Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.

They say that what ever you are doing on New Years is an indication of what you will be doing all year. I've tried in years gone by, to make a point of doing something good with people I love. Ok not sure if it is actually true, but this year, I guess if it does hold true... I'm going to be watching a friend of mine blow his hand up.

You want more of an explanation. I can tell. I spent this New Years in Calgary with my best buddy KT. We went to the lame dance for a bit and then took off to shoot some fireworks off. And one thing that goes hand in hand with that... pun intended(you will get it)

Dry ice bombs.

To make a long story short we were out in this park and we started a few off two 2L bottles. They were taking a while to blow because it was so cold outside so we made a 500mL one. The first big buddy went off scared a few people we were with, and then nothing. Trevor got impatient with the others so he went and grabbed the little one, looked at it and decided it was frozen and wasn't going to blow... he was wrong. I stopped paying attention to what he was doing cause we were about to make another one... we are all in a fairly small circle when BOOM! This little guy goes off. In Trevor's hand. You could feel it, and it left my ears ringing. You know that ringing you hear after an explosion? Maybe you don't, but you know in movies when they are trying to get the deafening explosion across, that ringing? Yeah. It hit a few people and Trevor was in what was apparently severe amounts of pain. After we established that none of us were actually deaf or hurt and Trevors hand was in fact still on his arm, it was really funny.

REALLY FUNNY. Some of us didn't think so but the thought of him waking up tomorrow with a swollen, bruised hand kind of makes me giggle.

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