Friday, December 3, 2010


So, i've been inspired by Becky's blog. And, i've decided to make my own list.

In Order-

#5 Mark Wahlberg
It was almost a tie between Mark and Dwayne Johnson... but Marky Mark won out.
Will you look at his arm?! mmm. And we all know he was Mega-ripped back in the day, just google it.
I know he's old. Get over it.

#4 Eric Etebari
He's not one of your well known guys, which is kind of why I love him. Just look at that face!

#3 Gabriel Macht
He's pretty!

And a typical Alaya Choice...

#2 Sean Faris
He is just sooo sexy.
His smile gets me.

#1 Jensen Ackles
Words don't do him justice.
His lips.
His eyes.
His body.
His car.

What more does a woman need?

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