Monday, December 13, 2010

And then he kissed me...

As you know i've been trying not to kiss him. And I don't want to be one to kiss and tell. But yeah...

I couldn't help it. For real. I hadn't seen him pretty much all weekend, actually, it had been since last Thursday. He got sick, and we've been playing tag with this cold, so we decided it would be best if we stayed apart till he kicked it. I did stop by Saturday with some cold medicine and stuff, but other than that, nothin.

He came over Monday. Cooked me up one of his mom's pies. And I couldn't help it. Literally, there was almost nothing I could do.

First thought after he left? I can't believe he kissed me looking like this. Eeee.

Pretty much i'm going to spare everyone the details. Of pretty much everything cause I'm sure you are sick of hearing it.

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  1. did you really post this on december 13th like it is now telling me? because this post and the next one just showed up today for me. Its about time!