Saturday, December 18, 2010

A series of ADD events.

I got up today, with the intention of doing laundry cleaning my room and wrapping presents.... none of this happened. Or some of it kind of happened.

I have cleaning ADD when I get into a cleaning mood. This is how my day went-

I wanted to do laundry, but I needed to clean my room and sort the clean from the dirty, I started cleaning my room but I have this poster lying on my floor that I have been meaning to put up, so I went downstairs to get some push-pins to put up the poster. My Christmas tree was still in pieces, so I decided to put it back together. And I had to re-string all the lights. While putting up the tree I noticed the floor was really dirty so I had to sweep. I dumped the dirt I swept up from the floor in the garbage, noticed it was pretty full, so I had to take it out. After taking the bag out of the garbage, I noticed that something has fallen in between the bag and the bin, and it was really gross so I had to wash it out, but the sink had some dishes in it, so I started on the dishes, noticed the dishwasher was full so I had to empty it, but then I had to go to the bathroom, and in there, I noticed I needed to take the garbage out of there, and then I started cleaning in there... And all of a sudden it was 8pm.... Weird. I walked back out to the kitchen, the garbage bin in the sink, and dishes half unloaded, and Kiera looking really confused. I explained. She just laughed.

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