Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've forgotten how to run. I will admit it. Its better to admit that, than to admit that there never was a time in your life, that you did know how to run. ... No, im sure at one point in my life i didn't look like a complete retard when i ran. ...fairly sure. Like 90% sure, there was a time in my life when i ran well... When i ran fine. ...When i ran ok.

I went for a run tonight. After months of 'i should really start running again' and 'i'm going to go for a run everyday' I actually did it. I sort of did it last, it was Monday night. But that really wasn't a run. It was a couple laps around my backyard, then I took a lap around the park behind my house cause i felt silly running in circles. Then I ran back to my house and decided I wanted to do a 10-down. Just to see how long it would take me. Oh, I was feeling ambitious all right. I started my ten down, after the sit-ups, burpees and about halfway through the pushups, i decided to make it a 7-down. ....Then i quit at about 3. or 4...

(For those of you that are not aquianted with a '10-down', here is how it goes. You have point A and about 20m away, point B. Starting at Point A you do 10 pushups, situps, burpees, mountain climbers, Thinker(30 secs) Squat(30secs). Then you sprint to point B, do 9 of each. Sprint back to point A, do 8 of each. And you do this all the way down. Hence the name 10.Down.)

Anyway, tonight was actually a run-run. My mom came over to pick up something from my house and I asked her to drive me somewhere so i could run home. I hate running loops, I love running PointA to PointB. So much more satisfying. So I'm about to go, and my dear mother says "Alaya, no alleys", Mother please. So I say fine(lie) but i tell her i'm going to run through the park. And my dear mother is like "No. Stay on the sidewalks. ..." Again. Come now mother. Dont be silly. First of all, its only 10:30. And Secondly, I'll be fine. And i'll tell you why. I'm big, and intimidating and running. Logically, no one would dare touch me because if I am running it is because
A- I am running from something bigger, meaner and uglier than i am, and if you were to grab me, it would catch up, and the end result would not be pretty;
B- I am obviously athletic and motivated, which natuarally means im probably strong enough to kick your trash; or
C- I'm chasing something that may or may not have the potential to be my food, and if you get in my way, i'll eat you.

Silly mothers, worry for nothing. Anyway, back to my point. I look like a retard when i run. I really need to figure this out. I was watching my shadow run as I ran along streetlights, and pretty much, i could probably pass for (enter politically incorrect, totally inappropriate noun here, ex:Terry Fox/Special Olympics, your choice) It was kind of distrubing, im just glad no one was around. So, this is something I need to work on. And I will. Because I dont do anything else. For real. My living room is a gym. And other than work and the occassional institute class, I don't see people, oh and also not counting going to rugby games. Other than those three things, really i don't do anything. Eeeeee.

So, office-softball is tomorrow. That should be a riot. I cant play softball. That freaking ball is huge. And both my shoulders are ruined so I cant throw well, I can't hit an underhand pitch for the life of me.(Give me a fastball, give me a curve fine, I can hit a baseball. But those dang underhanders screw with me.) Oh, and i look like an idiot when i run. Riot.


  1. this was inspirational. especially your list of why people wont attack you. riot.

  2. That is EXACTLY what I think when I run in sketchy places! Well not exactly... but for real... I feel like if someone is gonna choose someone to attack, its not gonna be the girl who isnt a waif. Muggers want an easy life too yo.

  3. funny. you make yourself sound so monsterous!

  4. Lol...'Waif' ....Its true.

    Pft. I *AM* a monster...