Sunday, May 16, 2010

Handsome Man Quote Wall

So, at our place of business, we recently recieved an advertisment poster for nite white. And while it is an exceptional product, one which i recommend often, the advertisment was...less-than-desirable looking. OK, poor wording, it was desirable...Mmmmm.

So the ad was a poster of this guy, and a bunch of nasty before/after shots ot teeth.

All of us at the office, had a pretty good laugh at the cheesy smile of this man. It was sentenced to the recycling pile. Then i thought, you know, a giant picture of a beautiful man could be so useful in so many situations, it would be a shame to just throw it away. As I thought pondering the many uses of this man's face, my co-worker Ashley, Aka- Flick, (who is a genius) straight up tells me what to do with it. She says I should take it home, put it on my wall, stick poster-board around it and make an "Handsome Man Quote Wall" The point being, instead of a regular quote wall, where random funny things that people say are written, the things written on this wall, must apply to the handsome man/be something this handsome man would say.

Naturally I went home and did it. Whether the suggestion was a joke or not. Its funny. And now on my wall.

What does this beautiful man say to you?