Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday Presents

So. Its my birthday. I don't mind birthdays. I kind of enjoy them actually. You know what I don't like? Birthday Presents. I never really understood them. What is it? "Here, congratulations! You were born!" ...Yeah...thanks? It really wasn't a whole lot of work for me. Congratulate my mom, she did most of the work...Im just here.

And its awkward. Getting presents. I'm really easy to please, and there's a really good chance that anything you give me i'll like, but I don't like getting something for nothing. And I don't count surviving another year of life as doing something. Oh well, what do you do?

On another note. Remember that freak out I had about Dallas, don't worry. Its fine. Just like Lauren said it would be. He still wants to kiss me, and i've kind of turned it into a little game...where I tempt him, and then shut him down. Example. The other day, he was being a turd. So I jumped on him, and pinned him- one arm under my knee, the other in my hand, half my weight just sitting on his chest, our faces dangerously close... He then asked "now that you have me...what are you going to do with me?" I paused. Locked eyes. Leaned a little closer, and proceeded to blow a raspberry on his neck and laugh like a little girl! ...I'm a horrible person.

Also, on a side note to the Birthday thing. I'm 24 years old. I gave a talk in church this morning that centered around cartoon Christmas specials. Mature? Yes.


  1. oh. i wish i was there to here it. the talk i mean. haha.

  2. I have never seen you flirt with anyone...I cant picture it haha. You are a little bit evil though!

    What I find awkward-being sung Happy Birthday to. Not a huge fan.