Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those days.

I just ate a can of peaches. An ENTIRE can of peaches. Do you ever have days, that you just don't feel like cooking, either cause you don't have any food in the house, or your roommates left the kitchen a mess, or you started reading, lost track of time, and felt it wasn't a good thing to be making a full meal at 10pm... I guess today was a combonation of all of those things. Side note: I can't find the book i was reading, so i read Calvin and Hobbes for 4 hours. My how time flies.

Anyway, back to the peaches. They were a little disappointing. Tasted like can. Room-temperature. Swiming in someone elses juices... it was one of those 'peaches in pear juice' things. I'm still not sure how i feel about that.

As I'm writing this... I know its crap. I also don't know why I keep writing. I do know however, that I started three posts before this one... and peaches is the best I got right now. Sorry to disappoint.

Also, while deciding what to blog about I took this test I found it interesting. Apparently, if I don't recognize your face its 75% my parent's genetic fault. But don't worry, I scored a solid 65/72 faces. Not bad. You know what IS bad though? This post. I quit. For now. Sorry.


  1. You blog so I have something to read. And because even talking about peaches I know exactly what you meant. And dont you forgot it.

  2. Also I took the same quiz....
    Out of 72 faces, you correctly identified 69.
    In other words, you got 96% correct.
    Faces I can do. Names... not so much.