask my sister out....She says no. Hahahahaha. Life is funny.


  1. Bahahahahah... even tho I've heard this it's still funny. And I love that Annalise said no. Awesome twist of fate.

  2. bahahahahhaha - i have the same response as melissa.

  3. Oh man... that is hilarious. bahahaha