Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Land Before Time

As promised, here is the explaination about being awake forever, and the 'Stupid Dinos' comment.

For the last few months, i've been gathering every Land Before Time movie ever created, for the sole purpose of having a ridiculous marathon. This past weekend was when I held this ridiculous marathon. It was epic. The night started at around 8pm Friday night. Around 30 people showed up, there was a $10 buy-in for those that wished to compete, only about a third of the movie-watchers put in. Fair enough. So the pot sat at $100, to go to the person who out-lasts the dinos.

It was much more difficult than I anticipated. We lost 8 or 9 people after the first movie. And a few more during/after the second. I started the third movie with about 11 people. Sometime during that one a few more quit, this left Tanner, Kirsten, Tasha, Kayla and myself. Kirsten passed out on the floor within the first 10 minutes of the fourth movie, Kayla quit after what may have been the sixth....i'm not sure, they all started to blend together.... So It was Tanner, Tasha and myself...

As a side note, These movies are ridiculous, and repetitive, and generally horrible things. The first movie was great, it was exec-produced by George Lucas and Steven Speilberg and had music composed by James Horner....The series that followed was not even affiliated with the first movie, and unlike the first, the series was, in a sort of disney-fashon, musical. And as much as enjoyed the improper speech of Petrie, his singing made me want to ...nevermind. Also, the phrase 'Yep Yep Yep' now makes my ears bleed. And i could sit here and rip apart the story plot, and rag on the fact that, while trying to teach good morals such as sharing, and honesty, and team work, in reality each movie started with the dinosaurs disobeying their parents and running away from home, not to mention having co-ed spooning-sleepovers, and fighting, and being bossy and stubborn. I swear Cera didn't learn a thing through 13 movies. and Little foot is still a self-loathing pansy....seriously, he cries ALOT for being a cartoon dinosaur, but I digress...

So anyway, the three of us fought off sleep until about 4 in the morning, when Tasha gave up. Then it was the two of us, so I declared Tanner the winner, but we decided we had to finish it, just to say that we did, so we went on, at about 10 in the morning people started coming back, to check on our progress. And movie 13 ended at 1:45pm Saturday. Tanner left. I started the sing-a-long movies with the few that came back...THAT was a gong-show. Those lasted until 2:15. I did it. It was horrible, and I wanted to die, but Idid it. I didn't end up having my nap cause the people that went to bed and came back wanted to hang out, so we did. And that is why i was awake for 40 hours.

That whole day, everytime I closed my eyes, I saw baby cartoon dinos. Geez. All in all, i think it was a success. I'd do it again, maybe not with Land Before Time, cause seriously, I hate it now. But with something better. And that was my weekend Hooray.

P.S. Is it weird I follow my own blog?

P.P.S I spent all day (feb8) thinking about how much those moveis were crap and i felt to need to elaborte on a few key issues that i found annoying.
1- Gay movie title names. Example "The Time of Great Giving" "Journey to Big Water" "The Stone of Cold Fire"
2- Apparently the writers got sick of creating new plots and lines they just recycled situations and lines. Its like Deja Vu, but not. Because it was actually happening.
3- Speaking of recycling, they reused songs. Ok, thats not giving them enough credit, they did a reprise of a few songs. Example: The song Big, Big, Big, Big, Big, Big Waaaaterrrrrr. Was in "Journey to Big Water" and in "The Great Day of the Flyers" the crew had to go back there, and felt to need to sing about it again. Not cool.
4- Nearing the end of the series, they were getting desperate, so they paid a bunch of big-name actors to play some characters. Example Kiefer Sutherland=Little Foot's Dad. Also (and ok, this was kind of funny) Michael Clarke Duncan was the daddy Tinysaurus. For those of you that don't know, Mr. Duncan is the HUGE black guy from the Green Mile, The Whole 9 Yards and Armeggedon. Ok, Irony. Touche.
5- The last movie of the series, the crew spent their time trying to teach Dodo birds 'wisdom'. Which we all know is not a worth-while activity. All the same, this is my problem- The dodo's defense was to stick their head in the ground and pretend to be a bush. Usually I wouldn't have a problem with this, but the killer was this phrase "Stick up your tush, look like a bush." It was said multiple times during the movie. What are we teaching out kids?

Thats is all....

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  1. BAHHAHHAHAHA... And yes every comment is going to start with me laughing. I love that you added to this. And stick up your tush, look like a bush? Oh my... that is slightly horrifying. Its a shame I missed these movies... cause I think I woulda been one of the few to stick it out... and this woulda be really really REALLY funny to me... out of delirium of course.