Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Office Softball

So, I never really thought 'Office Softball' was a real thing. Just like 'Company Picnics' it was something movie producers made up so they had an excuse to have some kind of awkward gathering... Or something. The point is, i'm playing softball on Team Hall Dental, Aka 'Drill it and Fill it'. Its good times. Our first game was last Thursday. It was pretty much a blast. We won one, lost one, i wasn't totally useless. It felt pretty good. Spent some time bonding with people that I don't usually talk much to.

Anyway, this week was a little different. Ok, well it WAS still fun. First game we played we had a crappy first inning and they scored like 12 runs. Ooops. But it was fun, good sported team. First downside of the night- There was the husband/boyfriend/male companion to one of our receptionists there, said receptionist wasn't there. They don't really have a happy relationship as far as i can tell. He creeps me out, to the max. ...Ok, not to the max. But a hefty dose of creep, he is. I'll blog about it sometime. He is just all kinds of inappropriate... and there is something about him that says pedophile serial killer to me... ANYWAY. So that was little speed bump #1. Speed bump #2? After so many years of playing contact sports, wrestling with siblings, and generally being an idiot- sometimes my body decides to fall apart. First time at bat, I swung, hit, and started to sprint. About the third step in, I step kind of funny, and my hip decides it doesn't like being in its proper place, and tries to adjust itself. Not a pleasant feeling. It feels as if all the muscles surrounding my hip are pulled. Mmmmm. Also, first throw I threw, my shoulder didn't like... Just cause I seperated you like a year ago! Stupid body...

Anyway, once more of our team showed up, that game went better, we couldn't come back to win, but we got close. Highlight of the night-Playing ball on the big field, under the lights. Well it would've been the highlight if we didn't get our trash handed to us. Im not complaining, I know how to lose. Grade 10 taught me that. But this was ridiculous. We play in Division E. Aka-we are a bunch of misfits that like to drink beer league. The team we played was comprised of people that played in college/competitively. They made huge hits, homeruns were kind of the norm for them. All of them could run, hit catch and throw amazingly. The final score? like 40-0. Now, thats a lil much don't you think?

Anyway Positives to the night? Becky joined us! Woo woo! I like that kid. Shes a keeper, she gave me drugs mmmm. Also Kenzie Sheen made it out. And I will tell you a secret. I LOVE Kenzie, and i will tell you why. She is probably one of the most genuinely nice people I know. Shes totally motivating, serious team player. She's athletic and there's just something about her that makes you want to be a better person when shes around. Also, she decided to help my stretch out my hip, and after she had done so, it immediately felt better. Magic that girl is. That and shes totally hot.

Oh man, i'm gonna hurt tomorow. My shoulder and my hip are not going to be my friends. Eeeeeee.

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