Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'll admit it, I was wrong.

So, all my life I was brought up with the sure knowledge that Idaho was comprised of flat, boring, potato farms and desert, any civilization was very hick-ish, and there was nothing to do there.

While mostly true, Idaho is kind of awesome, and i'd like to take this opportunity to admit that I was wrong. The Snake river winds through deep canyons that are so cool, it come to these falls which by the way are taller than Niagara.
This is my "I was wrong" face...

There are also Giant Soda Cans...Aka Pop Cans. Silly American words.

Idaho also has very nice botanical gardens...all year long...

It started snowing big, heavy flakes of snow the morning we decided to go visit the botanical garden. Which we thought was fine, because we were under the impression that it was indoors... there was supposed to be a butterfly room... Silly us.

There was a little office where we paid to get in. We had a conversation with the lady, that I didn't think much of at the time, but looking back, I see where she was going with it... After the usual small-talk you have with people like this she asked us if we were Canadian. I assumed it was the way we spoke that gave us away, and then she made a remark about us being able to handle this weather.

I thought she meant it as a general statement, not that she thought we were nuts for wanting to walk around a frozen garden with nothing in it. But thats exactly what she was thinking- Two crazy Canadian girls want to pay to walk around in the snow...

We also hit up the Capital Building. It was pretty cool, made entirely of marble.

Sat in a session equivalent to a Parliament Session. My childhood self called me out on being a geek. Its ok, I kicked my childhood selfs trash.

Last but not least- to hit up the full spectrum of what Idaho has to offer- A little historical site- Old Penitentiary! Sometimes jail is fun. Sometimes a little creepy. Shivs, Bars and Benches.

So, touche Idaho. You were good times.

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