Friday, January 28, 2011

Flames date.

Side note before I begin, my previous post was about how I hate my compuer... I rewrote that post, and its located previous to the Computer-hate post.

So, my sister-in-law Stef, whom I love and adore, works for the Calgary Flames. And as a perk to her job occasionally gets tickets to games. And when she and Jarett are unable to go, they are kind and generous and donate to their siblings' causes. AkA- I gots da tickets! So, this is totally a perfect date cause my loves hockey.

Now, I'm the queen of the marathon-date. The majority of my dates last upwards of 7 hours. We drove up(2 hours) just talkin and laughin, havin a good ol time, got to the game, had GREAT seats! I had never been to a professional hockey game before(unless you count the Hurricanes....I dont.) So it was an experience. Flames vs The Wild. We had a great time. Sad the Flames lost. Dallas wasn't so sad... jerk. But it was really entertaining. The intermission entertainment was awesome! First intermission peewee aged hockey kids had a relay race. Super cute! Second intermission was HUMAN BOWLING. Totally sweet. Also, something that made it worth while- apparently ZZ Top are huge flames fans!


TWO Zambonis!!! They dont mess around.

Anyway, after the game(2.5ish hours) we get back to the car, he leans in to kiss me, but he catches the eye of some dude walking past the car and gies him a thumbs up and a wink. Nice. Total mood killer Dallas.

We decided we were hungry so we stopped at BP's(1 hour ish) and then we had a great drive home(3 hours ish)

All in all, it was a fantastic date. I got home 2:30am and had to work the next day, but I didn't even care!


  1. two zambonis?! you suck. jealous.

  2. Ya those 2 guys make me laugh...they're at almost every game I'm at!