Friday, May 28, 2010

Office Inappropriate

I contemplated making a whole blog devoted to the Inappropriate things that are said and done in our office; however, I have enough issues with consistently writing in this blog, I couldn't possibly handle two. So Here is a reccurring theme I will have regularily in this blog.

Today's topic?

Guess the sex of the patient day.

I love days like these. Itsprobably the best game ever.
A few things that make this game more interesting:

1- Ambiguous Name. Ex. Jordan, Taylor or Jamie.
2- Sex of patient not listed in computer.
3- Person in gender-question is not a patient, but is accompanying a patient
4- In the chart of the patient, in the 'gender box' they've checked female, scratched it out and checked male.

Im not sure why I find it so entertaining, but I do. And its great cause everyone in the office plays it. I would not have even known today was game day, if one of the hygenists hadn't pointed it out to me. What at first glance, clearly looked like a guy, upon further investigation had some overly feminine features. This had been brought to my attention just before they left, so I didn't have much time. Over sized leather jacket, tight black jeans, VERY short-boy-cut hair, no jewlery, was with a prego girl who was obviously younger... during the cleaning person in question sat very close to the prego girl, alomst always touching her leg...though... she had a faminine face. I went with woman. I won. According to the hygenist, it was a mother daughter pair. Weird.

I've gotten pretty good at this game. I highly recommend playing it, maybe not at your place of work, but try the mall. Always a good time. The only drawback to playing at the mall, you will never know if you are right... unless you are feeling especially ballsy. No pun intended.

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  1. I had to start checking the labels at the hospital before I took blood because there had been times when it was a her and I said him...
    Very embarrassing!!!! Esp in front of parents!
    Although, I think it's their fault for dressing their little 'girl' like a boy!!!