Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Live May. Long.

Well. Here's to a weekend. And here's to what im sure is going to be quite the post.

Typically, my May Long weekend AKA Vistoria Day Weekend, is spent in Waterton. In fact, before this year, I have spent every May Long in Waterton. I broke with tradition, im still not quite sure how i feel about it, but whats done is done.

Saturday Morning I wake up, pack up and head out. Ok, it was barely Saturday morning, it was like 11. I slept in. So, im on my way to Heart Mountian, in Banff-area. And i'm driving through calgary. I HATE calgary. And I severely over-estimated my short-cut taking abilities. There are always accidents. And construction. You try and avoid, or work around them, and you run into worse accidents and more construction. So fun. It took me 45 minutes to drive through Calgary. Shoot me! Anyway, I get to Heart Creek, been there before, it was easy to find. Hiked up the trail 5minutes, and as im walking I can see the top of the wall/cliff face/rock, and climbing at the very top was some guy in blur pajama pants and a bright orange-yellow jacket... He totally looked like he belonged climbing rocks. I get to the bottom of the wall and I see Randy, who is belaying the kid in the pajama pants. And I walk over, I recognize susan, but can never for the life of me remember her name, and Laura was beside her, and I was introduced to the rest of the poeple there. Prety much I didn't know anyone. meh. I asked who was on the wall, Laura said it was Shawn, apparently im horrible with names cause it wasn't until he came off the wall and started talking to me that i remembered him. We stayed at the wall for a while longer, the sky was threatening to rain and the wind picked up and everyone else has been there since 11 and they were all freezing so we went back to their camp.

On the way back, Laura almost tripped on a rock, and she had her hands in her pockets, I made the comment that its a good thing she caught herself, cause that definitely would've been a face-plant. This sparked the would you get married if... conversation. Broken leg-yes, Broken arm-yes, Sprained ankle-yes. Pretty much it came down to the fact that she just REALLY didn't want to smash her face before the wedding. She said this numerous times. "I just don't want to smash my face before the wedding" ... so we got back to camp, we built a fire and we were unpacking food from the car; and Laura goes to get something from the back seat, she tries to maneuver between the open trunk lid and the tree next to it... Bam. Smashes her face. Oh Irony. It swelled up pretty big, nice goose egg. it even started to bruise a bit. I found this hilarious. It was the one thing she didn't want to happen. We iced it, the swelling went down, and im sure it will be gone before next saturday...
You can't see it, but its there... Hopefully it is gone by Saturday. Im excited for her. Randy and Laura are such a perfect couple. She deserves the best, and well, it doesn't really get much better than Randy Lucas. He loves her more than ive seen anyone love anybody. Which usually makes me sick, and provokes some sarcastic remark about how no one wants to see that, but in this case it just makes me happy. She's been the best friend ever. I don't know what I would've done without her. Anyway, we sat around roasted smokies chatted about random stuff, at one point in time we were all quoting the Simpsons episode where Lisa becomes a vegitarian. Good times. Aww, the last time I'll hang out with non-married them. Precious moments.

After Dinner I went back to Calgary for KT's Lumberjack-themed Party. This was my kind of party. I wear plaid. I cut down trees. I am Lumberjack. Pretty much it was a great party. Good people, good food. Oh and speaking of food. Kelsey made a lumberjack cake...
Well done. It was magical. And for those of you who have memory lapses, I think to truely appreciate the value of this cake, you must watch this video.
Wow, um blast from the past. I greatly enjoyed every moment of that. And i'll tell you this. A log drivers waltz... pleases girls COMPLETELY. Watch it again. I know you want to. The original plan for the rest of the weekend was for me to stay with my brother and go home sunday afternoon. That didn't happen. Im glad that didn't happen. I miss hanging with the Hemmingers. Good people. They put me to shame, really. Sunday, we went to church, after church we went back to their place and sung church sings around their piano. Oh, that I could be so spiritual. Oh, and another reason Im glad I didn't go home- I would've missed Kt, hitting on a telemarketer. Monday we are sitting around chattin, and Kelsey gets this phone call. She talks to this guy for a ridiculous amount of time. She really humors him, which really I cant stand, so KT and I start telling her to say stuff to this guy, she refuses, but she hands over the phone to KT. Golden Moment.
KT: ... So, what are you wearing? (...) What are you wearing? (...) Im not really interested in the deal, i AM curious as to what you have on though. (...) Yes, ok bye!

For real, I just about died. KT=my hero.

Monday, I stop at ikea on my way out of calgary, drive home. Another priceless moment? Yes. I get home, and Im sitting in my living room with a couple people. Becky and hugh are just finishing cleaning out becky's room. Hugh comes into the living room with a rake. ... I look at him. I ask him whats with the rake. He says he was cleaning becky's room... Im like- "...With a rake?" He says yes. I don't believe him, ask him again. He says the same thing, and proceeds to explain how it doesn't hurt the carpet and how he raked all the stuff in her room into a pile.
...with a rake... He had to rake the garbage out of becky's room... Hahahahaha. OH man. It would be sad, and disgusting if it wasn't so funny. With monday almost over, Trev and I went to Neal's to play a little rock band, then I dropped Trev off at his house and decided to take my Caddy off-roading behind my old place. The caddy has some guts. Love it. And that was my weekend. All good things.

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