Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kinder Illegal Surprise

I've broken up my road trip into a bunch of little blogs, cause reading one huge long blog is annoying. Almost annoying as writing it. So, I'll see how much I can get through tonight.

I booked reading week off forever ago. I missed having time off when all my friends had time off. Work sucks like that. And I had something awesome to do! Road trip with my best bud KT. Idaho here we come.

So Sam Workman came with. She has family down there and she wanted to go visit, and that meant we had a place to stat a few nights. Excellent! Anyway, we stocked up for our road trip, junk food and stuff. She bought some Kinder-Surprises for her little cousins cause they don't sell them down in the states. ....Yeah... There is a reason they don't sell them in the states...

We were rolling through the boarder, chattin it up, the guy in the booth was really nice, he was just breezing through the usual questions- "Where are you going? How long are you going to be there? Whats the purpose of the trip?" Simple, Idaho, the whole weeek, concert, you know, we talked about bands for a minute or two... "Are you taking anything down there that will be staying down there?" No.

Then Sam pipes up from the back seat, "Just some Kinder Surprises" ...Really?

I was looking at the guards face, and this is what that face said to me-
"Why? Why would you even say that? What on Earth possessed you to bring up the fact you had toys surrounded with stupid chocolate eggs? Are you a moron? You couldn't just keep your mouth shut?" This was exactly what his face said to me.

This is what his mouth said to me- "There is a reason they don't sell them in the states... they are illegal"

Then his face said "No, I'm not kidding. ...Idiot."

Then my thoughts totally agreed with his face. Idiot.

They took us inside and gave us our options- Option 1- They could Seize the contraband eggs, which could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours... or Option 2- Sam could walk them back into Canada and surrender the eggs to the Canadian Customs.

Obvious choice. They held our passports while Sam walked the eggs back into the country. When they finally decided we weren't a flight risk, the guy they handed us over to gave us back our passports, his exact words were "So, you're with the evil kinder surprise girl huh?" We claimed not guilty, but we both knew we were guilty by association... accessories to bringing contraband chocolate eggs into their country... Of all the illegal things Ive done, I get caught on this...

Luckily the Canadian boarder was more than happy to take the eggs. We all get off Scott-free. Sam lost her speaking at the boarder privileges. Permanently.

We had a good laugh about it with the guards... Silly Americans... can't handle toys and food at the same time, so they outlaw it. Pansies.

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