Monday, May 24, 2010


SO. Friday. The day of Becky's Wedding. Now, the whole Becky thing is a long story. If you don't know, its probably better that way. All you need know is it was/is kind of a roller coaster friendship. Anyway, I woke up that morning, and was about to go to work, but right before I was about to leave I decided to go talk to Becky, it was her wedding day after all. We talked for a long time, and previous to this, I was not going to go to her wedding, I had to work and I just wasn't really sure how I felt about the whole thing. After talking to her, I felt like I would supremely regret it if I missed it. Then I went to work... a little late.

Now, I've never really felt emotionally exhausted. To be emotionally exhausted, you have to have emotions... but oh man. Its a horrible feeling. Half way through the morning, I cornered my boss, asked if I could have the afternoon off, then I started to explain why. As I was explaining it, the whole situation with me and Becky and everything, I was like "oh shut up Alaya. Shut up shut up shut up" But it just kept coming out. And as I was talking I saw this look of horror creep into my boss's face, it was a look that said "I really don't want to know." So prety much I dumped on my boss. Which, for anyone who doesn't know, is SO AWKWARD. By the end of my little speech he was like -ok, thats fine. GO. ...eeeeeee

So, I get out of there at 2:30, book it home and go up to my room to change. There were a few people in my house getting ready, none of whom I recognized. So im upstairs changing and I hear Becky's voice downstairs "Alaya... can you come help me?" So, I run downstairs, she is in the bathroom, and the zipper on her dress is split. Its every brides worst nightmare. The pull is stuck at the top and the zipper is split all the way down. Becky kept it together reeeeally weel for what happened. We tried for like 10 minutes trying to budge the pull. It wasn't going anywhere. Finally we just safety pinned it together all the way down and stuck a flower in it. Personally I thought it looked pretty good. Anyway, So we go down to Popson Park, the wind is blowing like it normally does here, but everything went really smoothly. The Jugde-reverend-Lady was kinda weird though.

So after the ceremony I stuck around took a couple pics.

Then I went back to work for an hour. Woo. After which I went to the family dinner. Which was boarderline weird cause I was the only one there, minus the best man and the maid of honor, that wasn't family. And I know I didn't do describing this day justice, but really, it was full of all kinds of emotions, and really, I am sooo not used to dealing with that. And thus, really exhausted. After the Family dinner, I took Becky's dress to my dear sweetheart of a mother and she fixed it up for Becky, cause becky planned on wearing it saturday too. My mother is an angel. Love her, she did a fantastic job, with a little input from myself and Annalise. It ended up looking better than it was originally supposed to look.

Friday night was also the institute activity, which I went to for a short period of time, I wasn't really feeling all too social. Then Kyla and I decided to ditch and catch an action movie. Best. Choice. Ever.

So That was friday. Please stay tuned for the recap of my May Long. It was a good one.

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