Friday, February 11, 2011

Echo Roadtrip

As a precursor to this post, a week before this trip Dallas and I had a discussion about him going on a mission, about how he really wants to, but its hard, yadda yadda, and essentially we decided to cut back on the 'couple thing'...

So, last weekend Dan, Indie, Dallas and Myself took a trip to Dan's uncle's cabin at Echo lake. I know I am the queen of the marathon date(though I can't really call it a date because ...well its complicated?), but this was going to be the marathoniest of them all!

We left Lethbridge at 2pm Friday, We got back at 11pm Sunday. 57 hours? Possible longest "date" yet. I picked up Dallas, and lo and behold, the kid was sick again... you know for a guy that claims to have an extraordinary immune system, his kind of sucks. It was a solid ride down, the roads were fine right up until we got into Glacier... then my car was pretty much skating the entire way. It was a little nerve racking, but we made it there alive, which is a bonus. Dan's Uncle's Cabin wasn't right on the lake, but it was def close enough, it was beautiful, like what my house will look like one day. First order of business? Famous Daves...

It had been a solid 6 months since the boys were last down here, and they had gone to Famous Daves, and on the menu, there was a platter that included an "ENTIRE CHICKEN" ... for months I had to listen to them talk about the ENTIRE CHICKEN... it got old, real fast. So, we went to Famous Daves. And you know what? This platter fed the four of us. And it was delicious. I think this is tradition now... every time we leave Canada, we must find a Daves, and we MUST have an ENTIRE CHICKEN. You know what else? Americans know how to do their BBQ- the chicken, the ribs, the beans and coleslaw, and CORNBREAD MUFFINS to die for... mmmm.

Enough of that, we hit up the grocery store on the way back, I had the intent of stocking up on Cherry Dr. Pepper, cause that's the good stuff, but I found Mountain Dew White Out... That's the REAL good stuff... its my new favorite. It has more caffeine than Pepsi. Don't judge.

By the time we got back to the house it was getting late so we watched a movie and went to bed. All of us in our own rooms. Don't even worry about our chastity! We are good boys and girls.

I was the first one up in the morning. I tried to go back to sleep but to no avail. I went upstairs to read by the fire, and I did so for about an hour and a half until Indie decided it was time to get up. We decided not to wake the boys just yet, they need their beauty sleep. So we went on a little adventure! We walked down to the lake, it was gorgeous. The sun was shining, there was not a breath of wind and it was probably in the double digits degrees-wise. Then we wandered back up the road and found the volunteer fire department, they had on of those practice fire house things, we tried to get inside it... we failed. So we continued walking and found our way to a road that went behind our cabin, so we decided to go tromping through the snow to get back. I sunk in up past my knee a few times. We got back, and the boys still weren't up, we had had enough so we started calling for them, man they are pretty when they first wake up....

We took the truck that was out there cause we didn't want my lil ol car getting stuck anywhere and we went for a drive, sight seeing and such, we went to Costco. Mmmm, Costco in the states...SO good. So much free food. Samples are the greatest thing ever. We also stopped at Famous Daves to get more corn bread, cause it was that good.

We played monopoly and cards, ate pizza and watched movies, went for a moonlit walk to the lake, star gazed in the snow, had a lil snowball fight, it was a great vacation. As for our agreement to be less coupley... umm yeah... I guess this weekend didn't count... I tried to enforce said agreement, but the boy was little self control, and is very persistent. At one point in time I refused to let him anywhere near me, I had no idea I was that quick... It didn't last long though, speed is not my forte, so I turned to what IS my forte... In the matter of about 40 minutes, I had him in 3 different headlocks. He has an enormous head so this was no small feat, I thought a few times about just choking him out... staying away from him would be a lot easier if he were unconscious... ...I didn't.

Didn't get to watch the Superbowl, but its probably better that way... my Steelers lost.

The roads were better on the way back, I let Dan drive, I trust him with my car, I just wanted to chill. The trip back was fairly uneventful. We stopped in Magrath at Indie's house, visited with her family, which, was not as awkward as I thought it would've been. They are cool people. And funny.

Anyway, all in all, it was a good weekend, to bad though... this was the only picture I got of it...

Yeah...thats exactly what it looks like... taking a leak...

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  1. haha that picture. famous dave's is the BEST.